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A Miniscule Mathom for Merry to Mollify Marigold : Merry’s Mountain of Mathom
An Alliteration for Aragorn
An Alliteration for My Man Merry
An Alliteration for Sweet Frodo
An Alliteration for Boromir, of course
Auntkimby indulges in a bit of Pippinesque alliteration
An Alliteration for Legolas
An Alliteration for Frodo
A Quick Alliteration for Merry
Aragorn's Alliteration
Deranged Denthor
T Time for Theoden
Windlord and Wizard
Gargling Galadriel
Crestfallen Celeborn
The Lembas-eaters
Merry Mithlond
Elladan & Elrohir

A Miniscule Mathom for Merry to Mollify Marigold : Merry’s Mountain of Mathom

“Merry, I must make mention of the multiplying mountains of mathom monopolizing your room!” Merry’s mama mourned. “I mandate that not a modicum or molecule of mathom may be maintained- and that is mandatory! Now mobilize and it must be metamorphosed when I return from the market!”
Merry mumbled miserably in a melancholy mood but to mollify his mama he took his mop and meandered to his room to mitigate the mess. “Mama is mean and meddlesome,” he muttered moodily. “Maybe she maintains that many mice and musty mufflers and maggoty muffins and mildewed marshmallows and moldy mushrooms and mushy mincemeat and murky mirrors and mangled models and mossy mulch and muddy mattresses are merely mathom but I mightily maintain her mandate is monstrously misplaced and I’m mad!”
Merry mopped with momentum as he muttered and mumbled and minced no monosyllables as he mutinously mitigated the mountains of mathom in his room and moderated the mess to mollify his mama. She magnanimously made him munificent mounds of meringues for managing this mission and Merry felt mollycoddled and magnificent instead of mad and mutinous.
- Auntkimby

An Alliteration for Aragorn
Aragorn son of Arathorn asked Arwen whom he adored about abiding absolutely always aside him.
Arwen agreed and accepted Aragorn son of Arathorn's offer and advanced to him an adornment of her affection.
Aragorn son of Arathorn and Arwen ajoined in affinity and afterwards always abided together.
- Lizmybit

An Alliteration for My Man Merry

Merry the magnificent Master of the Manor
after much musing made up his mind to go
mushroom marauding.

Merry the magnificent Master of the Manor’s
Main motivation in marauding for mushrooms
Was to make a marvelous meal for a maiden named Mercy.

Merry the magnificent Master of the Manor
Marched through the middle of the meadow mirthfully wearing his mail
Much to Merry’s delight and Marvel he found a marvelous
Measure of mushrooms just before the marshes

Merry the magnificent Master of the Manor
Meticulously measured a mass of mushrooms
Then in all magnanimity and magnificence
Made them for Mercy’s mid-day meal.
- Lizmybit

An Alliteration for sweet Frodo.
Frisky Frodo frolicked in the freshly furrowed field that was filled with flowers, fieldmice and friends. Fleetly he flew on fast, furry feet, his fingers flaying freely in the breeze, without any frowns flitting on his fair face, but a few freckles were found on his forehead. He flipped and flopped and floated all around forgetting all of his frightening fears. Following four fun-filled hours, the famished friends feasted frenzidly on their favorite fare of fruit, fish fried over fiery flames, frosted cake and root beer floats. Finally, the friendly Frodo, without any fanfare or flourish, fell fast asleep on his fluffy feather bed.
- Calafalas

An alliteration for Boromir, of course
Boromir blew blaring on the bone bugle. Bounding up the bluff, he blocked the blade of the barbarous blackguard who besieged the bedraggled boys. Boromir bravely battled battalions of black orcs, breaking off the bloodletting only because black cross-bow bolts buried in his breast battered him backwards. The blatant black orc blocked out the blazing brightness for one last blow, but brother helped brother and boromir's battle broke off. Broken and bewildered, boromir bore the burden of betrayal begging for blame, but but brother blessed brother and boromir was un-bound, belief of the benediction mirrored in his beautiful face.
- Boriel

Auntkimby indulges in a bit of Pippinesque alliteration

Brought to you by the letter P. I cannot make every word start with P, but you get the idea.
I also don't know if you can pick plums in Pincup; it's the only place name I could think of that made any sense for this. Then again, I'm not sure ANY of it makes sense.

Preciously precocious Pippin persistently pleaded with Paladin his papa to please permit him to personally perambulate to Pincup to pick plums for Pervinca's pie. "Please, Papa, you permit me to perambulate personally only periodically! Please, please, permit me to proceed to Pincup to pick plums!"
As Pippin pleaded he perceived that he had persuaded his Papa Paladin to permit him to perambulate to Pincup, presumably permitted because Pippin had permanently perforated Paladin's patience to the point of a pincushion.
"Please, Pippin, proceed to Pincup promptly!" Paladin propounded piercingly. "Please do not presume to precipitate any painful Pippin pranks as you progress!"
"Prodigious Papa!" Pippin proclaimed, "I pledge to not produce any pranks as I proceed to Pincup to pick plums for Pervinca's pie! My preciosity prefers to perspicaciously prevent me from presumption to perform pranks!"
"PERAMBULATE, PEREGRIN!" Paladin pleaded.
"Papa, Pippin is pesky," Pimpernel pouted.
"Papa, Pippin is pestiferous," Pervinca philosophized.
"Papa, Pippin's palaver is not perspicuous," Pearl persecuted.
"Propinquity is periodically painful," Pippin predicated, and proceeded to Pincup to pick plums.

