Fellowship Acrostic Drabbles...1

by Silivren Ithildin

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1.The Fellowship                           2.The Friends of the Fellowship
3.Fellowship Helpers                     4.The Foes of the Fellowship

Bill the Pony
Peter Jackson
Tom Bombadil

Frodo Fellowship Drabble #1

F riend to all free peoples of Middle-Earth. Through his efforts,
the beauty and freshness of Middle-Earth is saved.

R esistant to the evil contained in the ring. The one ring-bearer
who actively had to fight the evil every step of the way.

O ne Hobbit fated to carry and destroy the one ring. Even though
he had no idea how he was going to get it done, it was accomplished.

D eeply committed to protecting everyone he loves, no matter what.

O nce the ring is destroyed, he is able to recall the Shire, it's
people and everything he hold dear to his heart.


Samwise--Fellowship Drabble #2

S uch a friend you'll be lucky to find. Willing to go to
Hell and back with his friend.

A gardener most extraordinary by trade. Plants and the
dark earth comfort him.

M ighty in heart and couragous in deed, this friend is
all you need.

W ould not allow Frodo to go into danger without him, even
though it looked grim.

I nsures everyone is taken care of. He will do whatever it
takes to help.

S imple and true may he ever stay, his pure heart will help
save the day.

E ntered into the most dangerous journey ever undertaken
just for a friend.


Merry--Fellowship Drabble #3
M ost likely to come up with some form of harmless mischief
to get himself into trouble. He is so much fun.

E ver at the ready to do what he can. In Theoden's service
he finds himself. He is a mighty warrior of Rohan.

R ingwrath killer he becomes with Eowyn's help. Even though
this ends with his being injured, he knows it was worth it.

R ides to war with the Lady Eowyn to do his part in the fight
against Sauron.

Y oung Master of Brandybuck trying to come into his own. He
proves himself on this journey, returning home a hero.


Pippin--Fellowship Drabble #4

P ure of heart, the youngest of the four Hobbits, he
learns so much about himself on this journey.

I ntended to always stay with Merry. When he finds
himself without Merry it makes him grow-up fast.

P ints of ale he wants to drink just like Merry does,
even though they are almost as big as him.

P etrofied he might have to become the Took, he
fears he doesn't have the wisdom.

I sengard feels the fury of the Ents because of his
inspired idea.

N ever expected to have to leave the Shire to go on a
journey. It leaves him totally changed.


Gimli--Fellowship Drabble #5

G loin's son is he. Growing up hearing the old stories,
a new one he starts with the first step on this journey.

I s not a horseman by any means, but, that does not keep
him from riding Arod with Legolas.

M aster of the axe, in battle he is most fierce. A
competition he and Legolas enter into.

L eaves the old feuds between Elves and Dwarves behind
in order to go on this journey.

I ntends to stick with the Fellowship until the very end.
On to Moria he most wants to go, his heart is broken
with what they find there.


Boromir--A Fellowship Drabble #6

B rother of Faramir. A true friend and loyal supporter
of his brother.

O ver time he came to accept and acknowledge Aragorn
as his King.

R oyal man in the line of the Stewards of Gondor.

O nce he had a dream that in time was proven true
regarding the finding of the Ring.

M ost extraordinary fighter. Holding off many enemies,
he was a man of honor, even to the end.

I ntent on bringing Isildur's Bane to Gondor, only
understanding at the last that this was impossible.

R egretted almost immediately trying to take the Ring
from Frodo, but, he regained his great honor.


Legolas--A Fellowship Drabble #7

L oyal friend who protects and takes care of those
he is close to.

E lven Prince of Mirkwood, wise and exceedingly

G laddens the hearts of those around him with a
look or a smile.

O ver time he came to be more like a brother to

L ethal to all enemies of the free-peoples of
Middle-Earth. Devoted to helping Frodo get
to Mt. Doom to destroy the Ring.

A gile fighter able to go where others can't.
Gifted with a bow and arrow, and a sword.

S inger of the Song of Nimrodel, unable to finish
it, as it is long and sad.


Aragorn--A Fellowship Drabble #8

A Ranger of the North, protecting Middle-Earth.
He never needed praise for his many deeds.

R oyal heir of Isildur, reluctant to take the
throne until he was sure he was worthy.

A nduril wielder, able to command the Army of
the Dead. Great swordsman beyond compare.

G ondorian warrior leading the troops as their
Captain and as their King.

O ver time he would become King and marry Arwen
Undomiel. They'd have a son named Eldarion.

R ecluse most of his life by choice. His Mother
knew he would be hunted because of who he was.

N oble Numenorean, a Dunadan. Blessed with long


Gandalf--A Fellowship Drabble #9

G rey became White. He was sent back to help
the Fellowship until his task is done.

A n Ishtari, servant of the secret fire, wielder
of the flame of Anor. A wise wizard.

N oted for wisdom and valued for his advice.
Those who were wise heeded his words.

D evoted to the destruction of the Ring and the
protection of the Fellowship.

A ring-bearer of Narya, the ring of fire. Given
to him because of his wisdom.

L ooked after Frodo on this journey with both
eyes, of course, as promised.

F irst of the Fellowship to fall, even though
he did come back.


