Sauron Visits the Prancing Pony 11/22/03

The following is a transcript of the events that occurred at the LOTRfanclub's Prancing Pony Board when Sala Baker generously allowed us to arrange a visit with him.
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Sala Baker as Sauron
Sala Baker "Sauron" Visits the Prancing Pony Board of the Official LOTR Fanclub

November 22nd  for the U.S., November 23rd for NZ.

The  welcoming thread is started about twenty minutes before we expect Sala to join us:
  (scroll down to the next bold type to skip the hellos)

Lithilien Quicksilver (moderator) :  Evening, Pony Patrons..... I am sitting at Cyber Java waiting for the arrival of the Dark Lord  whom I expect momentarily.... at least, I hope nothing else comes up to delay him. Please have your questions ready, and as soon as you see a new post from me, instructing you to post your questions, do so directly under that post. Sala will then read the questions and provide his answers.

Rosie(moderator): How about we try this welcome again... We're so excited to have you with us Sala!
Wolfie: Kia Ora Sala. Thank you for coming. :D.
Peregrine: Hey, welcome to the Pony, Sala! We are happy to have you!
Leggy Pants: mae govannen, mr. sauron!!!!! welcome from maui, hawaii! 
lordbg: Welcome Sala :)
True-Hearted Easterling : Even though I'm a good Easterling, I'm happy to see the Dark Lord again. |:|-] Welcome!
Gordonagirl: Hey Sala! Nice to meet you!
Lhunhyandowen: Yes, welcome.
Elvenstar: Welcome, Dark Lord! :)
fellowshipfan: "Hi", "Hello", "Glad you could come!" There are three of us here Sala, and all glad to 'meet' you! You're THE MAN!
m4sure: Hiya Sala & welcome!
Bregalad: Welcome, Sala (bows low to Dark Lord) from Gilbert, Arizona. Hope you enjoy your stay with us.
Lothithil: Welcome from Wichita Kansas, your DarkLordship! It is an honour! I must say, you are a very convincing presence on the     screen! Makes me shiver everytime I watch the movies, and I watch them, er... well, rather a lot! Thanks for lending your integrity     and skill to this project. The massive efforts put forth by all the cast and crew are much appriciated by this fan!
   (gives Sala a shy hug) Thanks from me!
        Sauron Gorthaur
        Terrifying dark lord
        Shares a pint at the Pony
mousechief : Welcome to the Pony!!
Lúthien Tinúviel:  Gracious Greetings!!!
Elen: Welcome from my roommate and I in Lexington, KY!
HobbitNaga: Welcome!
Hobbitlove: Welcome Sala and thank you for you're role in LOTR and for taking time to meet with us here.
Camellia Took: Welcome from Brookhaven, Mississippi, USA! Glad to have you join the insanity here. :o)
Primula(moderator): Thank you so much for taking the time to be with us, Sala - many welcomes!
boriel: Hello from Whistler Mountain, BC canada and its so nice for you to say yes to visiting us all.
Lizmybit : Welcome Sala....It's so good to have you here!!!!
Rosie(moderator): Never thought I'd want to welcome the Dark Lord anywhere! ;) Thanks for coming!!
Wheathills: Hello Sala..welcome to 'The Pony'..I hope you enjoy your evening with us.
Avondster: *bows* Welcome, Mr. Dark Lord. You are most welcome!
Lyria: Welcome and "Hello" from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada! So glad you could come!
Flame of Thangorodrim: Welcome to the Prancing Pony from Chicago, Master Sauron! Enjoy your "stay" here this evening!
samwisegirl: Hello Sala! Greetings from Pennsylvania! Hope you have fun while you're here.:-)
Shelob: Hey Boss - will do my best for you in December :-) 

When Sala Baker arrived at the Cyber-Java Cafe, we opened the floor for each person there to ask him one question, as he only had a little time to spare.. We were very grateful that he took the time to answer every last one of the questions that were asked even though he hadn't had dinner yet.

Lithilien Quicksilver (moderator) Ok, Sala just called and said he will be here in about 3 minutes, so post those questions now! :-)

lordbg: How was it playing a role in a very important trilogy? :)

Sala: Exciting , I had never really thought that I would be in his type of film and working with the cast, it was a opportunity of a lifetime that  I was never going to give up. It was the best thing ever.

Lúthien Tinúviel: A poem for you (a little silly)  I cut it short so you have time for everyone else. I secretly root for bad guys.

You put my friends in danger
And tried to kill our Ranger
Tried to off our Hobbits too.

In Mirkwood you did linger
Until you lost your finger
Then you went to sit and stew.

You are the “One Ring” maker
(Your real name's Sala Baker)
There’d be no story without you!

And there really wouldn’t you know. So you have my gratitude for bringing Heroes into the world, ‘cause without bad guys there wouldn’t be any!

Sala: You shouldn't really be here as you should be writing poetry, you really should think about that,  as it was really cool, and you rock.

Gordonagirl: first of all, welcome Dark is an honor to have you here...What is your favorite food and what is your ideal topping for Pizza?

