Bilbo Haiku

Curly-haired Hobbit
No spiders can defeat him
Clever riddler

Writer of sweet words
The hall of fire applauds
Grand retirement

Batchelor Baggins
Hoards of gold, beautiful home
Excellent Quarry

Burgular not thief
Bane of spiders and Goblins
A lucky number
-Orangeblossom Took

5 Haiku for Bilbo

Pocket handkerchief
Seems to have been forgotten.
Did I lock the door?

Riddles in the dark:
Desperate competition;
The way out, or death.

What have I got in
My pocket? Had I but known
What I truly held…

Blade of Gondolin,
Bright steel, black with spider blood,
I shall name you Sting!

Deep within his lair,
Conversing with a Dragon -
Must be careful here!
- Daughter of Kings

So far from his home,
Cold and tired and in the dark,
Stumbling o'er treasures.

Think on pleasant things -
Eggs and bacon, nice hot tea,
Garden at twilight.
- Primula

A fancy waistcoat
Perfect smoke-rings in the air
One dapper Hobbit

Master of Bag End
Wanderer missing his spoons
Bane of Lobelia