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Tava'at ekhat l'sh'lot otem kulam - halavana
Missä on Viherlehti? - sindarleaf
Aiya Viherlehti, iire ile entula' amin? - Lady Nurlhawen
Vanar Ernil  - mrsgreenleaf
Anna Helleo - ArwenGermany
Laire - ArwenGermany
Tuile - ArwenGermany
Andave Namarie - Anna Estel
Alatairë yellëame már  (The Great Sea)- Anariel
Varda - Anariel
Sinde...(Into the West) - Anna Estel

Guess what this is an attempt at...

Tava'at ekhat l'sh'lot otem kulam
Tava'at ekhat limtso otem
Tavaet ekhat l'havi otem kulam
U bakhoshekh l'kshor otem
Ba Eretz Mordor, eifo ha etzim shukhvim

I'm sure there are Hebrew scholars out there that can do better, but I haven't used the language much in a long time. Sure was fun trying though!
- halavana

May I introduce my poem... So the Finnish one is original, English is just a translation...the translation is rough...too rough if asked me, but there are so much differences in grammars and everything that it's impossible to get it done well...The rows have the same text so it gives you a certain way to follow it if you want...

Missä on Viherlehti?

Missä on Viherlehti?
Missä prinssi Synkmetsän mahtavan?

On kasvoiltaan haltiasoturi tää
kaunis kuin aamunkoi.
Jos silmiins' katsot,
voimaton oot,
ei lumoustaan vastustaa kuolevainen voi.

Katsen kirkkaus, sydämen voima,
ei kuunaan vikaan ammu hän.
Hän, jota metsä kaipaa.
Hän, jonka tie vaaraan vei,
ja sieltä pois johti.

Tiensä kauas vei,
kauas pois.
Nyt purjehtii hän takaisin,
takaisin, mistä kerran tulikin.

Where is Greenleaf?
Where is the prince of mighty Mirkwood?

The face of this elvenwarrior is beautiful
as the sunrise.
If you look into his eyes,
you're forceless,
no mortal can resist that spell.

The cleariness(?) of look, strength of heart,
he never misses the target.
He, who is missed by the wood.
He, whom the road took to danger
and led away.

The road took him far,
far away.
Now he is sailing back,
back, where he once came.

- sindarleaf

Aiya Viherlehti, iire ile entula' amin?
Amin mela, amin lon an hisie ile
Tuulo' i're ile hyarya
Amin an a' con ile lisse' ooma
Amin an a' ear ile tinta ellee
Amin mela amin hisie ileikotane
E' lye aran'orteluume
Amin feith
Amin mela ile melindo
Ar' feith
Tenna' i'giliath n'uma ann sil
Ten' ile varna entul
On amin alasse' tar ilya
Amin mela, Viherlehti
Amin hisie ile ikotane

Oh Legolas, when will you return to me?
My love, I have long missed you
From the day you went away
I long to hear your sweet voice
I long to see your sparkling eyes
My love I miss you so
In our kingdom
I wait
I love you dear
And shall wait
Until the stars no longer shine
For your safe return
Will bring me joy beyond all
My love, Legolas
I miss you so

- Lady Nurlhawen

It's only fitting that my first ever Elvish poem should be an ode to everyone's favourite Elf, Prince Legolas Greenleaf of the Woodland Realm. Some of the accents are missing cos I can't do them on the computer! Read on and (hopefully) enjoy....

Vanar Ernil

Nalye i hrive anar
Galad ve ilye estel na quelle
Ereb lote mi dur-eryn
Ninniach khila ulma
Ai utiruvamet omentielvo orer
Uaiyuvan lissin ernil
Tiruvan le tinalye ve mirer oressen
Aren mi huine
Regalad khila du
Cala elen mi vilya
Vinya mel khila coi er
Vanar, astaldo ernil.

Beautiful Prince

Thou art the winter sun
A light when all hope is fading
Lonely flower in the dark forest
Rainbow after the rain
Alas we will never see the meeting of our hearts
I will never behold my sweet prince
But I will watch you sparkling like jewels in my mind
My sunlight in the gloom
Daylight after darkness
Shining star in the sky
New love after a life alone
My fair, valiant prince
- mrsgreenleaf