Terza Rima at the Pony

Eowynmaiar, Evermind, Frodosmiss, IrishStarElf, Mrs. Pippin, Nin Maldor, Old Poop of Backwater, Primula, Tisiphonie

Introductory post:

Let's do a little terza rima - these are basic tercets (three lines) where they form a chain of however long you like to take it.

It's simple:

The first and third lines rhyme.
The middle line then rhymes with the first and third lines of the next set - aba,bcb,cdc,ded, etc....

So all you have to come up with is two words that rhyme with whatever the middle word was in the previous one. 

I'll start off with two sets, to get us going - wander the subject matter as you will.

Also, a "real" terza rima is written in iambic pentameter (an iambic line of 10 syllables-- that is, five feet (ta-TA) consisting of two syllables each, which is slightly irregular). You get bonus points for managing that, but don't have to stick with it - this is for fun, to get the hang of the rhyming pattern first.

Over the Pony the fans put this sign:
"All here are welcome, by night or by day."
So pull up a chair and write us a line -

Do not be hesitant, be not afraid,
Tap out a tercet, your fingers to roam,
It's pleasant, you learn a new game to play!

The rhyming word is roam - I did two, you only need to do one set of three lines (a tercet) - go on - your turn!

something...ending with rhymes with roam
something else, your choice...
one more line ending with a rhyme for roam.


After note: The form fluctuates, as many were unfamilar with it.  The idea was to encourage them to try, not to be nit-picky on form, so everyone could have a chance to 'play.'  We started off with silliness about the Pony, but after a while fell into retelling LOTR as a terza rima throughout the month of March, '05.  Divisions are by pages it took up on the boards.  - P.

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arriving from school with a heavy groan
the pony will help me forget the day,
there's lord of the rings so no need to moan

School and Ponies are sunshiny rays
Out from the gloom-cloud, there's smiling folk here!
No moaning, no groaning - that's what they say.

finally, finally march it is here,
my calendar turns- arwen to aragorn,
long have i waited for the picture so dear.

We all guard our calendars, never-torn,
Though cupbards with toybiz and weta filled,
With Rings merchandise, money ever-shorn!

We all love are pony, but not when we are ill
To stay in bed till cough is gone and smiles return
Yet we wait to come back to are pony that is so dear still

Our gratitude here the Pony does earn,
There are no boundaries, there is no time -
We sit and we type, as if hours to burn.

Ere I come after days long past and not more than a dime
A wonderful place to stay, with a lovly bunch of friends
And it is here that I will give you something from my heart, my rhyme

To be here and enjoy this make sense
It is fun to see all people try
That's how we break down a fence

Fences and boundaries - off they do fly
Learning new writing tricks can make us smile
So many; there's always new fish to fry.

From here to the Pony is not even a mile!
Are friends are many, and theres no need for fights
People are oh so friendly and giving here, theres no need for guile!

Under our fingers our friendships take flight,
Flying about like a twitter of birds,
The boards are alive, by day and by night.

We join hands through our typewritten words...
We join hearts through our love of the ring...
At the Pony, each one shall be heard!

Sometimes we just are irritated by one thing
When the boards are down for a while
But Firiel made our hearts sing

Nin and tisiphonie meet the challenge with style,
As Prim bids us to answer with prose
MrsP with her sweetness beguiles!


And frodomiss holding a rose
With Nin and mrsp together
They stood on thier toes

Some topics heavy, some like a feather,
Here at the Pony how our words wander;
Freely they roam, not needing a tether.

Here at the Pony, there is time to ponder
There is time for fun and time for talk
Just be sure not to smalder

Some are afraid- at posting they balk,
While others' writings would make Tolkien proud-
We're all members of this Middle Earth flock.

Pity the lurkers, from posting so cowed;
May they one day try to type, join the throng -
Into the boards we so fearlessly plowed!

May they all come to hear are song
Wonderful is are poem, may it be guessed
There is no telling how it will become long

The red book is by much writing blessed
Bag-End to the moots will be your guide
And I have not even mentioned the rest

On the wonderful boards to stride
Into Rivendell you may go if you seek help
But many times do we find that the boards haven't died

From the charter "dog", to new member "whelp"-
Each one finds something that interests them here.
Postings can cause you to laugh, cry, or yelp!

You always find someone near
Don't hestitate when you have any questions to ask
At this board every member is very dear

You can tell much by our avatar mask,
It signifies who or what we admire,
In Frodo's warm spirit's where I choose to bask.

