Acrostics About Gwaihir

G- Gandalf`s friend

W- Windlord, King of the Birds

A- Avenger, orcs mortal enemy

I- Isengard, freer of Gandalf

H-Hobbit hereo, rescuer

I- Intelegence and Integrity

R- Ringwraith attacker before the Black Gate of Mordor

All together they are, GWAIHIR, the greatest eagle of the third age.
- suzie sheelf

Gwaihir : An Acrostic

G andalf rescued,
W args opposed,
A ttacked goblins,
I sengard breached,
H obbits' salvation,
I nfinite majesty
R egal lord of the skies

Graciously remembering
What kindness was once done
A long season of sunlight passing
Into memory since, yet
Heeding the call of need,
In the night, silently
Releasing a friend from woe.
- Primula