Assorted LOTR Double-Dactyls


Ring-bearer, Spring-bearer,
Bringer of better days,
Suffering still in your
private despair:
Drift away, swift away
Healing will find you in
Valinor fair.

- Mrs. Frodo

Frodo-lad, odo-cad
Best hobbit in the Shire
Wizard agreed with me
You are my heir

I must away from here
Escape the relatives
Going back there

Isildur, twizledur
Got the Ring from Sauron
He claimed it for himself
Ages ago

He met a sticky end
Travelling Rhovanion
Sinks like a stone
- Lothithil

Heroes of Rohan

Galloping, galloping
Rohirrim cavalry.
Swift as the wind they charge.
Death to the foe!

Bright banners fluttering,
White horse on field of green.
Great horns are blaring out,

Fearlessly attacking
Barbaric enemy,
Slashing and slaughtering
Rohan won't yield.

For kingdom and glory
Brave deeds are done this day.
Eorl's sons wield bloodied
Axe, sword and shield.

Silently dying on
Pelennor battlefield,
Valiant riders and
Heroic king.

Honour the fallen dead
From cot to Golden Hall.
Dolourous elegies
The minstrels sing.

-Daisy Gold

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