Eowyn Haiku

gray eyes full of hope
heart of brave maiden healing
fair prince of gardens

Dark storm clouds dissolve
Lips meet with hope and healing
The Sun shines on them

- Orangeblossom Took


Fair as a flower,
Yet yearning to be equal,
And fight in battle.

- rindoien

A hopeless love
Martial spirit she bore
The Witch King slain
- Eowyn
- MithrandirCQ

No Living Man

Gold hair and bright sword
Defiance before dark king
Fair daughter of kings


A cold, hopeless day
She waits banished from battle
Her kin gone to glory

A Touch

His hand holding hers
Soft words on a dismal day
Her heart is mended

- Orangeblossom Took

Eowyn and Grima

leave me alone you snake
You make my skin crawl
too long have you watched me