Assorted Tolkien Haiku 2

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Sauron has fallen
My Elf in shining armour
Looking very hot. Drooool!

- Skybly


Creeping in the gloom
Eight eyes watching, anticipating
Terror in the dark


Immortal, powerful
Caring, aiding, guiding
The perfect beings

Cinquain for Gollum

Obediently leading
Helping, sneaking, scheming
Ploting an end

A Diamante for Aragorn.

dark, secret
watching, hunting, tracking
sword, bow - banner, crown
delivering, protecting, healing
noble, wise

- TheWhiteRider

Wait yells Sam running
I am going with you too
or knock holes in boats.

Bless you Sam Gamgee
A foolish hobbit you are
So glad you're with me.

- DandyB

You Fool of A Took
To the Prince of the Halflings
The Took and the Thain

Peregrin Took

King Theoden's squire
Eomer's Magnificent
The Witch-King's Slayer

Meriadoc Brandybuck
- Pinoy Fan

There's time for Haiku
Let's write to our hearts' content
Cheers to Ararrat!

Impromptu it was
impromptu also is this
I'm feeling inspired

Good night to you all
May poetry fill your dreams
I must get some sleep


See Dandy Baggins
Happy Hobbit holes for Rent
Pockets are all full

Goodnight dear sagegrrrl
No snoring noise will she make
house mustn't go shake

Raise glass to pony
where the stars might be lurking
reading the sponge posts

Good night Primula
you make us all laugh so hard
songs are a real treat

Scrolling through the page
it is a hard thing we do
sick hobbits abound


Sleep well dear sagegrrrl
your pillow shall hold your head
please do not snore loud.

T-shirt for lij fans
profound list decorates it
they all will want one.

Elvish medicine
Won't protect you from haiku
Too habit forming.

Elvish architecture
Fades in and out your brain
At least it's pretty.

Well, fare thee well, Cormari.
I'm off to snoozeland,
but not in haiku.

- Primula

First one dedicated to Ararrat who taught us how to do these, and how to enjoy the simpler things:

Dear Uncle Bilbo
From you we can learn to fly
But for now I hop.

Mouse in the wall. Squeak
To the computer I go
For I cannot sleep.

I spy Goldberry
Little Frodo in her pack
I say give him back.

Shire is gray today
Soon the rain will fall again
Hear it fall drip-drop.

Sindarleaf and Toes
Put a Gimlet in my Jeep
I punch Lego's nose


Waiting for the mail
A package from Decipher
Please let it come soon.

- Old Gaffer's Mailbox

Trapped in golden weight,
Like an earth moth to the flame;
You enrapture me.

Crimson cobwebs bind--
One cannot destroy the hope
Of your people; bleed.

Misanthrope, you doubt--
Seeing no future in men;
Succumb to Shadow.

Ageless yet fading:
Your heart, ethereal veins
Flowing against time.

Eomer to Theoden

To battle, you I follow,
Living flag, your mount graceful and white
As simbelmynë blossoms.

- Primula

ROTK Opening

Hours and minutes
Buzzing mind and joyful heart
Soon it will be here
- Orangeblossom Took
In my heart I know
Surrounded by friends I am
As I weep tonight.
- Lothithil

One wanes, one waxes
A fair hour in Valinor
When the Lights mingle

Sharp eyes and talon
No movement escapes his sight
The Lord of the Air

Hand of Elven Smith
Brings forth the three Silmarils
Hallowed by Varda
- Lothithil

The mine doors open
We send Bill the pony home
Sam’s load increases

Drums sound in the deep
Boromir looks out the door
They have a cave troll

Fireworks shoot up high
The dragon scares all Hobbits
Let’s get another!

Talk to Theoden
Aragorn drops the table -
Legolas now scowls

The lady need laughs
Do female Dwarves all have beards?
Gimli falls off horse

Where’s second breakfast?
Hobbits need lots of feeding
Apples fall from sky

Little welcome here
You must give us your weapons
Leave old man his staff

Counting the bodies
Shoot arrows at enemies
Shield-sliding Elf here!

How did the rope fall?
His knots never come untied
It’s real Elvish rope

Watching fight practice
Interrupt the Hobbit pile
Argh! Flat on my back!

- Nuroreiel

Haiku for the Fellowship

Talented archer
With his quiver of arrows
He can't be outmatched

The small ringbearer
Faces many challenges
All for a gold ring

First known as Estel
Then Aragorn and Strider
Geez! Too many names!

Brave for his small size
Not just a fool of a Took
Lay off him, Gandalf!

Just a small hobbit
Yet the most loyal and the
Bravest of them all

Gondor's leading man
Patient with the little ones
Too bad he got killed

Stealer of carrots
He went far to become an
Esquire of Rohan

He always speaks in
Unrecognizable grunts
Why is he Scottish?

The Gray Pilgrim has
now become Gandalf the White
Why the image change?
- Laurwen

For Eowyn

Lifted into the wind;
The banner, my hopes skyward,
Lifted and scattered.

Look at me, Uncle,
Your mind seems so far away...
Do you know my face?

Rohan's White Lady,
Whiter than frost-touched lilies,
Cold white heart and steel.

Men fall in terror, not I,
For no man am I.

Haiku for a Non-Mountain climber

Blushing mists of dawn
Ice glitters on the mountains
Blind cave fish to eat.
- Beruthiel

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