Frodo Haiku

Perceptions of the Heart
The Heroic Ringbearer
Great wounds he bore
-Frodo Baggins
- MithrandirCQ

A high, piercing wail
Poison shards working inward
Some wounds never heal

He is lost to me
Oh, cold stars and vast ocean
We two are sundered
- Orangeblossom Took

Small, yet so brave and strong
his spirit burns brightly
he will not give up
- Frodo Baggins

The Ring

I betrayed Isuldur
Found in Gollum's Cave
Now I am Frodo's Precious.
- kaybaggins

Two haiku for Frodo

A simple Hobbit
Who brings the Age to an End
Our fragile Hero

It was not his wish
To be the Hope of the World
But it was his choice
- Lothithil

The errand is done
My heart cannot rest here, Sam
I hear the sea bell
A coldness bone-deep
paralyzing shame and doubt
Yet I must go on

This is my own trial
But having such companions
Eases my burden

When this thing is done
And Time kinder to us
A merry meeting then
- Lothithil

Descending into fire
I am laying down my life
To be lifted up.

I would not answer
But he will blow my door down
Through the hill and out!

Friends faces fire-lit,
They will faithfully follow
Into fire's darkness.

Leaping on tables,
This interpretive dancing,
It rings of folly.

From the burning Eye,
Eyes in darkness to blue eyes;
Yes, the eyes have it.

Cast into the fire,
For out of fire it was cast;
He was cast for this.

Sing for me, Samwise,
That hearing, I may escape
By song and by prayer.

I'm glad we found it,
But telling, please remember
I am not Bingo!

Please let him wake up -
If he will only awake,
Or let me dream too.

- Primula

Quarte Haiku for Frodo

One gentle being
Entrusted not for his strength
But for his spirit

To destroy the Ring;
He has no hope to do this
He can only try

And what can reward
This ultimate sacrifice?
He does not ponder

A heart full of love
Forgiveness and of pity
Can we be like him?
- Lothithil

Blue March

The passing of years
Touch me as they never have
Now the Ring is gone

The mirror denies
Who is that hobbit peering?
I do not know him

Before me life lies
Never to return to what was
I am still fading

I can still feel it
Ghostly itch on my finger
Long consumed by fire
- Lothithil

Frodo Ringbearer
Cost counted, task accepted
Life changed forever

I will take the Ring
Though I do not know the way
Not my will but Thine

Party begins it
Party of nine continue
Friends part company

I can’t do this Sam
Take this cup away from me
Impossible done

There’s a friend who stays
Much closer than a brother:
I’m going with you
- onone

So long as life lasts
And breath my body draws in
So Hope lives in me

Pale countenance wan
He boards the White Ship and turns
Face coloured with smiles

- Lothithil