The Tolkien-themed Blues

1. Blues Stanza
2. Blues Sonnet

Okay kiddies... time for a bit of poetic structure again.  Thanks again to Lewis Turco's Book of Forms!

This is small (but we'll use it for a building block in the next one) the Blues Stanza.
The blues stanza is a triplet (3 lines) from the Afro-American tradition of poems/songs of lamenting and complaint in which:

Line 2 is an incremental repetition of line 1 (the same concept, but elaborated on)
Line 3 is the climactic parallel. (Oh woe!)

All 3 lines rhyme, with each one building on the previous one, and the 'volume' goes up on the complaint with each line so the pattern could be shown as:

Verses then continue in this manner, Aaa, Bbb, Ccc, etc.
- Primula

Just give it your best shot - we're all just a learnin' as we go...

*A small hobbit climbs up on the nearby table and sings*

A finger's missin' from my hand,
Don't got ten fingers, done lost one from my hand,
Can't play piano, no, no spinet nor baby grand.

I was a strugglin' by that Crack,
Oh, a mighty strugglin', thinkin' I'm never goin' back,
And then that creature made my hand a snack!


I got the nine-finger blues,
I don't got ten fingers no more blues,
No more Ring, no more finger, paid my dues!
- Primula

Gimli on the Shore

So long ago, across the waves, a single strand of hair
In darker times, so long to go, I named it then and there
Now beard cut off from caves and axe, I love her and despair....

Hmm.... ohhhh...woooah.......
uh....can't think of any moah....
Guess this is the end of Gimli on the Shoah...
- Beruthiel

Gamgee Blues

My master’s got a gold Ring
Oh Woe! He’s got a nasty Ring of gold
Gonna get us both kilt before we’re old!

I know what my Gaffer would say
Oh, yes… I can tell you what my ol’ Gaffer’d say
He’d take a ‘tater over a gold Ring any day!

- Lothithil

Moon Man Blues

When ah woke up this mawn'in, mah thoughts weren't bent on gloom
By the time I washed this ev'nin, I'm singing a diff'rent tune
'Cause my baby left me, for some man up in the moon

Go along you shiny man, don't want to see your face
Go along you shiny man, go to some other place
'cause when you took my baby, man, you left me in disgrace

*ooo-ooo* *ooo-ooo* you left me in disgrace.
- Beruthiel

I'm an Elf, whoa-oh! from the faraway Green
Oh, yes, I'm an Elf--like you've never seen
No matter how much fightin' I do--I'm always clean!

I'm a Dwarf, oh lord! I'm a Dwarf from the North
I'm as tough as they come, yes, and I carry my worth
Though it is said that I lack a degree of mirth...
--oh, yeah!

We're stuck with each other, bound together in need
Gotta put up with each other, if Middle-earth's to be freed...
But that don't mean we got to like each other, no indeed!
--cha cha cha!
- Lothithil