Peter--A Fellowship Drabble-Member #10

P ure movie making Genius. He was able to take the Trilogy
from book to the movies. What a huge undertaking!

E ntered first into this journey. Able to procure everything
he needed to give us the best movie of all time.

T reats everyone like they are important. He can communicate
his ideas and what he needs to get the best out of his people.

E ver the Hobbit! Wild curly hair and he loves to go barefoot.
How we Love him. Let's just all give him one great big hug!!

R esponsible for the faithful interpretation of the Trilogy.
Definitely our "Best Director".


Elrond--Friend of the Fellowship Drabble #1

E lven Lord of Rivendell. Son of Earendil. Father of
Arwen, Elrohir and Elladan.

L ed Aragorn to the decision to go enlist the aid of the
Army of the Dead.

R eforged the Sword to give hope back to Men. He delivered
Anduril, Flame of the West, to Aragorn at Dunharrow.

O cean blue eyes that can see the future.

N ow residing in Valinor after being called back home
across the sea.

D oes not want to leave Arwen behind when he leaves for
Valinor, but, he finally accepts this is going to happen
as there is no ship that can bear her yet.


Arwen--Friend of the Fellowship Drabble #2

A lso known as the Evenstar for her unsurpassed beauty.
She inherited her Grandmother's natural Grace.

R oyal Maiden of Rivendell, the Daughter of Twilight.
Both dark and pale in coloring, thus like unto the

W illing to give up her immortality because of her love
for Aragorn, but, not willing to give him up.

E legant Lady, most beloved of her people. She is a wise
royal lady who loves her people and has their best
interest at heart.

N ever to go to Valinor with her kin, yet, she counts
herself blessed to be with Aragorn in Gondor. The
mother of Eldarion.


Galadriel--Friend of the Fellowship Drabble #3

G arlanded Maiden. She truly is a maiden crowned with
a radiant garland.

A n Elf most fair and utterly wise. Leads her people
with a wisdom seldom seen.

L ived in the trees of Lothlorien. A place of beauty
matching her grace.

A rwen's Grandmother from her mother's side. Approves
of Arwen's love for Aragorn.

D evoted to Celeborn, her family, the Galadrim and

R ing-bearer of Nenya, the ring of water.

I ntensely calm Lady who can see into your heart and
help you find rest.

E legant Lady of great charm and beauty.

L eft Middle-Earth for Valinor, leaving Middle-Earth
for the dominion of Men.


Haldir--Friend of the Fellowship Drabble #4

H onorable guard on the borders of Lorien. First
to greet the grieving Fellowship at Lothlorien.

A lert to the dangers surrounding his home. Ever
diligent in his duties. Elf eyes and ears serve
him well, he could have shot Gimli in the dark.

L ed the Elves to Helm's Deep to honor the past
alliance between Men and Elves, to fight and die
together once again.

D irected the Fellowship to their meeting with
Celeborn and Galadriel after much convincing.

I nherently good. A tremendous protector of the

R egretfully fell at the Battle of Helm's Deep. A
truly great loss for all Middle-Earth.


Bilbo--Friend of the Fellowship Drabble #5

B ewildered many Hobbits with tales of his many
adventures outside the Shire. They are homebodies
and can't understand why he would want to leave
the Shire.

I nvolved with the journey to the Lonely Mountain
to find the dragon, Smaug, along with the Dwarves
and Gandalf.

L eft Frodo the One Ring on Gandalf's prompting as
he was feeling a bit stretched. This was not
easy for him to do.

B urglar for the Dwarves. This was fortunate for the
Dwarves as he is able to aid them often.

O utwitted Gollum with a riddle. What was in his
pocket, Gollum could not guess.


Faramir--Friend of the Fellowship Drabble #6

F elt a deep sense of duty to Gondor. He was
third in the line of Stewards.

A brother to Boromir, who was a member of the
Fellowship. They supported each other, always.

R arely received any love or support from his
father, yet, he never gave up hope for this.

A lmost burned to death by his own Father's
hand. Saved by Gandalf and Pippin.

M et Eowyn in the Houses of Healing and this
helped him get well.

I nvolved in trying to take Osgiliath back
against overwhelming odds.

R eleased Frodo and Sam to continue on their
mission to destroy the One Ring.


Eowyn--Friend of the Fellowship Drabble #7

E mpowered Shieldmaiden of Rohan. Skilled in the
Mastery of the Sword, she wanted the chance to
prove herself in battle, to protect those she loves.

O vercome with much grief when her cousin, Theodred,
and her Uncle Theoden died tragically.

W ent into battle disguised as Dernhelm so she could
fight for those she loved. Because of her, Merry
gets to fight at Minas Tirith and they slay the
Witch King together.

Y oung, royal Lady ready to lead when the need arose.
She was a help to her people.

N ever dreamed she would meet her future husband in
the Houses of Healing.


Theoden--Friend of the Fellowship Drabble #8

T rapped in a nightmare while awake that he
could not get out of by himself.

H eld prisoner in his own body by Saruman
and Grima Wormtongue.

E xorcised of Saruman by Gandalf the White
after a brief battle.

O nly aware of his son's, Theodred, death
after he was freed of Saruman's influence.

D ecided to make a stand at Helm's Deep to
save his people. Thankfully the Elves
aided them.

