Poetry Challenge from Namarie: Found Poetry

A simple poetry challenge and my own humble offering:

I admit I have never been much of a poetry person until coming to these boards. I always thought poetry was silly or hard to understand. However, I have learned to appreciate the wonderful poetry you all have been writing, probably because it's about a subject near and dear to my heart. I took a college literature class 2 years ago and discovered a type of poetry that I actually liked. It's called Found Poetry. The essence of it is that you can find poetry anywhere. When you compose found poetry using a piece of literature, it helps you develop an appreciation for the author's use of descriptive language and helps you develop your personal sense of poetic style. Here's how to write found poetry using a piece of literature:

  1. Select a section from a book (Tolkien's work, for this assignment)
  2. Choose the sentences or phrases you find to be especially significant.
  3. Edit the sentences so that you have at least ten lines and no more than fifteen. Lines cannot be longer than eight words.
  4. The words must be left in the same order, but sequence in which the phrases are used can be changed. Phrases may be repeated for emphasis.
  5. Most importantly, you cannot add any of your own words, but words from the text can be eliminated. The end result will be poetry that you "found" in Tolkien's writing.

Here's my humble example which I composed using 2 pages from the Battle of the Pelennor Fields. All of the words, including the title can be found within those two pages.

Eowyn, Eomund's Daughter

Her bright hair gleamed with pale gold,
Eyes grey as the sea, tears on her cheek.
Sword in her hand and shield raised
Against the horror of her enemy's eyes.
Maiden of Rohirrim, child of kings,
Fair yet terrible.
A swift stroke she dealt, skilled and deadly.
Light fell about her.
Struggling up with her last strength,
She drove her sword between crown and mantle.
A cry went up into the shuddering air
And faded to shrill wailing.
A voice, bodiless and thin
Was swallowed up and never heard again
In that age of this world.

I'm sure all of you talented writers and poets can produce some wonderful found poetry from Tolkien's writings.

- Namarie