Primula's Adaptations from Classic Poetry - 4

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Sonnet for the Trees
Sonnet for Bill the Pony
Hidden Venture (Bilbo)
Bilbo and Thorin
For Boromir and the Ring
Sonnet for Denethor
Sonnet for Elrond Halfelven
A Sonnet for Treebeard
A Sonnet for Eomer
A Sonnet for Faramir
Light Within These Hands (Frodo)
I Am Seen (Frodo)
Expended (Frodo)
Sonnet LXXI
Sonnet XVIII
Sonnet CLIII
Sonnet CXX
Sonnet LXI
Sonnet X
Sonnet XVI
Sonnet II
Sonnet V
Sonnet VII
Sonnet CXXIX