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Compiled by Celedor, with additions.
These could possibly used in a Tolkien drinking game. Not that I would endorse such a thing!
(This listing does not currently include the extended TTT or ROTK.)

- Number Tolkien chapter titles referenced in the dialogue -- 13

• Riddles in the Dark
• Not At Home
• Concerning Hobbits (close enough)
• A Long-expected Party
• A Short Cut to Mushrooms
• Strider
• The Bridge of Khazad-dum
• Lothlorien
• The Breaking of the Fellowship
• The Riders of Rohan
• The Uruk-hai
• Treebeard
• Helm's Deep

- Number of times Frodo has fallen and he can't get up -- 21:
(just joking! this covers falls, trips, spills, etc)

• When firework Smaug flies overhead
• When Pippin knocks him over in Farmer Maggot's field
• Soon after, when all four hobbits tumble down the slope
• After he jumps onto the ferry
• At the Prancing Pony, when trying to stop Pip from talking
• Seconds after #5 (he gets up, sees the Eye of Sauron, and falls down again)
• As Aragorn tosses him into one of the Prancing Pony guestrooms
• As he tries to run from the Witch King at Weathertop
• Just before Boromir picks up the Ring at Caradhras
• When he's grabbed by the Watcher in the Water at the doors of Moria
• After the Cave Troll spears him
• After he sees the Eye of Sauron (again) -- this time in Galadriel's Mirror
• As Boromir trips him, during their argument
• As the Fellowship fights orcs at Amon Hen
• As he takes the Ring off, after looking out from the high seat of Amon Hen
• When shoved by Gollum during their fight
• Shoved down by Gollum again
• At the Dead Marshes
• When Gollum pulls him backwards at the Black Gate
• When Faramir's man pushes him down when he's captured
• When Sam pushes him down the stairs

- Number of times Sam eavesdrops -- 5

• At Bag End when Frodo and Gandalf are talking
• On the road when the Wood-Elves pass by
• At the Council of Elrond
• At the Black Gate
• As the Southrons pass by and are attacked

- Number of times Aragorn tosses somebody -- 3

• He tosses Frodo at the Prancing Pony
• He tosses Sam at Moria
• He tosses Gimli at Helm's Deep.

- Number of times food is prepared/eaten-- 18

(One movie critic wondered how everyone can eat so much.)

• A Hobbit enjoys cupcakes in Hobbiton
• Bilbo eats some eggs and cheese while Gandalf visits
• Food is abounding at Bilbo's birthday party
• Sam prepares a meal soon after he and Frodo set out
• The Hobbits walk through Farmer Maggot's cornfield and try to steal some of his crops
• A shortcut to mushrooms!
• Sam, Merry, and Pippin cook at Amon Sul
• More food is prepared as Gandalf talks about the road south of Rivendell
• Legolas gives a plug for Lembas before departing Lothlorien
• Sam prepares Frodo a plate while camped by the Anduin
• Sam and Frodo share some lembas at Emyn Muil
• While an Orc talks about maggoty bread, he shows us some
• "Meat's back on the menu, boys!"
• Eothain and Freda are fed at the Golden Hall
• Gimli eats at the Golden Hall
• Gollum gives Sam and Frodo some conies
• Gollum enjoys a fish in the Forbidden Pool

Additions by Primula:
• A Hobbit drinks ale from the keg on his own shoulder.
• Merry chews an apple at the party.
• Several Hobbits enjoy the food and drink of the Green Dragon.
• The Hobbits dine on bread, cheese and ale at the Prancing Pony.
• Gandalf has a plate of bread on top of the tower of Orthanc.
• Pippin requests food of Strider and receives two apples.
• Merry chews an apple in Rivendell.
• The remains of what appears to be Elvish pizza can be seen near them in Lothlorien.

- Number of times the writers pull the old
"he's dead! No wait, he isn't" trick -- 8

• With the Hobbits at the Prancing Pony when the Ringwraiths appear to stab them
• With Frodo at the Ford of Rivendell, as he drifts into a white light
• With Frodo, when the cave troll spears him
• With Gandalf at Moria (although to be fair, he does die)
• With the Orc at Amon Hen who dies and then looks up as Aragorn runs over to Boromir
• With Pippin, as he appears to be stomped by a horse
• With Grishnakh, a very tough orc
• With Snaga. He gets his head chopped off ("Meat's back on the menu, boys!") and then later in the film he returns and steals Aragorn's Evenstar. (Okay, just joking here. Same actor, different characters)
• With Aragorn. Anyone notice the Fellowship members can really take a fall?