E ventually did decide to come to Gondor's
aid when the beacons were lit.

N oble man who does not now feel ashamed to
enter his father's hall and be in his
mighty presence.


Eomer--Friend of the Fellowship Drabble #9

E xcellent horseman, 3rd Marshal of the Riddermark.
His men would follow him anywhere.

O nly brother to Eowyn. He was ever a comfort to her,
a buffer between her and Grima. He didn't want to
be parted from her.

M ade King of Rohan after Theoden's death on the Pelennor
Fields. Long may he rule with wisdom and compassion.

E xiled from Rohan because he knew too much of what
Grima was doing. It hurt because his uncle had
signed the order to exile him.

R ode to Theoden's rescue with all the Men of exile.
His arrival turned the tide in the battle.


Treebeard--Friend of the Fellowship Drabble #10

T ruly old. One of the oldest creatures in all of

R escued Merry and Pippin in their time of need.

E nt of Fangorn. A shepherd of the forest.

E ntered into battle against Isengard when he saw
the devastation Saruman had caused.

B earded one. His appearance surprised Merry and

E ntrapped Saruman in his tower and took over the
management of Isengard.

A sked Merry and Pippin if they had seen any of the
Entwives in the Shire.

R allied the Ents for the battle against Saruman.

D rew the Ents together for an Entmoot. Many
decisions to be made, of course, without haste.


Ringers--Friend of the Fellowship Drabble #11
 For Mathom who had a great idea

R eally, really nice people from all over
the world. Our group is very diverse!

I nventive group who write poems, inklings,
musings, drabbles and stories.

N ew Ringers are always welcomed onto the
boards. Come be a part of our wonderful

G enerous with their encouragement for
writers. This group is a very faithful

E ver interested in all things Tolkien and
enjoy talking with others about it.

R eal world Elves, Men, Hobbits and Wizards!
Some have a hard time figuring out which
they are.

S hare interests with each other outside of
the boards. Some have travelled with other
Fan Club members.


Oscars--Friend of the Fellowship Drabble #12

O h, my Great-Aunt Matilda!! This is stunning!
Ringers everywhere held their breath this year.

S o much excitement on the boards. 11 out of 11!
All with a fantasy film! Middle-Earth has been
brought to life!

C ongratulations to Peter, Fran, Phillippa, Barrie,
Mark, all the cast and crew!!! You well deserve
this night!

A mazed Ringers everywhere watched as one award
after another went to Lord of the Rings, as
was deserved!

R espect and Thanks go to J.R.R. Tolkien and family
for the Wonderful Trilogy.

S o now is the time to Celebrate getting the
acknowledgement from the Academy for an
amazing film.

Celeborn--Friend of the Fellowship Drabble #13

C elebrian was his daughter. She married Elrond and
they had 3 beautiful children.

E lven Lord of Lorien. Married to Galadriel, Lady
of Light.

L ed the Galadrim army during the War of the Ring.

E legant and regal in bearing. Quite obviously a very
important Elf.

B oth he and Galadriel rode with a host of Elves to
Gondor for Arwen's wedding to Aragorn.

O rcs captured, tortured and poisonously wounded his
daughter, Celebrian. When she was rescued she
left Middle-Earth for Valinor.

R enowned as Celeborn the Wise. Was a great help to
Galadriel who ruled Lothlorien.

N ame means "Tree of Silver" in Sindarin.

Glorfindel--Friend of the Fellowship Drabble #14

Dedicated to Primula (Moderator) for her great idea.

G reat Elven Lord, second to Elrond in Rivendell.

L ed the Ringwraiths into the River where the power of
the Elves swept them down stream.

O n the Eve of Midsummer he rode with the host of
Rivendell and Lorien for the marriage of Aragorn to

R aced to Rivendell with Frodo on Asfaloth, with the
Ringwraits chasing them.

F air to look upon and calm in manner.

I ncluded in the Council of Elrond.

N ame means Golden Haired.

D elivered Frodo to Elrond for healing when he was
stabbed by the Witch King.

E legant and wise Elf.

L oyal to Elrond and also to Rivendell.


Tom--Friend of the Fellowship Drabble # 15

T he Elves called him "Oldest". He was an ancient
enigma to them. He had mysterious origins but a
very joyous nature. He loved to speak in rhymes.

O ld being of power who was in no way affected by
the One Ring. Refused the One Ring when Frodo
offered it to him as he did not want to leave his
home or Lady Goldberry. He did not care for any-
thing beyond the forest.

M aster of the Old Forest that lies en route to Bree.
He had to rescue the Hobbits from the evil Barrow-
wights. He bestowed gifts on the amazed Hobbits.


Goldberry--Friend of the Fellowship Drabble #16

G raceful beyond anything the Hobbits had
ever seen.

O ver the lily-bowls she ran to the Hobbits
with her gown rustling softly as if the
wind in the borders of a river.

L ovely to behold with long blond hair down
her shoulders and with a lovely clear
singing voice.

D aughter of the 'River-woman' of the

B ride of Tom Bombadil.

E nthroned in the midst of a pool she appeared
to the Hobbits when first they met.

R iver-daughter caught by Tom.

R are brooch with many-shaded blue stones she
received from Tom.

Y oung elf-queen clad in living flowers she
seemed to the Hobbits.