Alliteration for Legolas

Leaping lizards! Lithe, light-footed Legolas leaped laughingly, levitating over loads of blizzard-leavings to liberate the lamentably latent leaders.  Leadership laying low under leaden lofty snowfall weren't lax or lazy, but were longsufferingly lumbering.  Legolas' loquacity to the legitimate legerdemainist for locale of the luminary light meant less lounging, a little liquor and a loophole for leaving their lapsed lane.  Lala!

- Primula

Alliteration for Frodo

Frail Frodo, fearful of fiery foes, fled on furry feet to free faithful friends from frightful fate. “Faith, friend, forsake following!” he forbade. Nevertheless fearless friend followed. “It’s futile,” Frodo fretted. “Fret not, Frodo. Final freedom will be found when, with flash and fire, the foe falls into flame. Then flight far on firm footing from foreign fields to favorite fireside and fellowship will flourish forever!”

A Quick Alliteration for Merry

Midnight. Merry masterfully melted margarine midst Mrs. Maggot’s mushrooms. “Mmmmmmmmmmm,” Merry mouthed. "Masticate more!" Meanwhile, more Misty Mountain monsters mysteriously multiplied, making mighty men mutter. Mrs. Maggot’s mushrooms made Merry mightily miffed with marauding monsters. Moreover, multiplication made Merry mad. Merry moved mightily and marauding monsters melted. Mighty men mumbled, “Mrs. Maggot’s mushrooms midst melted margarine made munchkins mighty.”
- onónë

Aragorn's Alliteration
(The Council of Elrond)

Army activist angled adamantly "Appreciate Archenemy's adornment! Activation always agreeable."
Aragorn Arathornson answered an angry army activist; "Archenemy's adornment abases all, and amnesia answers any alternates!"
Army activist argued, "Alibi, alibi, any Ambler."
An ally announced "Any Ambler? Annulled! Ambler aka Aragorn Arathornson's ancestors actually accedes an apex authority, ages ago abandoned! Army activist's allegiance asked!"
Army activist answered apathetically, "Agateland's authority annulled. Agateland accepts anarchy."
- Primula

Deranged Denethor

Delirious Denethor, desiring deficiently dangerous descendant to delight Daddy's domain, devolved a dasterdly demand.
"Do!" declared Denethor.
"Doubtful." dithered descendant. "Disappointed?"
"Doubly distrustful." drawled Denethor dourly.
Descendant drooped.
"Dang. Descendant is duplicitous, " decided Denethor.
Dignified descendant dared doozy defense, but dreadfully dark dart drugging drew him down, defeated.
"Dark days, death of dynamic dominance! Doom! Despair!" Deranged Denethor dragged darkly drugged descendant down to domicile of dead, dripped dangerously distilled detonatious dribbles, drenching decendant draped on deadwood debris.
"Die!" Denethor drove, "Do!"
"Don't! Desist!" declared dauntless Dalf, Gan (Dual-tone Diviner). "Doings diverge!" Diviner distinctly deflamed darling descendant.
"Drat!" Denethor darkly despaired, departing in dynamous decomposition.
- Primula

T Time for Theoden

Treacherously Tricksy Traitor
Tortured Twisted Theoden
Terrible Temptation Thwarted
Tumultuous Twilight Time
- Onono Laivindur

Windlord and Wizard

Welcome Windlord Winging
Whisked Wanderer Westward
Walkers Warned:
White Wizard
Wretched Warmongering Worm
- Daughter of Kings

“Gah!” gargled Galadriel, greeting graciously whilst galloping gorgeously in gossamer gown. “Get going! Gag-worthy ghouls and goblins grievously gather.  Gad not! Goof not! Gallivant great goers, gather grub, gather gear - go to grey gosling gunboats, goodbye!”

“Crud!” cried Celeborn crankily. “Chimerical conjuror cut class, can’t cross-examine him, can’t collect clues! Caught caseload of choleric, combustible, conflagrant colossus, causing categorical career change to crispy critter, correct?”

“Carrion.” confirmed Chiefton, crestfallen. “Couldn’t cross chasm, crumbly construction crudely cracked. Crashed, croaked.”

“Confounded creepy creature,” carped Celeborn. “Can’t cope.”

“Come, come, Consort” comforted comely cohabitant companion. “I conjecture a classy comeback. ”

Little lodgers languished, lapped-up leaves of lembas; latent longings for lard led to large, lurid loops of lingual lunching, lousy with luxurious leavening.  Lorien’s leaseholding leaf-leapers loaded lots, but lodgers left little.   

“Leapin’ lizards!” laughed the lithely lumbering legion of lightly laced Legolas-lookalikes, later. “Lembas loads look like leftovers! Look, Lady!”

Lady laughed. “La! Looks like little lodgers legitimately love Lorien lembas!”

- Primula

Merry Mithlond! Most mnemonics meant for Mithlond moan of melancholy and moping.  Missing merry, mirthful Mithlond most merely mumble amid a morass of marshmallowy, mucky, muggy moods.  Morosely miserable mournfulness might master many millenia of minutes, memorials to mobs of magical mages and mannerly musical models, but merriness is more moving.  Mithlond, many manned mariners migrate, moving moreover to mansions immutable - may melodies mingle mainly in mirth, o meritricious mood!
- Primula

Eagle-eyed Elladan and Elrohir, ever ending up entrapped in an equivalent existence, exhorted their Executive Elf to exculpate them, but excessively effeminate Arwen, elegantly exquisite, ensured an encouraging expository to Elrond, endowing each an equally erroneous epic edge in the extolled encomium as exacted ,ex gratia, en famille, their expedient exploratory exits.

Elrond exacted an expedition, Elladan and Elrohir ensuring edgy external evil eschewed every Elven environment, ensuring entropic ends.
- Primula