Fellowship Acrostic Drabbles...2

by Silivren Ithildin

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1.Places of the Fellowship
2. Fellowship Artifacts

Bag End
Emyn Muil
One Ring

Shire--Fellowship Places Drabble #1

S mials dot your fields making everything seem
warm and cozy. Doors of rich color greet
you to each smial.

H ills grace your countryside, a rolling land
of grass, hills and trees.

I nhabiting you lands are Hobbits. These are
a fun, peace loving people who happen to be
small in stature, but, huge in their hearts.

R ich fertile lands are tended by the Hobbits
who have a love for all things growing.

E merald green grass lays upon your lands,
soft and vibrant at the same time. Oh, to
pass the days away laying in the grass
watching the clouds go by.


Rohan--Fellowship Places Drabble #2

R olling hills dotted with outcroppings
of rock are seen in your beautiful lands.
To see horse and rider racing across your
plains is awe inspiring.

O h, the beautiful Golden Hall of Edoras,
Meduseld, high on the hill is a sight to see.

H ome of the Horse Lords. Many thundering
hooves have you felt on your land, ever may
you continue to do so.

A fiercely protective people inhabit your
lands. Ever will they take care of you.
They love with their whole hearts.

N ot as alone at Helm's Deep as you thought.
You still have allies in these dark days.


Gondor--Fellowship Places Drabble #3

G reat is the White Tower glimmering like
a spike of pearl and silver high above the
city of Minas Tirith.

O sgiliath once lost will be rebuilt to it's
former state and reinhabited. Long may it
continue to stand.

N umenorean descendents will rule your great
lands once again, starting with Elessar.

D oor to Mordor is on your borders. Long
have you protected Middle-Earth from Mordor's

O verrun with evil creatures you nearly were,
your allies raced to your aid.

R evived is the White Tree of the King. Almost
dead, the return of the King has brought new
life to it's branches.


Mordor--Fellowship Places Drabble #4

M t. Doom lies in it's borders filling the air
with noxious fumes and intense heat.

O verrun with Orcs and Goblins and trolls in a
landscape of pits. 10,000 obstacles lie in
the ring-bearers way.

R ivers of muck and mire with no water to be
found anywhere. Dehydration is a constant
threat to those within it's borders.

D read and terror fill every heart within it's
borders. They are under constant watch from
the Eye of Sauron.

O nce known as Minas Ithil, now Minas Morgul,
the Dead City, lies within it's borders.

R ising into the mountains, Shelob's lair lies
at it's borders.


Imladris--Fellowship Place Drabble #5

I t's beautiful name in Elvish. Others call
this wonderful land, Rivendell.

M editation and reflection come naturally
here to all who enter.

L ovely scenery aids in reflection and healing
from all ills.

A dventurers visit here for a time of reflection
before setting out on their journeys.

D eep Dale of the Cleft is the meaning of it's

R ivendell represents lore, it's preservation in
reverent memory of all that's good and wise.

I s a haven from the evil in Middle-Earth and is
protected by Vilya, The Ring of Air.

S et in the foothills of the Misty Mountains with
beautiful waterfalls surrounding it.


Fangorn--Fellowship Places Drabble #6

F orest that is the oldest of Middle-Earth. There
is a beauty there, if one looks closely.

A rboretum full of huorns (half-Ents) that can
uproot themselves and move around.

N ame in Elvish means Beard of Tree. Wellinghall
is Treebeard's Ent home in a lush grotto.

G reat trees and Ents live here. Both are slowly
dying out. Ents long ago lost all the Entwives.

O ld as Middle-Earth, dark, gloomy and foreboding
most consider it.

R emnant of the great forest that at one time
covered most of Middle-Earth's landmass.

N ever take an axe to one of the trees or light
any fires there.

Thanks to the book "The Rough Guide To The Lord of the Rings" which helped me complete this drabble.


Ithilien--Fellowship Places Drabble #7

I t was divided into North and South Ithilien.
It's chief city was Minas Ithil.

T he area of Gondor between the Ephel Duath
and Anduin and Poros.

H ere the Rangers of Ithilien worked at opposing
Sauron's forces even though most inhabitants
had fled.

I t was originally the fief of Isildur.

L egolas and other Mirkwood Elves lived here
with Faramir when he became Prince of
Ithilien after the War of the Ring.

I t bore the brunt of the attacks from the
east and south.