Elladan--Friend of the Fellowship Drabble #17

E lrohir's twin brother, was present at the councils
of the Lords of the West with his brother.

L ike his brother and sister, he elected to become
mortal, we do not know why.

L eft to ride with Aragorn and Company in their quest
to enlist the aid of the Army of the Dead for the
War of the Ring.

A fter the passing of the Three Rings, he remained
with the Dunedain of Arnor.

D id possess the life of the Eldar, being Peredhil
(Half-elven) through being Elrond's son.

A lways remembered the torment his Mother went
through during her captivity.

N ame means 'Man-of-the-Stars'


Elrohir--Friend of the Fellowship Drabble #18

E lrond was his Father and thus, Elrohir, was
Peredhil (Half-elven).

L ike his brother and sister, he elected to become
mortal, we do not know why.

R escued his Mother, Celebrian, from Orcs who
had ambushed her party and kept her in captivity.

O ver the Paths of the Dead he rode with Aragorn and
Company and came to the Pelennor Fields to aid in
the War of the Ring.

H is twin brother was Elladan.

I s 'Star-rider' or 'Star Horse Lord' in Sindarin.

R eceived Elrond's counsel before going forth with
Aragorn and was present at the councils of the
Lords of the West.


Bregalad--Friend of the Fellowship Drabble #19
Dedicated to Bregalad, mellon nin

B ecause he had already made up his mind about
going to war, he entertained Merry and Pippin
during the Entmoot.

R esembled and cared for rowan-trees.

E nt of Fangorn Forest.

G rieved over the destruction of many rowan-
trees by the birds and Orcs.

A fter Saruman left Orthanc, Bregalad held the
keys after it was locked.

L oved the rowan-trees Orofarne, Lassemista
and Carnimirie. The killing of many rowan-
trees by Saruman enraged Bregalad.

A hasty Ent, Treebeard called him. He was
quick to drink and laugh.

D id not let one of the elder Ents finish a
question before he answered him, thus
becoming 'Quickbeam'.


Bergil--Friend of the Fellowship Drabble #20
Many Thanks to Rogorn for this idea

B eregond, a man of arms of the Third Company
of the Citadel, is his Father.

E njoyed showing Pippin around Minas Tirith
and getting to know him.

R etrieved 6 leaves of Kingsfoil for Aragorn
to be used in the healing of Faramir, Eowyn
and Merry.

G ave Gandalf the message that Merry was alive
but hurt on the battlefield for Pippin.

I n the Houses of Healing he stayed with Merry
while the Men of Gondor and Pippin rode to
the Black Gates.

L ad of ten years of age. He thought Pippin
was a lad when they first met, not a tween


Imrahil--Friend of the Fellowship Drabble #21

I mrahil was a Dúnadan of Gondor, Prince of
Dol Amroth.

M et the bier King Theoden was laid on bearing
him away and wept. He discovered Éowyn was
not dead, but, was gravely injured.

R uled Minas Tirith after the death of Denethor
while Faramir was ill.

A capable warrior, he brought 700 sturdy
Dúnedain of Belfalas and a company of mounted
men with him to Gondor.

H is daughter, Lothiriel, married King Éomer
after the War of the Ring was over.

I mrahil was tall and proud with sea-grey eyes.

L ong known as Imrahil the Fair because of his
Dúnadan and Elvish ancestry.


Butterbur--Friend of the Fellowship Drabble #22

B arliman Butterbur is his name, 'Barley'
to his friends.

U sually taking care of his generations-long
family owned hostelry, The Prancing Pony

T he friend of Gandalf.

T erribly bad memory. He had a letter for
Frodo from Gandalf but he forgot until the
last minute.

E xpense of buying Bill the pony he incurred
for the Hobbits after all other horses were
run out of Bree.

R eally good-hearted and perceptive in the
long run.

B ald, short, fat and red-faced is how he is
described physically.

U rged the Hobbits to have some supper and

R eally terrified when the Nazgul entered
the Inn.


Radagast - Friend of the Fellowship Drabble #23

R elayed the message to Gandalf that the Nazgûl were abroad
looking for the Shire.

A master of shapes and changes of hue. He had much lore of
herbs and beasts, especially birds.

D welt at Rhosgobel at one time, near Mirkwood.

A greed to send out messages to the beasts and birds that if
they heard of the Nazgûl they would contact Saruman and

G ave Gandalf a message from Saruman that if he needed help
he should come at once.

A n Istari, one of Gandalf's order.

S eldom travelled unless there was a pressing need.

T ravelled to Bree and there met Gandalf.


Beregond - Friend of  the Fellowship #24

B ergil's father is he.

E xtremely amazed by all that Pippin had seen and
done by the time he got to Gondor.

R esult of his saving Faramir was that he was banished
from Minas Tirith. But for his valour he would have
been put to death.

E ventually became the First Captain of the Guard of
Faramir, Prince of Ithilien.

G ave Pippin the city's passwords and introduced him

O ne of the Men of Arms of the Third Company of the

N ever expected Aragorn's mercy towards him.

D evoted to Faramir, he left his post to keep Denethor
from burning Faramir alive.


Anborn - Friend of  the Fellowship #25

A Dúnadan of Gondor, skilled with a bow and arrow.

