Faramir Haiku


Green-brown warrior
Ranger of Ithilien
Will you not help him?

- Lothithil

gray eyes full of hope
heart of brave maiden healing
fair prince of gardens

For Faramir and Boromir

In the pale moonlight
The river swallows my tears
his boat drifts away

Keen grey eyes see all
Temptation does not touch him
Fairest of Captains
- Orangeblossom Took

Learned and Discerning
The White Lady of Rohan
Black Breath he fell
- Faramir
- MithrandirCQ

Warrior scholar
Unloved duty-bound scion
Tenderest lover

- Anborn1

A son and brother
Second-rated father's child
Soars above them all
- Old Toby

Truest quality
Refined through Ring of fire
Leaves it by the road.

Blackly fevered dreams
Awakening to daylight
Pale as bone and ash.

Into healing hands
Give up thy brother's sceptre;
Gondor's Lord returned.
- Primula

A romantic haiku for Faramir and Eowyn

A Kiss to Chase the Dark

Dark storm clouds dissolve
Lips meet with hope and healing
The Sun shines on them
-Orangeblossom Took