Haldir Haiku

Haldir Haiku

a fair lady grieves
her brightest leaf is fallen
the golden woods fade

he does not idly fall
bright gold leaf of Lorien
proud to fight for men

sacred halls open
green waves lap Valinor's shores
a restful reward

- Orangeblossom Took

Doing Helm's ward round
Legolas with choc lembas
Jug of kingsfoil ale

Blond maids crowding bed
Fingering rich scarlet cloak
Sighing at brave deeds.

- Nicotiana Toby

Aloof and valiant
Scatters foe with sword and bow
Not afraid to die

- Lothithil

Haikus For Haldir

Elf from Golden Wood
Eyes bright and fierce in battle
Unyielding courage

Silent and watchful
Sentry of Galadriel

Ah, his long blond hair
His look so stern and regal
Many women swoon

The Undying Lands
Lasting peace beyond the Seas
I shall find you there

- Old Toby

Keen eyes shine, Elf-horn blows
Dark blue led by crimson
Elves come to battle.

Doom falls on fair Elf
but Elbereth calls brave spirit
he is at peace.

- Frodo Baggins