Acrostics for Eowyn

Eowyn Acrostic

Every dream of glory,
Only held back by
Womanhood, and
Yet... there's
No holding back.
- Primula

An Acrostic for the Lady of Rohan

Ever loyal
Of a kingly line
Warrior of valor
Yet also a woman
Never faltering

Over death she put love
Faithful unto the end

Riding to doom
On a tide of battle
Hidden identity
Always determined
Not staying behind
- Frodo Baggins

Evermind, the blossoms white blooming
Only upon the tombs of the dead;
Why, dearest one, oh why does
Your sweetness of fragrance, your bloom
Need death to reach its fullness?

Only a blossom touched by the

Rohan will call for your rising,
Over the graves of Kings.
How you shall bloom, your courage as great
As the tears that have gone unshed
Never to be counted, never to be mourned.
- Primula

Edge of Springtime's life
Overshadowed by
Winter; such a frost upon
Youth, such pain. Your eyes
Never show hope.
- Primula