It dosn't matter what is your attire,
You'll fit right in here, there's no fuss
Just be sure to stop in by the Shire!

There's much warmth for us
The mods are watching carefully
And I must say it's a big plus

At times I feel my fingers flying on air,
For I do have a jolly good time in this mess Hall
I find I'm happy here with friends and fit in beautifully

Each friend I think I can call
Some are different than others
There is no reason to fall


There's no need to worry or tell our mothers,
She knows we're havin' a good time at the Pony!
We can come here anytime we like, just like Fathers!

Folk here are true, so rarely are phony,
Here lies a home where the light's always on
So welcome!(we're not full of bologna!)

Some will come, and then suddenly, they're gone-
Still others come and become good, fast friends,
Even though they're scattered hither and yon!

We come from all of this earths ends,
To meet here, if are goal, however old
From over the hill and under the hill, and past many bends

And we don't care if the weather is cold
Here there is nothing from fun to stop us
This is the place for the young and the old

I know a boy plus
he's cute
And all of us

Though bumps and carpet-burns and even cuts,
We come here to help heal are world worn day
So just pull up a chair and have some nuts.

There is comfort in our Tolkien each day
As we all get at least one daily dose;
In our fannishness, his verses hold sway.

If you need a hand, or just some roses,
We'll be here, waiting to help anyway we can
Even if it's a smile and a picture with a pose!

Hobbits, elfs and the world of men
And also the dwarfs won't be forgotten
And other subjects appear here too so now and then

If it's food you need, we've got plenty of Roast Mutton!
At the break of day, or the sitting sun, we come
Night or day, right or flight, we can burst our buttons!

Some enter here, with a sweet tune to hum,
While still others come, just bursting with song-
Moved by a Ringbearer and his true chum.

It seems so great to stay here so long
With Friends, and with rhyming and with riddles
There are many things,  much fun - come along!

There are also Elves with fiddles
(For those who can't
And hobbits with large middles!

There are places with goo, places with slime,
And many times for having good fun.
Many people are willing to give their time


We are glad Frodo's Ring only was one,
There was not a whole set causing trouble -
Now safely back, the King's reign is begun.

That ring put Middle Earth on the bubble
But inadvertently ferreted out
Nine heroes who stepped up on the double!

Frodo of the Nine fingers had dout,
Sam helped, in many ways untold
The rest of the Fellowship learned not to pout.

Boromir, son of Gondor, joined the fold,
Faced the enemy with courage matched by few,
But was still drawn in by the evil gold.

Always together as if stuck by glue,
Merry and Pip volunteered for the quest,
Bravely joining this odd fellowship crew.

They didn't know what was best,
But it was off to Mordor, with no fuss
Frodo with Sting and his mithril vest

"As we go to Mordor, who'll protect us?",
Wondered our four brave hobbit volunteers.
Up stepped Aragorn... Gimli... Legolas.

After the council, the dangerous nears,
Over the land to the mountains they go,
It's a really long walk, that much is clear.

Up the plains past the rivers flow
Are Fellowship runs for the middle-earth's fate
Away from danger, into darkness they go

They faced much evil and much hate
But they continued their long journey
Time to destroy the ring, or it's all too late.

On Weathertop, Frodo's life took a turn, he
Was stabbed with the Witch King's cold,Morgul blade-
To Rivendell, Arwen's horse as a gurney.

Under the beauty of Elf-blankets laid,
Then after a healing, off walking they went
So many miles and so many plans made.

From Rivendell they where sent,
To Moria they feld from the bitter cold
Under the great stone halls to find the Balrog's decent

They had to do what Gandalf told
To keep on going their way to Mount Doom
Gandalf's fall was not their fault

The drums go Doom doom,
Out of the hall
They keep beating toom toom.


Gandalf oh so sadly! Far he did fall
But as we know now it was not forever
It was just a message to them all

The Fellowship ran on with tears evermore
The bonds cut, The spirit broken
From Moria to mountain, to find forwarning

Galadriel picked up on fears unspoken-
Middle Earth would surely fall, should they fail.
She bid them farewell, each given a token.

To places unknown they sailed
With boats to fair and gifts so great
The Hobbits rested as they had become frail

At Amon Hen, Boromir took the bait.
The Ring took him, set Frodo on the path
To Mordor alone was the ringbearer's fate.

