Middle-earth Rubaiyats 

The Rubaiyat of the Ring

"Two!" said Gimli, patting his axe;
"Two?" said Legolas, whose quiver now lacks
Any feathered missiles to fell loathsome orcs,
"I make my count twenty since they waged the attacks!"

"Khazad! Khazad!" the dwarf cries as he works
His grizly trade, braveheart and bulwark
Of his people, the hardy mountain tribe:
Eyes glinting fire, braided beard in forks.

"Khazad aimenu! There are enough to inscribe
Both our names in halls of fame, and to ascribe
To each of us a place of honor among the great.
So come, Legolas, let us quit this diatribe!"

First one, then the other, his tally restate,
Blow by blow, trying to top his good mate.
'Til at last the good dwarf made fourty-two;
Though bested by one, elf rejoiced he stood straight.
- Tinidril

A Kiss Farewell

"Now at last, my Evenstar, the time has come
To pay for what we gathered: the precious sum
Of a lifespan thrice that of lesser men;
My Love, do not despair, nor to grief succumb."

"Would you, my Lord, leave at the point when
Your people need your wisdom and kingly acumen?
Would you feign depart before your appointed time
And risk the grace of Numenor to fade away again?"

"Nay, Beloved Queen, say not before my time;
For if I choose to linger in life beyond my prime
Then I must soon go on perforce, and withered, fall
In discrace from my high seat, unmanned, agrime.

I can speak no comfort, nor could your pain forestall,
For within this world's realm there is no remedy withall;
It seems a clear choice is now laid before you:
Abide the Doom of Men, or repent to Haven's call."

"Alas! that final option is long overdue,
There is no ship to bear me on its voyage through
To Morning, dawning bright upon a distant shore.
So endure the loss I must, and bitterness accrue."

"So it might seem, but let us not fail the score,
We who renounced the Shadow upon the tor.
In sorrow we must part, but not in despair:
Behold! beyond this world is more than memory in store...


- Tinidril