E ventually bacame the fairest land in the

N ame in Sindarin means "moon-land". It was
originally called Ithiliend.


Moria--Fellowship Places Drabble #8

M ining Hall of the Dwarves. It's great city
once upon a time was Dwarrowdelf. It was
discovered by Durin the Deathless who was
one of the seven Dwarf Fathers.

O ver the bridge at Khazad-dum the Fellowship
flew to escape the orcs, goblins and the
demon Balrog.

R ich in Mithril "true silver" the walls
seem to be lightened by an inner radiance
that reflects star light and moon light.

I t's name means "Dark Abyss". Khazad-dum
means "Mansions of the Dwarves". The
stonework is awe-inspiring to look upon.

A Balrog pulled Gandalf off the bridge with
him as he was falling off.


Isengard--Fellowship Places Drabble #9

I n Sindarin it was called Angrenost.

S aruman resides in the tower of Orthanc,
"Forked Height", in the center of Isengard.

E arning the permission of Beren of Gondor,
Saruman began living there.

N ame means "Iron-enclosure" in Rohirrim.
Orcs, men, and wolves lived there along
with Saruman.

G uarded by only one gate which faced south.

A round Orthanc is a natural circular stone
wall that surrounds a broad plain.

R ests immediately below the last peak at
the south end of the Misty Mountains.

D estroyed by the Ents because of Saruman's
treachery. By destroying the edge of
Fangorn Forest, he sealed his own fate.


Bree--Fellowship Places Drabble #10

B eyond the Barrow-downs east of the Shire at
the crossing of the Great East Road and the
North Road lies the Village of Bree.

R egion of central Eriador inhabited by Men
and Hobbits. It was the oldest surviving
settlement of Hobbits, older than the Shire.

E ncountering Strider at the Prancing Pony Inn
helps save the Hobbits' lives. Without him
the Ringwraiths would have killed them in
their sleep.

E nclosed by a dyke and thorny hedge it had 2
gates. Rangers of the North protected Bree
even though most Bree-dwellers were largely
unaware of this until after the war was over.


Valinor--Fellowship Places Drabble #11

V alinor does not bestow immortality upon it's
inhabitants, but is the abode of immortal races.

A place of great beauty with mountains, vast
structures, courtyards and gardens. Olorin
(Gandalf) came from an island in the midst of

L eaving on ships, Gandalf, Frodo, Sam, Legolas
and Gimli sailed to Valinor.

I lmarin sits atop Mt. Taniquetil. A marble
watchtower is the home of Manwe and Varda.

N ame means 'Land-of-the-Valar' in Aman.

O ccasionally known as the 'Guarded Realm'.

R eferred to as the Undying Lands, Aman is
separated into Valinor, home to the Valar
and Maiar, and Eldamar, home of the
Immortal Elves.


Bag End--Fellowship Places Drabble #12

B oth Bilbo and Frodo lived here. After Saruman was
thrown out of Isengard, he came here and Bag End
became his center of control over the Shire.

A bove the Village of Hobbiton it was situated.

G reat Smial of the Shire, more luxurious than most.

E veryone was convinced the tunnels were stuffed with
treasure from Bilbo's adventure to the Lonely Mountain.

N amed as Frodo's heir, Samwise Gamgee and his heirs
lived in Bag End.

D uring TA 2880, Bungo Baggins built Bag End at the end
of Bagshot Row where he lived with his wife Belladonna.
They had Bilbo 10 years later.


Mirkwood--Fellowship Places Drabble #13

M any and varied are the inhabitants. Westron
and Sindarin are spoken here.

I n Sindarin it is called Taur e-Ndaedelos,
"Forest of Great Fear".

R arely used, the Old Forest Road fell into

K ing Thranduil rules the Woodland Elves and
Legolas is his son.

W as known as Greenwood the Great before the
Shadow fell on the forest.

O nce Sauron's power began growing Orcs and
great spiders spread through the forest.

O nce the War of the Ring was won, Mirkwood
was cleansed and renamed Eryn Lasgalen,
"Wood of Green Leaves".

D riven out by the White Council, the evil
power reappeared in Mordor.


Mithlond---Fellowship Places Drabble #14

M ost know Mithlond as the Grey Havens.

I n the fullness of their time Gandalf, Frodo,
Samwise, Legolas and Gimli all sailed from

T he Chief harbours in Middle-Earth of the Eldar
during the 2nd and 3rd ages.