Fortunately Frodo knew what he got
Samwise gamgee wouldn't let him go on his own
The whole entire Fellowship had to suffer a lot

Past many days they did go in the rorky cones
Down the many paths and into many storms
Up they climed the hills of stone

After they had floated the cloven horn
Up sprang Three Hunters, foll'wing orc quarry,
Unwilling to give up the two Shire-born

Eomer, in tones accusatory
Asked the trio what brought them to his lands,
His tone softened as they told their story.

The fate of the halfings were in their hands
But do not trust a hope said the Horse-Lord
Over to the hill they went with their small band

Our three companions were neither happy or bored
But they were completely shocked
It was unthinkable to lose the hobbits they all adored

The hobbits, now in the forest, were stalked
By a hungry, carnivorous orc.
Pip climbed a tree and surprise! The tree talked!

And the talking ent was getting a lot of work
Treebeard, a most adorable name -
He killed Grishnak without knife and a fork.

Sadness was upon their Friends, but all the same,
They where not left alone in the forest
They entered the old Forest to find this was no game

Just when the trio was feeling lowest,
They tracked their friends far into the dark woods,
The Elf sensed a presence, before unnoticed.


A Wizard appeared, which seem'd not too good,
Til revealed he was Gandalf, returned, white -
Encouraged the three and with them he stood.

Our three friends first wanted to fight
Because they heard Saruman was coming
Then they saw Gandalf and he looked so bright

The warning from Gandalf was mind numbing...
He said "Sauron's forces are on the move."
Quick to Rohan they rode, horse's hooves drumming.

Wormtongue's dark plotting they soon did behoove,
Theoden wakened and took them to Helm
Along lake-path all of Rohan soon moved.

The weight of war could surely overwhelm,
Yet these men, young and old, stood firm and true
To protect their kin, their race and their realm.

King Theoden first didn't know what to do
He was afraid many would die and be slaughtered
But then the elvish archers arrived too

Underground was Rohan's royal daughter,
Eowyn would rather have joined the fight
Wielding a sword, as her teachers taught her.

In a mean time, Gmli fought with Legolas at his side
It was tough because the orcs were with many
The battle was tough, no safe place to hide

Just when you thought "Haldir can't die, can he?"
He lay dying in friend Aragorn's arms.
His hard sacrifice was as great as any.

The orcs did do the Elf harm
But he would have a special place in heaven
His elvish heart was true and warm

The skies above by the dawn were cloven,
Victory found! Isengard a-floating,
Into the water the Ents came stepping.

Merry and Pippin may have wished for boating,
The water of the flooded Isengard so high
With food soon at there side, they where smiling

Unto the tower, Gandalf led them nigh -
Deaf to the honey of Saruman's voice.
What wonder! - a thrown ball went flying by!


The others stayed by choice
By Gandalfs side, and heard Saruman's lies
Then to be greeted by Treebeards voice

Then to the company's own surprise
Theoden broke free from the wizard's spell
And saw through his sweet-talk and his disguise

Theoden was angry, all could tell -
He almost would have killed Wormtonged Grima
But Aragorn convinced him, and he did it well

It was as though Grima snapped out of his dream
Saw Saruman for the cur that he was
And how much he had been used and demeaned.

The Saruman-Theoden possesion did finally pass
But Orcs still were sent to Helms Deep
So they decided to fight,our Aragorn,Gimli and Legolas

Once Helm was over, the film's end to keep -
(With a great speech that was given by Sam)
For the King of the Realm, now the third reel!

Saruman's loss after Ents let go the dam
Left him drained of his power and his might.
His final undoing served by Grima's hand.

Return of the King opens with the fight
Between two wizards, upon the dark tower, -
Next stop: Golden Hall, a fire-ball at night!

The menace in the East was massing pow'r,
Whilst Sam,Frodo and their ill favored guide
Drew closer to Mordor, hour by hour.

At Minas Morgul, Gollum did confide
"The fat one wants it...he'll take it from you."
Frodo, confused, sent Sam away from his side.

But in the books we saw Sam stick like glue,
And they entered lair, a trio at first
Til Frodo and Sam faced down her, only two.

But in the movies, it was Frodo alone in the place, so cursed
In the darkness Gollum hid, to see the Ring once more
Sam came to help, before Frodo found the worst

Frodo, wrapped in web, lay still on the floor,
Believing he'd gone where he could not follow,
Sam fought Shelob bravely, like never before.

The Orc then came and Sam saw his flaw
'He's not dead yet,' The orcs did remark
Sam thought to himself 'I'm such a fool!'