- Favorite lines of the writers (repeats):

• "Get down!"
• "Let them come!"
• "You're late."

Addition by gaeranna:
-  "What are you doing?" said by Frodo or Sam:
 •When Gandalf takes the envelope and ring and throws it in the fire
 •When Frodo walks away towards the Ringwraith in TTT
 • I think when Aragorn lets Arwen take Frodo on the horse in FOTR.(Followed by, "Those wraiths are still out there!")

Addition by sarahstitcher:
- How many times does Legolas warn of approaching danger? 
•In Hollin, when the Crebain appear
•In Moria, at Balin's tomb, "We cannot linger here"
•At Parth Galen, "It's not the eastern shore that worries me"

I'm not sure if he's the first to spot the wargs in TTT or if the two Rohirrim scouts are, but he's the first to make good shots.

- Number of times used the word "folks"
between July 31, 2002 and July 31, 2003 -- 452

-'s April Fool's Jokes:

• 2001: New Line bought out
• 2002: There was a miscount, and LOTR has been forced to return of one of their Oscars
• 2003: ROTK has been pushed back to May of 2004

Additional expasion by Avondster 6/04
I noticed that TTT EE and ROTK weren't included yet!
The lists can be expanded with:

Number Tolkien chapter titles referenced in the dialogue

- The White Rider
- The Palantír
- Minas Tirith
- Mount Doom
- The Grey Havens

This brings the total to 18

Numer of times Frodo falls down

- When he catches Sam's salt-box and lets go of the rope; this is the only time he falls and manages to land on his feet.

- At Minas Morgul, when Sam and Gollum pull him away from the gate
- On the Stairs, when Gollum pulls him up, he falls flat on his face
- When Frodo tries to stop Sam hitting Gollum
- In Shelob's Lair, when he trips over... something...
- Again in Shelob's Lair, when she attacks him
- Technically he did fall into the giant web, too
- When exiting Shelob's Lair
- When Gollum attacks him outside Shelob's Lair (and Gollum makes a fair fall, too)
- Having a vision of Galadriel (does that mean this counts twice?)
- When Shelob stabs him (IMO, the best fall of the lot)
- When Shelob's drops him on Sam's command (hehe)
- When he looks into The Eye and passes out
- As he is climbing Mount Doom
- He gets up and starts crawling again, but collapses
- When they are attacked by Gollum, he falls off Sam's back
- He falls over the edge of the Cracks of Doom with Gollum
- Sam throws him out of the line of fire (well, lava) and he falls yet again
- "It's gone, it's done!" The mountain rumbles and Frodo loses his balance, giving us one last chance to look at this talented faller at work, No tripping in the Grey Havens, sadly.

This brings the total of Frodo's falls to a magnificent 39 times! Go Frodo!

Sam eavesdrops twice in ROTK. When he overhears Gollum talking to himself, plotting their murder, and listening to the Orcs' conversation near Cirith Ungol. This brings the total of our master eavesdropper to 7.

Aragorn tosses no one, sadly. Sam tosses Frodo, though.

Food is prepared/eaten

- The Orc Draught is consumed by an Orc and a reluctant Merry
- Frodo and Sam eat Lembas while Gollum enjoys a worm
- The Ent Draught
- Éowyn's Stew!
- Boromir and Faramir make a beer commercial ("Today, life is good!")
- Merry and Pippin discover the foodshelves in Isengard (knowing Hobbits, this counts under food being prepared)

- Gollum treats us to a nice close-up of him enjoying his fish
- Frodo eats Lembas... again
- Merry and Pippin are having a nice Dinner in Isengard
- Food and drink aplenty at the feast in Edoras
- Aragorn is eating when he sees the beacons lit
- Éomer and Gamling have supper while Merry skips to the smithies
- The Eating Scene to Rule Them All: Denethor's musical dinner party
- The Orcs in Cirith Ungol have a bit of a party with food and slaughter

This brings the total to 37 times

He's dead! - no wait, he isn't!

- Faramir after Osgiliath
- Merry after he's disappeared under an Oliphaunt's behind
- Gollum after his 'taking a little tumble off the cliff'
- Frodo after being stabbed by Shelob
- Frodo and Sam after destroying the Ring
- Arwen and her ridiculous plot device thingy

This brings the total to 14

And do Saruman and Wormtongue count? Grr...

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