H ere Cirdan dwelt from SA1 when the Grey Havens
was built until the last White Ship sailed sometime
in the 4th age.

L ays near the mouth of the River Lhûn where it
empties into the Gulf.

O nly Lord of the Havens was Cirdan the Shipwright.

N ame means 'Grey-Haven' in Sindarin.

D eparture point for Elves ready to forsake Middle-
Earth to the dominion of Men.


Lothlorien - Fellowship Places Drabble #15

L ady Galadriel protected Lothlorien through the power of Nenya.

O nly Dwarf to be admitted into Lothlorien for many years, Gimli
was enchanted with Galadriel.

T he Golden Wood of Wilderland.

H igh in the trees in flets was where the Galadrim 'Tree-People'

L ed by Haldir, the Fellowship was taken to Caras Galadon to
meet Lady Galadriel.

O riginally made and founded by Galadriel in the Second Age.

R uled over by Celeborn and Galadriel together.

I ncredibly beautiful mellyrn woods, the mallorn-trees were
golden-leaved with silver-grey boughs.

E lvendom's heart on Middle-earth.

N ame means 'Dreamflower'. This is a composite word from
both Sindarin and Quenyan.


Buckland - Fellowship Places Drabble #16

B uckland was ruled by the Master of Buckland.

U ncomfortable stories surrounding the Old Forest caused
the inhabitants to plant a great hedge, the High Hay, to
protect Buckland from the East.

C autious Bucklanders locked the Buckland Gate and their
own front doors at night.

K nown as the East March after King Elessar officially
added Buckland to the Shire.

L ocated between Baranduin and the Old Forest.

A rea of the Shire, a strip of beautiful, wooded country.

N orth of Buckland was the Buckland Gate along the East

D ue to their largely Stoorish ancestry, the Bucklanders were
familiar with rivers and boats.


Emyn Muil - Fellowship Places Drabble #17

E erie fog comes in fast in the low-lying areas
causing great disorientation.

M aze-like mountainous region, easy to get lost in.

Y anking on his Elvish rope allowed Sam Gamgee to
retrieve it after he and Frodo used it to climb
down a cliff face.

N ame means "hills______" in Sindarin.

M eeting Gollum here changed everything for Frodo
and Sam.

U nusual "bit of home" Sam had brought with him
from the Shire was caught by Frodo when it fell
out of Sam's pocket.

I s cloven by the Anduin and Argonath.

L ed out of the maze, Frodo and Sam continue their
journey towards Mordor.


Andúril-Fellowship Artifact Drabble #1     

A lso know as 'The Sword that was Broken,
The Sword Reforged'.

N ame means 'Flame of the West'. King
Elessar's sword, handed down through the
line of Kings of Gondor and Arnor.

D own it's long length it's new name was
engraved along with many runes and a
design of seven stars with a rayed sun
and crescent moon.

U nusual brightness, it's heritage and it's
bearer helped Andúril to quickly become

R e-forged by the Elven-Smiths in Rivendell.

I t had formerly been Isildur's own sword,

L ong ago in the First Age, the Dwarf
master-smith, Telchar of Nogrod, had
made the sword.


Glamdring -Fellowship Artifact Drabble #2  

G andalf's sword. Originally made by the Elves
of Gondolin for the Wars of Beleriand.

L argely known by the orcs as "Orc Beater".

A t the time of it's making, it was borne by
Turgon, King of Gondolin.

M orgoth's armies captured it and Orcrist and
hid them for almost two full Ages.

D uring the War of the Ring, Gandalf bore it.

R esided later in a troll-hoard for a while
until Gandalf found it in TA 2941.

I t was the mate of Orcrist. (which was Thorin's
sword "Goblin-Cleaver".)

N ame means "Foe-Hammer" in Elvish.

G lowed with a blue light in the presence of orcs.


Sting -Fellowship Artifact Drabble #3  

S hort Elvish sword or long-knife forged by
the Elven-smiths of Gondolin during the
First Age for the wars against Morgoth.

T hought to have a sharper cutting edge by
far than any weapon made in later Ages.

I n Rivendell Bilbo gave Sting to Frodo to
take along on his journey. Frodo bore it
from Rivendell to Mordor and Samwise bore
it as far as the Cracks of Doom. Frodo
left it to Samwise when he left to go into
the West.

