Rhopalics for LOTR

A rhopalic is a poetic / word-play construct in which each succeeding word is one segment longer than the preceding one. It may be with increasing syllables, or (a bit more difficult) by adding one additional letter to each word as you go.

Lettered Rhopalic for Merry
Syllabic Rhopalic for Merry
Lettered Rhopalic for Theoden
Syllabic Rhopalic for Eomer
Syllabic Rhopalic for Theoden & Eowyn
Namarie Lothlorien

Lettered Rhopalic for Merry
(This one goes up to 10)

I, by his dear grace
Liveth: Aragorn bestowed
Blessings, revivalism

O my own dark dream;
Breath removed, grieving
Existance reawakened.

I do not want smoke,
Memory, painful, agonizes:
Regretful separation.

A so far away Shire,
Leige's unheard herblore
Eternally regretting.

O by his gold glory
Ended morning. Remember -
Bereaving peacefully.

I of him with smoke
Cradle thought,
Grieving, estimable swordthain.
- Primula

Syllabic Rhopalic for Merry
(This goes to 4)

In planning honesty's conspiracy
For friendship's loyalty devotional
An ordered practical insurgency
To ignore arguments emotional
By bearing suffering rhetorical
Thus ever deepening, compassionate,
In enmeshed history political
Was Merry's unflinching companionship.
- Primula

Lettered Rhopalic for Theoden
(each set one shorter than the other)

I, an age aged after deceit; release.
I, to eye dark dream, closed, unbends
O my own mind - fresh lifted repiece.
A no-man cage newly opened repents.

I, my own hand sword filled,
O, as fey iron, steel bright!
I am now King again, willed -
A to-war will; never flight.

I, my far ally reach,
O to yon torn field
I my men will teach
O to not, ever, yield.

I am the King,
O my men!
I, to
- Primula


Syllabic Rhopalic for Eomer

For Rohan, loyalty undivided
Tho' banished. Eored's companionship
E'er beside, patriots unrequited;
King's faithful sister-son abandonment.

False counsel replacing lucidity
A facade; rotteness, secretiveness...
May healing - surprising rapidity -
Bring anew Meduseld's beauteousness.
- Primula

Syllabic Rhopalic for Theoden & Eowyn

No battles; unheeded shieldmaiden
Set aside, deceitful malevolence
In golden Meduseld's degradation
Still whispers enshrouded recontrivance.

What plunder, peaceable mortality;
A decay replacing courageousness,
The shadows deepening. Temerity
And brightness forfeited; advantagous
Yet deathly attentions - replenishment
And wholeness, valient confrontation
Here unknown...despairing abandonment
Is declared destiny's confirmation.

Fate cages, silences opposition
Yet cannot encircle eternally.

Lift upward, Theoden! Destitution
Rules instead, repealing infernally
The whispers. Awaken, scintillation
Of heart! Remember monarchical
Just rulings, honesty's revelations,
To restore Edoras remarkable.

Lift upward, victorious!
White Lady, awaken! Encouragement
To embrace; hopefulness recovering.
- Primula

Namarie Lothlorien

I to the high talen ascend;
foliage curtains
burnished, fluttering.

O, to see lacy light;
sylvan lattice gleaming,
dreamland shimmering.

I so rue this night;
dreamy starlit mallorns
splendour decreasing.

I, as the moon edges
leaves silvery, remember
woodlands enchanting.

O, as day ends elven
voices sweetly praising;
Galadhrim raphsodies.

A so sad dawn waits;
Lorien laments arboreal
homelands forsakened.

I to the aged trees
softly whisper dolorous
farewells; Lothlorien.

- Daisy Gold