Assorted Tolkien Haiku 3

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Unless I Fall....

Broken, spent, a grain
falls upon the blasted earth.
Sam’s arms enfold him.

I tell you, most solemnly,
unless a wheat grain falls on the ground and dies,
it remains only a single grain;
but if it dies, it yields a rich harvest. - John 12:24
- Mrs. Frodo

For King Elessar

Weathered hands healing
Wise heart measuring justice
King for the Fourth Age
- Bregalad

I'm responsible
It's all my fault Gandalf's dead
How can I go on?

I chose Moria
I thought the route would be safe
Alas, I was wrong

How can they trust me
It's all my fault Gandalf's dead
I'm responsible
- GondorianGirl

It weighs in my hand
Though having passed through the flames
Cold, strangely heavy
- Lothithil

For Us

These old message boards
Like grey ships sailing away
Farewell my dear friends
- Old Toby

A Haiku for Bilbo

Home is in the Shire,
yet dreams of Misty Mountains
stir my restless mind.
- Triba

In my open hand
It looks at me like an Eye
I must let it go.
- Lothithil


A far green country
ships sail a westerly course
upon gentle waves.
- Triba

Man named Eomer
Was a rider of Rohan
Very good with sword.
- faramirgirl

leaves fall silently
year after year after year
immortal as elves
- Ben-Hur

Such table manners.
Who, if anyone, taught you,
Gimli, Son of Gloin?


When trimming the verge,
one might be well advised to
drop eaves in sunlight.
- Gentle-giant


Slinky, stinky fiend
Who'd ever stop, consider
The torment within
- NoroLimAsfaloth

A Man, a hero
The living heart of Gondor
Comes to Imladris
- Lothithil

Darkness reigns the days
Evil takes the hearts of Men
Watch the Nazgûl fly
- LuthiensTears

5 for Bilbo

Pocket handkerchief
Seems to have been forgotten.
Did I lock the door?

Riddles in the dark:
Desperate competition;
The way out, or death.

What have I got in
My pocket? Had I but known
What I truly held…

Blade of Gondolin,
Bright steel, black with spider blood,
I shall name you Sting!

Deep within his lair,
Conversing with a Dragon -
Must be careful here!
- Daughter of Kings


Creeping in the night
Choking people at his will
Frodo is his Doom.
- Daughter of Rosie

Trahald or Smeagol
Hated, pitied, despised
My Preciousss calling
- Gollum
- MithrandirCQ

For Elrond's Children:

Behold Evenstar,
All the beauty of the night,
Poured out for one man.

Two heartbeats, vengeful,
Hawk-wing'd for their broken dove,
They shan't forget her.
- Primula

Radiance of stars,
She will not shine in the West,
Last light of the Elves.

Twin sons with twin fates,
Will they cross the endless sea?
The grey ships beckon.
- Orangeblossom Took


Ellrohir's twin brother
Avenged his mother's torment
Mortality chosen


The elf-horse master
Aragorn rode to Morannon
Fourth Age Imladris dwelt


Evenstar to her kin
A choice of Luthien made
The Royal maiden
- MithrandirCQ

You, my brothers, ride,
A two-edged sword by his side,
While I, weaving, wait.
- Elvellon Ringsbane

Levies breached and smashed,
Isen filled the Wizard's Vale,
Imprisoned Orthanc.

Saruman's treason
Swept away with the current;
Isengard washed clean.


Fire in the Westfold!
In flames of Dunland torches
Lives go up in smoke.
- Daughter of Kings

Eowyn's Cooking...
Lack of turnips is a gift:
Theoden brings Take-out.
- Doctor Gamgee

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