Acrostics & Cinquains for Merry

Cinquain for Merry

bright, energetic
laughing, smoking, scheming
"a most unquenchable hobbit"

- Frodowannabe

An Acrostic for Meriadoc Brandybuck

'Merry' they called you, a simple name for an
Ever-faithful companion and stalwart friend,
Rarely has the Shire seen the likes of your
Indomitable spirit, your bravery that reached
Across nations and ages,
Drawing down the memory , the witnessing
Of the ending of an Age, your
Courageous eyes that beheld both life and death.

Before you, Kings have knelt, accepting your own
Rare gift of honesty and friendship in their courts.
Always you recall his name and voice,
Never to forget the one who made you his own.
Danger could not quell your heart.
Youth and strength and love were yours in full.
Better than this has Buckland never known.
Under your competent and unhesistant leadership, they
Could flourish and deepen and
Know that you are the Master, the Magnificent.
- Primula

Little hobbit
You do not belong here
and I can’t be burdened with you
in war.
- Rosie Cotton

My deepest heart,
Under hill, by hearthside
I will ember-gaze, remembering
- Primula

An Acrostic

Merry as his name implies
Ent draughts made him taller
Rohan's king adored him
Invaluable to the Fellowship
Adventurous for a hobbit
Daring and brave as well
Ordinarily found with Pippin
Charming, precocious young lad
- Frodowannabe

A Merry Cinquain

And proud esquire
To the King of Rohan,
Left behind, yet found a way to
- Bregalad


M ost likely to come up with some form of harmless mischief
to get himself into trouble. He is so much fun.

E ver at the ready to do what he can. In Theoden's service
he finds himself. He is a mighty warrior of Rohan.

R ingwrath killer he becomes with Eowyn's help. Even though
this ends with his being injured, he knows it was worth it.

R ides to war with the Lady Eowyn to do his part in the fight
against Sauron.

Y oung Master of Brandybuck trying to come into his own. He
proves himself on this journey, returning home a hero.
- Silivren Ithildin


the streets of Bree,
a black mist envelopes
him, as consciousness fades away,
like death.

Found, by
the stable boy,
he runs to the Pony,
shivering, from a fear beyond

Meriadoc Brandybuck: an Acrostic

Merry was his nickname
Ever seeking friends and fun
Running home from the Green Dragon
In hope, to be home, before the sun
Anxiously tries to stay out of trouble
Daring to steal the Wizard's fireworks
Often found walking Shire paths
Caring about the comfort of his friends
Brave in the face of danger
Ready to defend the White Lady
Always offering a friendly grin
Now and then, a prank to play
Daring to defy the King's orders
Yet, frightened of riding to war
Brandishing his sword for Gondor
United with the Riders of Rohan
Cuts the evil Witchking with his blade
Kindred spirit he is to everyone.