As Frodo awoke from the unconscious dark,
He found the ring, from 'round his neck, was gone.
As an orc threatened, Sam's sword found its mark.

Ring went to Frodo, tho' Sam at first fawned,
Disguised they escaped - the road to the plain
Lay long before them, so dry, dark and wan.

Dressed in armor of orcs they disdain,
Two Shire-folk amongst the noisy rabble
Push towards Mordor, bearing Isildur's bane.

Each step they went on, as if a fable,
The air poison, the ground hard, and the water gone
One by one, each step closer, but they where almost not able

Into the cracks did poor Sam throw his pans,
As closer to mountain they came - no orcs?
Why had the orcs from the plains Westward gone?

The ring's pull on Frodo was gathering torque
As he and Sam made their way towards Mount Doom,
Which spit fire like a volcano uncorked.

Off to the West, how the battle did bloom -
The Men of the West did challenge the Eye,
And darkness swept out in gathering gloom.

At Minas Tirith, white city on high,
Gondor served Sauron a bitter defeat.
Now, to help Frodo, as his task drew nigh.

The Mordor army was to large to beat
So Aragorn figured out a diversion
A last trick that Frodo should need

Gathered together, no need for dispersion,
Under one banner they soon chose to ride
They'd follow, not heeding Mordor aversions.

Sauron's evil, no longer they'd abide.
"For Frodo", Aragorn bids them to war,
Before the black gate, man and creature collide.

As a battle raged outside Sauron's door,
Frodo lay weakly in the arms of friend, Sam,
His life in the shire he remembered no more.

"Though you can't carry it, with me you can!"
Sam stoutly gasped and lifted up his friend,
Staggering forth, they finally saw Road's end.

Bearing his friend, Sam began to ascend
Towards the hearth from whence the one ring was forged.
But then, with Gollum, they had to contend.

Into Frodo's head, Gollum had gorged
Until Sam threw him off again
And then made his way for the doorway morged


Sam ran after Frodo, in spite of his pain,
The Cracks, they were dark and filled with a fire -
Oh! Would he drop it, or let it remain?

Hanging from a chain o'er over its funeral pyre,
The ring seductively called to him-
And Frodo, now weakened, gave in to desire.

But e'en as he surrendered life and limb
Gollum clawed, then he bit, taking the Ring-
And danced, fiery precipice no longer dim.

The Precious, now his, Gollum started to sing.
Then Frodo fought Gollum up to the edge,
Both going over, Frodo left hanging.

Sam reached and caught, cajoling all courage,
The two reached a hill where no lava flowed,
Together they were, both fulfilling pledges.

The ring, destroyed, caused Sauron to implode,
His army fell through the cracks in the earth.
But joy turned to fear, as the mount did explode.

Back at the Black Gate, the friends of great worth
Were first filled with joy, then suffused with grief
Fearing a martyrs mourning in Minas Tir'th.

Heroes, tragically lost, was their belief,
But they lay safely, lost in thoughts of home,
Which, at the end of all things, brought relief.

Frodo's mind was left to roam
As the Eagle's came bearing Gandlaf aboard
From the swift sunrise they flew to rest in a great drome

Frodo woke up, his health restored,
His friends joined in for a wonerful reunion
With the gang reunited, everyone's morale soared

In the White City, at a mass communion,
Aragorn, former ranger, was crowned King,
Before rejoicing nobles and minion.

After the crown, and the blessing to sing,
So all went to bow, but he came to the four,
"To no-one you bow, for great honor you bring."

The hobbits returned to the Shire they adored;
To the folk unaware of what could have been.
But for them, nothing was as it was before.


Hobbits gaped at them, strange gear ne'er seen,
Heroes returning: respectable? not.
They knew not what the trav'lers tales did mean.

Time healed the wounds from their hard battles fought,
But for Frodo, a dark shadow remained
A token that bearing the ring hath wrought.

Sam found his Rosie, but Frodo was strained,
The threads of a life had dropped and were lost.
Each year by old mem'ries his world was stained.

Few knew at the start what this mission would cost.
Some paid with their lives; Frodo with his soul,
On which the mark of the Ring was embossed.

As years of remembering took their toll,
Frodo wrote his tale in Bilbo's Red Book,
Leaving room for Sam to make the book whole.

One day the road to the Havens he took,
Joining the Elves on their journey to home,
On Mithlond's grey shore he gave one backward look.

They watched him set sail through the mist and foam,
Then returned to the Shire, this chapter closed...
"I'm back" said friend Sam, never more to roam.