N ame means 'only-born, 'only-begotten' in Old English.

B ore the report of a strange creature like a shadow on
the ground or a black squirrel to Faramir in the caves.

O bviously wanted to kill Gollum according to the laws
of Gondor for coming to the Forbidden Pool.

R anger of Ithilien who was a Scout at the time of the
War of the Ring. He was Faramir's deputy.

N imbly led Frodo down to the Forbidden Pool to call
Gollum out. Anborn cautioned Frodo due to the
slippery rocks leading to the Pool.


Théodred - Friend of the Fellowship #26

T héoden King was his Father.

H e was the Second Marshal of the Mark, the King's
right hand man.

É owyn and Éomer were his cousins. They were
all very close.

O nly child of King Théoden. His name means "people's
counsel" in the language of the Rohirrim.

D etested the Orcs that felt free to roam across Rohan.

R ohan's Prince. Slain in the First Battle of the Fords
of Isen on the Western Marshes.

E njoyed riding his horse, Brego, across the lands of

D ied in his bedroom sometime during the night even
though the healers had done all they could for him.


Cirdan - Friend of the Fellowship #27

C arried Narya, 'The Ring of Fire', from the time of it's making
until he gave it to Gandalf upon Gandalf's arrival in Middle-

I n the Second and Third Ages, he was the Lord of the Grey
Havens, leaving sometime in the Fourth Age after the last
ship sailed over the Sea.

R egularly aided the Dúnedain of the North. He was also a
member of the White Council.

D id counsel Isildur to destroy the One Ring along with Elrond
even though Isildur would not listen.

A gainst Sauron he fought with the Army of the Last Alliance.

N ame in Sindarin means 'Shipwright'.


Ioreth - Friend of the Fellowship #28

I n haste she went to find Athelas for Aragorn.

O ldest woman who served in the Houses of Healing.
She knew that by his healing hands would the rightful
King be known.

R epeated and kept alive rhymes of old that she did not
understand, but which she did once Aragorn appeared.

E ager for the King to return so he could help heal those
covered by the Black Breath.

T hought that Kingsfoil was little more than a way to
sweeten foul air.

H alflings amazed her with their resilience. Merry was her
patient. She told her cousin that they are small but valiant.


Erestor - Friend of the Fellowship #29

E lrond's chief counsellor.

R esided in Rivendell, one of the Noldor.

E lrond introduced him to Frodo at the
start of the Council meeting.

S aw the wedding of King Elessar and the
Lady Arwen.

T ook part in the Council of Elrond. He
put forth ideas in the course of what
was to be done with the Ring.

O penly suggested that Tom Bombadil might
be the right person to take and hide the
One Ring as it had no power over him.

R ode with the Fair Folk out of the North
to Minas Tirith after the Ending of the
War of the Ring.


Halbarad - Friend of the Fellowship #30

H is name means 'Tall-tower Man of the West'.

A ragorn's standard-bearer. He bore the
standard Arwen made for Aragorn.

L one companion of Aragorn in a high chamber
of the Burg.

B rought 30 men with him in haste to fight in
the War.

A Dúnadan of Eriador, Ranger of the North.

R egretfully he died on the Pelennor Fields
during the WR. At the Dark Door of Dwimorberg
he felt death beyond.

A nswered Aragorn's wish for help that he per-
ceived as a summons.

D eep in Helm's Deep he lifted and blew a great
horn signalling the ride to the Paths of the


Rosie--Friend of the Fellowship Drabble #31     

R osie and Sam lived in Bag End with Frodo
until he went over the Sea and then they
inherited all of Frodo's assets.

O ffered the opinion to Sam that he looked
fine when he first came back to the Shire.

S he and Sam had 13 children after they were
married in the Spring of 1420.

I n her youth she and her brothers would
paddle about the Pool at Bywater with Sam.

E ven though she had heard Sam was dead when
he was off on the journey to destroy the
Ring, she continued to expect him to come
home to her.


Hamfast -- Friend of the Fellowship Drabble #32

H is original Hobbit-speech name is Ranugad.
It means 'stay-at-home'.

A lso known as 'the Gaffer'. Samwise Gamgee's

M ost well-respected gardener of Hobbiton and
the district. He followed his older 'cousin',
Holman Greenhand, into gardening.

F athered six children after he married Bell

A fter apprenticing with Holman, he was employed
mainly in the extensive gardens of Bag End.

S adly was temporarily evicted from Number Three
Bagshot Row, but, returned and lived there till
he died, 102 years old.

T aught Sam the art of gardening and lived to see
his son be acclaimed a hero and the greatest
gardener of all time.

Gloin -- Friend of the Fellowship Drabble #33

G imli's Father is he. A Dwarf of Durin's line.

L ong and forked was his snow-white beard. He
was richly dressed with a silver belt and a
chain of silver and diamonds around his neck.

O n the adventure with Thorin and Company he
gained renown and wealth.

I ncluded in the Council of Elrond in Rivendell
which he attended with his son, where they
represented the King under the Mountain.

N ext to Frodo he sat at the feast held for the
Fellowship as soon as Frodo was able to attend.
He gave Frodo a long account of the doings of
the Dwarf-Kingdom.


