Assorted Acrostics 1

Arwen & Aragorn - Kathryne
Bilbo Acrostic - Primula
Bill the Pony - Primula
Dr. Gamgee - Firiel
Elrond - Kathryne
Eomer - Kathryne
Estel - Firiel
Gandalf - Gandalf the Grey
Legolas - Kathryne
Lord of the Rings - Frodos Lady
Lothlorien - Silivren Ithildin
Mallorn - Silivren Ithildin
Mithlond - Isilme
Mithlond - Primula
My Heroes - Orangeblossom Took
The Rohirrim - Shelob
Shelob's Lair - gentle-giant
Shiretale - Primula
Smeagol & Gollum - Primula
Stone and Tree - Kathryne
Tolkien - Beruthiel
White Snowmane - Shelob

M is for Merry, a brave hobbit sweet
Y is for Yummy, isn't Lego so neat

H is for Heroic Samwise the Brave
E is for Every time I for cute Pippin rave
R is for Royalty, Aragon so fine
O is for Outstanding Boro divine
E is for our Excellent Faramir dear
S is for Sweet Frodo's smile of no fear
-Orangeblossom Took


They tirelessly guard Rohan's borders
Hurrying to Gondor's defense
Eager to protect their people

Riders brave and proud
Over streams and fields they gallop
Hoping to reach Gondor in time
Into the dark night they ride
Running fast over Rohan's plains
Returning to fight for their King
Imminent danger, they distain
Morning brings a red dawn


White as a summer cloud
His eyes of gentle brown
Image of a beauty proud
Throughout the land, renowned
Even the eagles, to him, bowed

Snowy coat glistens in the sun
Noble sire of Rohan's horses
Only the King will he bear
Warrior horse goes into battle
Moving fast over Pelennor Fields
Alas, he falls upon his side
Nevermore, to rise again
Eternal friend and master's bane
- Shelob

Ever vigilant
Son of Arathorn
Traveler to Bree
Evades gatekeeper
Lucky for hobbits
- Firiel

Arwen & Aragorn acrostics     

R oyal
W oman -
E lf
N obility

R anger -
G ondor-man
O f
R oyal
N umenor
- Kathryne

Doctor of music,
Rightly loved by all. Wink

Good limerick writer!
Articulate debater,
My fellow Texan, Laughing
Good friend,
Ever gracious,
Excellent Moderator!

A toast for Dr. G.!!!
- Firiel

L ightly stepping
E lvish archer
G oes to war
O rcs he slew
L eaving woodlands
A s he journeyed to the
S ea
 - Kathryne

Stone & Tree - a Gimli acrostic

G lowering he said, "No one trusts an Elf!"
I n his helm of iron with his sturdy axe,
M asking under mail a kinder, gentle self.
L egolas and he, estranged at first became
I nseperable friends: stone and tree, Dwarf and Elf.
- Kathryne

An Acrostic for Bilbo

Beginning on your great Adventure
In the late-morning light,
Leaving your hat and pocket-handkerchief
Behind, as well as your Respectability -
Over hill and under hill you wandered.

Barrel-rider! Spider-stinger! Lucky Number!
All the names that you were given would
Gain you fame, and the attention of those whom
Great wisdom had set apart.  Such courage -
Into the dragon's tunnel you ventured, though
None would come with you, alone you faced
 - Primula

Elrond Acrostic

E lven
L ord,
R ivendell's
O verseer,
N oble
D efender.
- Kathryne


One ring

Hobbits, and

Raging onward
In high hopes
Giving in to
- Frodos Lady

Shire, sweet fields and peace,
How I wish I could see thee again!
Into the West I have traveled,
Rare the sights before my eyes -
Evenstar and bright waters.
They are lovely, but my heart
Always will remember a small
Land, my homeland, my people;
Ever in peace may they now be kept.
- Primula

Grey old man
Always stopping by
Never stays for long
Dont know where he goes
A magic ring have I
Leads us away
Fly you fools!
- Gandalf the Grey

Beast of Burden,
Innocent friend,
Load-bearing silently,
Loved by dear Sam.

Times were tough;
Heave that apple, Sam!
Emancipation by need -

Ponies were not to be found,
Only this one starved
Yet what a treasure, Bill.
- Primula

Lorien-An acrostic poem

L ovely songs wind through the trees,
O rdinary woods these aren't.
T owering Mallorn trees grow
H iding the beauty within.
L acy lights shine throughout.
O ver the forest floor
R ace fleet Elvish feet
I ntent on things of beauty.
E lven Kingdom on Middle-Earth.
N owhere else can compare.

Mallorn-An acrostic poem

M agnificent trees of Lothlorien,
A wes all who see them.
L ovingly towers over Lothlorien.
L acy are the lights within.
O ver us all they provide shelter.
R ich golden leaves in winter
N ever get old to look upon.

- Silivren Ithildin

Shelob's Lair

Stalking ...
Silently stealing behind the darkness that blesses her home ....

Hearing ...
Hobbits have entered Death's silken domain; one good, one evil ....

Espying ...
Easy escape is not possible; not from this web-infested lair!

Legs ... lurching head ... a maw; tearing at countless strands, she nears the entangled one.

Opening ...
Orcs outside - even in great number - a lesser foe would be!

Beast boasts, instinctively; 'That ... thing! It has not yet seen the last of Shelob .... '

She stradles the rocks; an eight-legged black sky enshrouds the hobbit; Death ... looming ....


Looking ... listening; the hobbit spins about too late ... sees the stingers' swift assault!

Anguish ...
Agony advances ... frothing past his lips the very moment his chest is impaled.

Immediately ...
Infection invades his entire body ... his very soul may be lost; and yet ... returning ....

Robust ...
Rotund ... rattling pans ... Sam; and held within this gardener's hand - for planting - Sting ....
- gentle-giant

Earth and sky, grass and wind,

On plains of Rohan I defend

My countrymen, my kith and kin.

Éored, hark! We are summoned.

Rise men of Rohan, to war attend!
- Kathryne

Many grey ships
In the silver-rimmed bay,
To bring to them
Help and healing -
Lifting them up
Over the waters,
Never to return;
Dreams of the West fulfilled.
- Primula

Morning light shimmers,
In iridescent pools.
Thin waves rap gently,
Hauntingly, against pier.
Larks float overhead,
On westerly breeze.
No sound breaks the calm,
Dock now bare, evermore.
- Isilme

Sniffing, always sniffing,
Meals are hidden deep, yet
Eat we must,
Ageless hungering for
Gold and fishes,
Old we are, so old, so tired,
Longing for darkness and rest.

Greed and lust driven, must
Only show the eyes, no more...
Looking always for the Baggins,
Looking and finding him not,
- Primula

That the man in the moon is a gardener,
Only tipsy cats can tell.
Little cares this old loon for the Cynthesis,
Kindly to a blossom's swell.
In keeping with making hey,while it shines
Ein silver spade swish and also some tines
Newly diddled indeed in his dell.
- Beruthiel