N umbered with Glamdring and Orcrist, Sting
was found in the troll-hoard during
Bilbo's adventure.

G lowed blue whenever orcs were near.


Pipes -Fellowship Artifact Drabble #4  

P ipe-weed came in several different strains
including Longbottom Leaf, Old Toby, Southern
Star and Southlinch.

I nterest in pipes spread among the Hobbits after
Tobold Hornblower grew pipe-weed for the first
time in the Shire in TA 2670.

P ipe smokers in the Fellowship included Aragorn,
Gandalf, Gimli and the 4 Hobbits. Merry was
considered to be most knowledgeable of pipe-weed
in the Shire and wrote about it in a book.

E lves generally disapproved of the habit of pipe

S ometimes Dwarves and Rangers and even Gandalf
picked up the pipe smoking habit at the Prancing
Pony in Bree while traveling through.


Lembas -Fellowship Artifact Drabble #5  

L eaves of the Mallorn tree were used to wrap
the wafers in to keep the wafers fresh for
many days.

E lvish for "Journey-bread" or "bread of life".
Was ideal for journeys as it packed light and
kept for days.

M erry and Pippin ate numerous wafers of Lembas
before getting full.

B read of the Elves of Lothlorien. It was a
light-golden meal-cake baked into triangles.

A ll that sustained Frodo and Sam for a long
time after they left the main Fellowship was
their supply of Lembas.

S ingle bite is enough to fill the stomach of a
grown man for a day.


The Beacons -Fellowship Artifact Drabble #6  

B etween Gondor and Rohan high up on the
mountain tops, beacons were maintained.

E ilenach, Amon Dîn, Nardol, Erelas, Min-
Rimmon, Calenhad and Halifirien were the
seven Beacon-Hills.

A ny beacon lit on one summit could be seen
from the next and so on.

C hain of the Beacon-Hills ran along the
eastern range of the White Mountains.

O nce several of the palantíri were lost,
Gondor fell back on the beacons for

N early no time passed between the lighting
of the first beacon till the last one was

S wift communication with Gondor's provinces
and allies was possible by way of the


Athelas -Fellowship Artifact Drabble #7

A lso known as Kingsfoil.

T he healers in the Houses of Healing had no
idea it was medicinal in nature.

H ealing plant brought to Middle-earth by the
Númenóreans which only grew in places they
had lived or camped.

E lendil's heirs were able to use Athelas for
curing wounds and counteracting poisons and
evil influences.

L ed to Merry and Éowyn being healed from the
Black Breath.

A ragorn crushed the Athelas and boiled the
leaves in water then either washed the wounds
in the solution or had the patient breathe in
the steam.

S trangely heartening fragrance was released
when the leaves were crushed.


Mirror -Fellowship Artifact Drabble #8

M irror of Galadriel which showed the past,
present and the possible future to those
looking into it.

I n the Mirror Frodo saw many familiar sights
which changed to reflect what could happen.

R ich silver ewer was used to transfer the
water from the fountain to the basin of the

R arely did Galadriel allow others to look
into her Mirror. In the book Samwise got to
look too.

O rnate was the pedestal of the Mirror. Sat
in a rich green dell hidden deep in Caras

R ather small amount of the Mirror's water was
contained in the Phial of Galadriel.


One Ring - Fellowship Artifact Drabble #9

O n the slopes of Mt. Doom Isildur cut the One Ring from Sauron's

N o one of mortal race could possess the ring without at last being
devoured by the Dark Power.

E ncouraged by Gandalf, Frodo kept the One Ring secret and safe
for many years.

R uler of all Rings of Power in Middle-earth.

I n the fires of Mt. Doom it was made by Sauron to be the ruling

N eat, fine flowing Elvish script on the ring was brought out by fire.

G olden ring unable to be damaged or destroyed by anything
outside of the fires of Mt. Doom.


Grond - Fellowship Artifact Drabble #10

G reat as a forest-tree, a hundred feet in length is this huge ram which swung on mighty chains.

R avening wolf likeness was it's hideous head, founded of black steel. The Gate of Gondor splintered after being besieged by Grond and the Black Captain.

O n it spells of ruin lay. It was named Grond in memory of the Hammer of the Underworld of Old.

N ear to it orcs walked, great beasts drew it and behind walked mountain-trolls to wield it. It crawled onward slowly.

D ark smithies of Mordor is where it was long forged. No fire would catch upon it's housing.


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