Gamling--Friend of the Fellowship Drabble #34

G ave Éomer and Company a report on the men
and stores in Helm's Deep.

A n old man at the time of the War of the
Ring. Too many winters had he seen.

M anaged to hear Gimli's shouted warning of
orcs in the Deep above the battle noise and
led a force that stopped the siege then.

L eader of those who watched over Helm's Dike.

I n the cries of the Wildmen of the Hills he
heard their hatred.

N o hope from the dawn did Gamling expect.

G ave King Théoden assurances that the men
would follow his lead in the upcoming War.


Bob - Friend of the Fellowship Drabble #35

B ecame aware that there were five ponies
to be stabled when the four Hobbits made
it to Bree and the Prancing Pony Inn. Nob
was sent to let him know to find room for
the ponies.

O ddly enough, the patrons of the Pony said
that Bob should 'learn his cat the fiddle'
and then they'd have a dance to Frodo's

B ob was informed by Barley to go around
Bree to find a horse when the Hobbits'
ponies were run off in the night. Bob
came back and reported that only Bill
Ferny had a half-starved pony he would


Nob - Friend of the Fellowship Drabble #36

N ob gave Bob, the stableboy, the message that
there were five ponies that needed looking after
the Hobbits got to the Prancing Pony.

O n opening the Pony's door, he found two black
riders which made his hair stand on end. Barley
told Frodo that Nob would not say anything about
him being at the Pony. Nob made the beds in the
Hobbit room look occupied.

B arliman Butterbur called him a "wooly-footed
slowcoach". Nob was the cheery-looking Hobbit
servant at the Pony. Barley sent Nob out to
find Merry, who was taking a walk and Nob saved
Merry from two Ringwraiths.


Háma - Friend of the Fellowship Drabble #37

H ad instructions from King Théoden that none
were to enter Meduseld with weapons of any
kind, not even a staff.

Á gleam of wonder came into his eyes at the
history of the weapons of Legolas, Gimli,
Aragorn and Gandalf. He assured them that
no man would touch their weapons.

M an of Rohan, Doorward of King Théoden and
Captain of the King's Guard. His name means
"a coat of mail" in Old English.

A ssured Aragorn that he would have to fight
all the men in Edoras alone if he did not
lay Andûril aside before entering into the
King's presence.


Erkenbrand - Friend of the Fellowship Drabble #38

E rkenbrand blew a ringing blast on a great black
horn when Gandalf brought the men to Helm's Deep.

R ider of Rohan, tall and strong.

K ing Theoden stated that in Erkenbrand lived again
the valour of Helm the Hammerhand.

E rkenbrand had left many men to hold Helm's Gate.

N ame means "chief torch" in Rohirrim.

B eing wise, he had repaired the wall at Helm's Deep.

R esided in the Hornburg at Helm's Gate.

A t the time of the WR he was Master of Westfold Vale.

N o one seemed to know what had become of him.

D rew off those he could towards Helm's Deep.


Mablung - Friend of the Fellowship Drabble #39

M an of Gondor, a Ranger of Ithilien, one of
Faramir's men.

A long with Damrod, was on an errand to ambush
the men of Harad. Damrod and Mablung were
far from the lands that they usually protected.

B lindfolded Sam and Frodo upon Faramir's order,
then led them so they did not stumble around.

L ed the Scouts of the Army of the West.

U nwilling to let Sauron and his minions do as
they would in Gondor.

N ame means "of the Heavy Hand".

G ently put Sam and Frodo down, then turned them
about several times to make them lose all sense
of direction.


Guthláf-Friend of the Fellowship Drabble #40     

G reat was the horn that King Théoden took from
Guthláf signalling the charge onto the Pelennor

U nder grass in Gondor by the Great River in the
mounds of Mundburg he was buried with other

T he herald and banner-bearer of King Théoden.

H is name means "survivor of the battle" in true

L ong after the war, a maker in Rohan included
Guthláf in the song of the Mounds of Mundburg.

Á fter his death a knight lifted the banner Guthláf
had born and Théoden signalled it was to be given
to Éomer.

F ell defending King Théoden on the Pelennor Fields.


Bill the pony--Fellowship Helper Drabble #1

B eloved pony who started out life knowing only sad days
as Bill Ferny's beast of burden. Even at thrice the
normal price you were well worth every silver penny.

I ntelligent one. You knew you would be well taken care
of when you became a helper of the Fellowship.

L eft Bree behind to see better days. No longer underfed
and dispirited with Sam looking after you. Your coat
now gleams and your ribs no longer stick out.

L oves the Fellowship and is loved by them. A gentle
creature with a beautiful heart. Long may you live,
ever may you be happy. 


Brego--Fellowship Helper Drabble #2

B eautiful creature with a Kingly name. Your spirit
is so strong.

R eleased by Aragorn to allow you to roam free so you
could find some peace of mind.

E ver a joy to see in motion. A dream to be allowed
to ride upon your back. A wish to be allowed to
spend time with you.

G ently laid down by Aragorn at the river so he could
climb up on your back. Gently you delivered him to
Helm's Deep.

O vercome with grief from your Theodred's death. You
have seen too much of war. May you only know peace
from now on.

Gwaihir--Fellowship Helper Drabble #3

G lorious eagle of immeasurable grace. Lord of
the Eagles are you.

