Legolas Greenleaf Haiku

Legolas, Prince of Mirkwood
Long-legged archer,
Vision of Nimble grace
- Lindorie

What is this burden?
The Elf's weight is naught
But this Dwarf is killing me!
- Lothithil

arrows fly straight and true
friend of dwarves, hobbits, and men
dancing over snow
- Orangeblossom Took

A Great friendship born
Master bowman, arrow swift
The Sea-longing
-Legolas Greenleaf

- MithrandirCQ

There in the craggy hights of Crissagrim, Tuor and the surviviors of Gondolin would have been utterly lost, but for the skill of one special elf, who could see in the dark as if it were bright day. He is of no relation to our beloved Woodelven Prince, but nevertheless, this is his day, too!

Cat-eyed Legolas
Greenleaf of Gondolin
Eyes like lamps in the dark
- Lothithil

Immortal as dawn
Eyes blue as the sundering sea
Fair son of morning

Lethal arrows fly
Beautiful, deadly warrior
Orc flee, maidens swoon

Long under the trees
A gull's cry, the sound of waves
The forest weeping
- Orangeblossom Took

Nimrodel's singer,
With the pen of weariness
Drawing silver tales.

Darkness approaching!
He lifts a star-crowned visage
To pierce and protect.