LOTR Rondelets 

Introductory post:

The rondelet is French in origin, a short poem of a single septet (that is, 7 lines long), with only two rhymes, and one refrain, which is repeated.

The pattern is AbAabbA, in which A is the refrain, A rhymes with a, b with b. This means you'll use your same refrain 3 times, and only have to rhyme twice. You can do that!

The lines (a & b) are twice as long as the refrain. in this case, let's go with a
four-syllable refrain, and
eight-syllable lines to make it easy.

An example, with pattern:

A Outside the gate, (refrain)
b Away, the notice is sending -
A Outside the gate, (refrain)
a Come clopping hooves in dusty state,
b Long-planned journey thus is ending,
b Here arrives an old befriending,
A Outside the gate. (refrain)


Lost in a dream
Despair ever awakening.
Lost in a dream
Life's silences ending my scream.
Hope, love, and joy now forsaking
A timeless heart that is breaking
Lost in a dream.
- Yaralindi

"I will take it."
Some believed it could not be done.
"I will take it."
Frodo knew he could not forsake it,
The war of the ring had begun.
Who would have thought he would be the one?
"I will take it."
 - Frodosmiss

Leaves in the wood
(Ever young, ever old) -
Leaves in the wood,
A haven where a promise stood.
She keeps their colors; silver, gold
The sun and moon here both enfold
Leaves in the wood.
- Primula

The way is shut!
They suffer none living to pass.
The way is shut,
And dead oathbreakers repel what
Dares enter by dread door's morass.
An evil will forbids; Alas!
The way is shut!
- Tinidril

"Don't you leave him"
One thing from Sam, Gandalf did ask
"Don't you leave him"
When sunlight failed and skies went dim
At Mount Doom, hid in an Orc casque
Sam helped Frodo finish his task
"Don't you leave him"
- Frodosmiss

Fool of a Took
To aid Frodo, he left the Shire
Fool of a Took
Often Gandalf did him rebuke
Pippin's foolishness did expire
Saving Faramir from the pyre
Fool of a Took
- Frodosmiss

Longbottom Leaf,
Richly scented, golden brown.
Longbottom Leaf -
Cut and dried, hung in fragrant sheaf,
A pipe well-filled and well tamped down,
The finest treat in all the town -
Longbottom Leaf.
- Primula


Pink-cheeked, most patient and cheerful.
Rosie by name and no other.
Always pleasant, never fearful.
Of praise she deserves an earful,
- Orangeblossom Took


The dying queen,
Cries. “What will become of my sons?”
The dying queen,
Has not into their futures seen.
They're very brave for little ones
To leave them hurts so much it stuns,
The dying queen.
- Orangeblossom Took

Valiant maid;
In the darkness you shine so bright.
Valiant maid,
As all around your banner fades,
You make a stand against that might;
With courage face a King of Night,
Valiant maid.
- Primula

-I want to fight
A peaceful shireling by birth
-I want to fight
Merry was not a Rohan knight...
Knew he could not save Middle Earth
To help his friends was battle's worth
-I want to fight
- Frodosmiss

Up in a tree,
Far up in the swaying branches,
Up in a tree,
Is that the ship’s white sails I see?
But no it’s just a wayward sheet,
That dances in time with my seat,
Up in a tree.
- Dinledhwen

You shall not pass!
Danger at bridge's end did loom
You shall not pass!
He shouted at the firey mass
He sent the creature to its doom
Then fell into the Balrog's tomb
You shall not pass!

In Pippin's eyes,
The world lay green within the Shire.
In Pippin's eyes,
The truth was clear; they found no lies
After that fate, Dark ball of fire -
By honesty the Light was higher
In Pippin's eyes.
- Primula

Flowing blonde hair,
With no strand ever out of place,
Flowing blonde hair,
That made all the women declare,
"What stunning locks Legolas has!"
While reaching out to feel en masse,
Flowing blonde hair.
- Dinledhwen

A silver spoon -
She kept it safe and hoped for more.
A silver spoon,
Rounded and shining as the moon,
Beside the fork within the drawer.
He has them, but she's longing for
A silver spoon.
- Primula

May they be blessed
Thoughts of their safety forsaking
May they be blessed
The Fellowship withstood the test
Together, they destroyed the ring
And now come the days of the King
May they be blessed
- Frodosmiss

Beyond the sea,
Away my kin are stealing.
Beyond the sea,
They'll not turn back for any plea;
Old promises they're sealing,
The deepest wounds soon healing
Beyond the sea.
- Primula

Hear White Shores call
He tried to live as he once did
Hear White Shores call
Yet o'er his days was cast a pall
In his heart, the ring's poison hid
But peace soothed him when Gandalf bid
Hear White Shores call.
- Frodosmiss

Tell me a tale
Dear Vairë, this I do so ask
Tell me a tale
For it would be of great avail
We are ready to sit and bask
Now, may it be your great task
Tell me a tale
- Nin Maldor

There is no time -
The forces move across the land.
There is no time,
This hour we fall, or else we shine.
The pieces move as if they're planned,
An Age of men I've made my stand;
There is no time.
- Primula

Tower of Cirith Ungol

It was Frodo:
Naked, lying as if a-swoon.
It was Frodo:
Whip-weal raised across his torso.
Out of horrid dreams did Sam croon
His master's heart with simple tune.
It was Frodo!
 - Tinidril

Promised, Master -
He promised us beside the pool:
Promised Master,
Night was passing ever faster,
No one will harm. We were a fool,
He used, abused us! Hard and cruel -
Promised! Master...
- Primula

Such A Small Thing

Such a small thing,
Gold and smooth with power dire.
Such a small thing,
Kings have died for this little ring.
Now I must cast in the fire,
The object I most desire.
Such a small thing.
- Orangeblossom Took

Greenest fields,
Rohan's proudest crests upon them.
Greenest fields,
To the burning they'll never yield,
Around the horses they are hemmed,
Amongst them do Three Hunters blend;
Greenest fields.
 -  Primula

Only In Dreams

Only in dreams,
Will I feel your kiss on my cheek.
Only in dreams,
Before my life split at the seams.
Though your image will not grow weak,
In fondest memories, seek,
Only in dreams.

A Diversion

A diversion,
The sons of Men assembled here,
A diversion,
To death in this last excursion.
For Frodo is their final cheer,
To buy time with their lives so dear.
A Diversion.
- Orangeblossom Took

For Sept. 22nd

We baked a cake,
September's day -
We baked a cake,
Rememb'ring whom the Road did take;
It swept him someplace far away,
Not yet to follow...now I stay...
We baked a cake.
- Primula


Fair Legolas,
Mesmerized by eyes of trees,
Fair Legolas
Turned back away from plain of grass
Though dwarven friend was panic-seized -
He longed to know the forest's keys,
Fair Legolas.