W afts through the air on giant wings, riding
the wind currents with ease.

A mazing beauty. You are pure poetry in motion.
So large, yet, ever gentle.

I nto the battle you flew to take care of the
Nazgul's winged steeds.

H elped Gandalf when he was imprisoned atop
Orthanc. To Rivendell to deliver him you flew.

I mpressive creature always on the side of good.
A help in the fight against evil.

R escued Frodo from the side of Mt. Doom. Oh,
so gently you picked him up and carried him to


Shadowfax--Fellowship Helper Drabble #4

S wifter than the wind may he ever be.

H aste is in him. His flight to Gondor
passed quicker than any other horse
could have possibly flown.

A nswering whenever Gandalf called, an
ever faithful friend is he.

D ances over the plains like sheer poetry
in motion unseen before.

O ver any surface he can fly.

W hite as dazzling snow, this Lord of the
Meares, is he.

F riend of Gandalf, both Grey and White.
No one else will he suffer upon him.

A gile and fleet footed as no other
horse in Middle-Earth.

X rays alone could not show the true size
of his heart.


Arod--Fellowship Helper Drabble #5
A llowed Legolas and Gimli to ride him. Legolas
asked for Arod's saddle and rein be removed as
he had no need for them.

R eally beautiful horse who lost his rider when
the Rohirrim attacked the Uruk-hai who were
holding Merry and Pippin.

O ld English meaning of Arod is 'quick', 'swift'.
He was tame for Legolas and obeyed his spoken

D id not like going on the Paths of the Dead. He
trembled in fear and refused to go farther until
Legolas laid his hands on his eyes and sang some
words to him, then he let himself be led onwards.


Asfaloth--Fellowship Helper Drabble #6

A ll the way to the saddle-skirts Glorfindel
could shorten the stirrups for Frodo.

S wift steed which bore Frodo to Rivendell.
Answered the command Noro Lim (Ride On)
when Frodo was unable to continue on by

F rom Sindarin, meaning "--blossom".

A rwen rode Asfaloth in the movies.

L ight and smooth is his pace. If danger is
near, he will run with a speed the black
steeds can't rival.

O nto the last lap of Frodo's trip to
Rivendell, Asfaloth sprang away and sped
like the wind.

T rusted by Glorfindel to bear Frodo without
letting him fall.

H orse of Glorfindel in the books.


Gollum--Foe of the Fellowship Drabble #1

G old dazzled him and his fate was sealed. The One
Ring caused him to kill.

O rnery rascal causing trouble between Frodo and Sam.
It's obvious the Ring is all he'll ever care about.

L ost his life in Mt. Doom while holding his Precious.

L iar who can't be trusted ever. Don't believe
anything he tells you. Never take his word about

U nable to tell Bilbo what was in his pocket and so
lost his Precious. He felt this was so horribly,
terribly unfair.

M ost wretched of creatures. Lost everything and
everyone he once cared for just because of a ring.


Shelob--Foe of the Fellowship Drabble #2

S pider of enormous size. To a Hobbit she was
absolutely gigantic.

H ides in her cave to trap unwary travellers.
Hoping they become ensnared in one of her webs.

E nveloped Frodo in a cocoon of her web, planning
on keeping him for a later meal.

L aid Frodo down when confronted by Sam. She had
a fight on her hands then, after all, Sam is a
fierce protector of his best friend.

O ver Minas Morgul her lair lies. Cirith Ungol is
her home, up the winding stairs.

B led from the wound Sam inflicted in her abdomen,
skulked off to tend her wounds.


Trolls--Foe of the Fellowship Drabble #3

T remendously large. Their size intimidates
their enemies before they even begin to fight.

R eally strong, they can lift huge loads and
wipe out several enemies at a time.

O verall, ugly, evil creatures in the service of
the Dark Lord, doing whatever they're told.

L oves to hurt as many people as possible, whether
it is with whips, clubs, maces or their bare hands.
They will create as much destruction as possible.

L umbering giants without any redeeming qualities.
Death and pain they love to inflict on all their

S everal different types of trolls exist, each
with it's own work to do.


Grima--Foe of the Fellowship Drabble #4

G rotesque, twisted being without any redeeming
qualities. Stalked Eowyn, ever shadowing her
steps, never leaving her in peace.

R epulsive and devious has he ever been, slowly
working at subverting Theoden so Saruman can
inhabit his body and take over Rohan.

I ce flows in his veins, he has no heart. There
is no warmth in him. He does not care if women
and children are harmed by his assisting Saruman.

M urdered Saruman and in return was killed by three
Hobbit bows. I say, good riddence.

A n evil being who is in the service of Saruman,
doing his dirty work in Rohan.


Denethor-Foe of the Fellowship Drabble #5

D ared to look into the Palantir of the White
Tower, and so, aged before his time.

E xpected to rule Gondor lifelong as the
Steward. He was proud and arrogant.

N ever knew his older son had failed when
tested and the younger passed.

E xpressed to Faramir his wish that he had
died in place of Boromir.

T ook little heed of Gandalf's wise advice.
He trusted only himself.

H ouse of Hurin was the name for the
House of Stewards.

O bviously favoured Boromir over Faramir.

R ejected Aragorn's right to rule as King
even though it was not in his power to
stop it.


Saruman--Foe of the Fellowship Drabble #6

S harkey he was known as in the Shire when he
took over after being ousted from Isengard.

A n Ishtari subverted by Sauron through the

R egrettably came to believe he could share
power with Sauron.

u ltimately lost his life at the hands of his
servant, Grima Wormtongue.

M ade an army worthy of Mordor upon orders from

A ssured the White Council that the One Ring lay
in the sea and would never again be see in
Middle-Earth. He hoped to find it before

N we form of orc did he make, the Uruk-hai
could travel under the sun with speed.


Balrog--Foe of the Fellowship Drabble #7

B east with horns like a ram, wings like a bat
and a tail like a lizard.

A ttacked the Fellowship in the Mines of Moria.
With a rope of fire he took Gandalf down with

L aid to rest on the top of the mountainside
by Gandalf who slew him.

R epelled by Gandalf long enough to allow the
rest of the Fellowship to cross Khazad-dum.

O range and red and fiery hot this "Demon of
Might", this demon of the ancient deep is he.

G reat in size, he towered over the Fellowship,
this flame of Udun. What a terrifying sight
to behold.


Sauron--Foe of the Fellowship Drabble #8

S uch pure evil manifested himself in the third
age as a fiery eye, his emblem was a "red eye".

A bominable or "The Abhorred" is the meaning of
his name in Quenyan.

U nseated by the Last Alliance in the second age
and by the Fellowship of the Ring in the third

R ings of Power he had crafted and gave to others
to enslave them, they took them willingly.

O nce served the Valar, he was subverted by Morgoth
to the cause of evil.

N azgul are his servants, doing everything they can
to find the ring-bearer, take the ring and kill Frodo.


Nazgul--Foe of the Fellowship Drabble #9

N ine Kings of the race of Men. Eagerly took the
rings they were given and thus they fell to Sauron.

A lways away on their fell beasts they go. Black
steeds or flying winged creatures carry them afar.

Z ealously searching for the One Ring and the Ring-
bearer. They mean to kill Frodo when they find
him then take the Ring.

G hostly in nature are they. Between the living and
the dead, they are stuck.

U gly have become their hearts filled with the Dark
Lord's evil.

L iving in Minas Morgul, the Dead City on the borders
of Mordor, waiting for "their time".


Wargs--Foe of the Fellowship Drabble #10

W olves of Isengard. They usually travel in
packs. They are ferociously wild animals.

A ttacked the people of Rohan while they were
on their way to Helm's Deep after Wormtongue
told Saruman of King Theoden's plans.

R iders on their backs barely keep them under
control. The orcs riding them help them to
kill even more of their foes.

G rossly hideous creatures. Long, sharp teeth
and razor sharp claws make these a
formidable foe.

S wift runners. Can be upon their victims almost
before anyone knows they are there. They are
able to whirl around quickly in order to
attack again and again.


Orcs--Foe of the Fellowship Drabble #11

O verly murderous in nature. They are just as likely
to attack each other as the free peoples and animals
of Middle-Earth. They are tribal and very hard to

R eally, really ugly creatures that were Elves once,
they were taken by the Dark Powers and tortured
and mutilated into a hideous form of life.

C reated for service originally for Morgoth. They
multiplied and became a great army for Sauron and
Saruman by the end of the 3rd Age.

S ometimes ride Wargs during attacks when they have
to travel quickly over long distances. They are
short and are intolerant of sunlight.


Uruks--Foe of the Fellowship Drabble #12

U nusually large creatures bred in Mordor by
Sauron and later in Isengard by Saruman and
used commonly as soldiers for both of them.

R uns swiftly over long distances without
getting tired, sometimes for days at a time.

U nlike other Orcs, they were almost as tall as
Men and had straight, strong legs. They tended
to be black and slanty-eyed.

K nown also as the Great Orcs. They considered
themselves to be far superior to other Orcs.
They were of higher intelligence than the Orcs.

S unlight does not bother these creatures like it
did Orcs. This made them greatly to be feared.


Tolkien--Creator of the Fellowship Drabble

T he quintessential Hobbit. He had a love of smoking
pipes, gardens, trees, good plain food, mushrooms
and ornamental waistcoats.

O xford University offered him a professorship of
Anglo-Saxon. His field of expertise was Philology
(the study of languages).

L ore and legends were passions of his.

K new many, many real-world languages. He had a
startling apptitude and ear for languages early
in life.

I nventor of several different languages for the

E njoyed knowing his genealogical roots and loved
maps, runes and letters, as did Bilbo.

N ame of Beren was added on JRR's tombstone and
Luthien to Edith's tombstone, honoring their
great love.


A Drabble for Silivren from Primula:

Silivren Ithildin in wonderment beheld the Drabble. What perfection! Only 100 words long, a bite-sized storylet in miniscule form yet with expression of thought! She lifted her fingers over her keyboard and began to write... Ah! But what an amazing feat! Instead of merely a drabble, she crafted acrostic poetry in drabble form! A double backflip could not have been more impressive to her peers. Delving with munificent aclarity, acrosticizing each of the beloved characters. The collective jaw drops, for she has now added friends, helpers, foes and places! The faucet runs! Will it ever end? Only time will tell.

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