Sala: If any of you have seen me,I'm not a small guy so I love food,anything really and I don't really eat pizza that often.cause I'm trying to watch my figure....he he he he he he

True-Hearted Easterling: So, what’s your favorite color? (I don’t suppose it is black. |:|-] )

Sala: My favourite colour is baby blue,and red,and black.

Wolfie: has you listed as the “locations manager:splinter unit” for The Last Samurai.  I was wondering if maybe you could tell us a little bit about that and do you prefer working in front of the camera or behind it? Thank you for taking time out of your schedule to talk to us.

May I say that you are a hottie too. :D

Sala: Well, I really enjoy being in front of the camera the most cause when you work behind the camera you don't really get the recognition that you deserve,and I'm a camera hog......

Peregrine: Did you ever pretend to be Darth Vader--okay, had to do it! Thanks, Sala!

Sala: Darth who

Lizmybit: I am going to see Craig Parker in Toronto in a couple of weeks would you like me to head-butt him for you? Or can you come to Toronto and do it yourself?"

Sala: No that's ok, I saw Craig in Germany with the other elf boy.......Gil-galad ...he he he.

Strange Elf: Hello Sala.Do you think that you will be at The TORN Oscar party in February?

Sala: I will be there with bell's on...........yes yes yes

mousechief: Was it fun to be the supervillan?????

Sala: It's the best thing ever, bad guys have more fun, but the good guys get the girls.

Hobbitlove: *dons protective headgear and asks...* What prop did you get after your last day of shooting?

And (am I allowed two? )

What roles are you going to be playing in the Narnia movie?

Sala: I did'nt get anything as I was never really finished, and I dont know whether I will be in the Narnia film as I haven't been home yet, I hope so.

Hobbitlove: Well, that's not right, You deserve SOMETHING!

Rosie(moderator): We are thrilled to have you here! :)  Thank you so much, for taking time out of your busy schedule. It's such a privilege to have you with us!
It must be an incredible feeling... to be the visual embodiment of Sauron. I would love to know what you think about when watching the film, when you see Sauron standing on the edge of the cracks of Doom holding the one ring high in the air. Do you see yourself, or are you able to step out of the role and see Sauron?

Sala: It was really hard to actually get out of thinking that it was me in the costume. I had to watch it 10 or so times to really see what Sauron was really like in the film,and then when I finally got out of it I was not a nice guy at all.  I really didn't like myself, and I don't think that anyone else did.

Lothithil: (((Sala))) there are no heroes without bad guys!

Elvenstar: During "The Long and Short of It" was it really as emotional as it looked going from traffic control to a grip! Sorry, had to ask! ;)

Sala: You're killing me here.... it's just like Andy in the making of,it was not supposed to be about him at all, but when you're an actor and someone puts a camera in front of you you just switch to performing and wasn't Andy great.

Hobbitlove: Andy Rocks!! And after watching the DVD, I REALLY think he was robbed of a deserved Oscar.

m4sure: Hiya Sala & welcome!...(((Mega Hugs from London))) hope you remember me from Collectormania4.
I am the "Lovely Maria" (your words not mine) who accidentally knocked you on the jaw when posing for a photo! - oops I am really sorry for that even though I must admit the photo came out really funny! hehe!

(((('s my question)))))) When we told my friends & I that you were thinking of possibly setting up your own official web site. Is this happening anytime soon?

((((((((Thanx again for visiting "Lovely Sala"))))))) And next time please bring along Billy-Dom & Viggo!

Sala: of course I remember guys are doing my website at the moment, so soon enough you can see me and what I'm doing.

Lothithil: Is it disturbing to be associated with "the bad guys" in these films?

Sala: Well you know what, it's really cool actually cause I'm not a bad guy in real life,so it's nice to be someone else. hehehe

EvilLashes: Do you have any regrets about playing an evil guy?

Sala: hello son, your mother is right here and she is not happy about your question cause someone else just asked the same question,but no it's really cool, and next time wear your's your cold feet?

Strange Elf: Oh Lith, go easy on him. Looks like both questions were posted at the same time. :)

Lithilien Quicksilver (moderator): Sala, what new projects do you have in the works?

Sala: I am sitting right next to you as well and you are asking yourself this question....hmm ... hmmmm,just auditioning at the moment and we'll wait an see.....

fellowshipfan : Hi Sala/Sauron!  My question is: Do you have a Sauron action figure? Or a One Ring? ;-]
I think you made a wonderful Dark Lord! I read your interview in the fan club mag. issue 8. Thanks for taking time to talk to us!
BTW- this is the closest I've ever been to talking to a LOTR actor!

Sala: I do have an action figure and it's really cool and the finger's come off with the ring... it's cool and I have it back home in nz.

KingundertheMountain: Welcome Sala! Who else would you have played in the movies if you had a chance?

Sala: No one actually I think that Sauron is the best character and I wouldn't trade it for the world.....maybe legolas...he he

seansbeanie: ooo, yes. With those Uruk Hai

Aunt Kimby: When did you first read LOTR?

Sala: I haven't ......what happens next...does legolas die like haldir?????????

Gordonagirl: ROTFLMBO!!! You wish!!!

Uncle Melkor: Do you like Lemonade? That was irony by the way.  I do hope you haven't taken time out of your schedule to be asked what your favourite color and pizza topping is. *groan*

(ignore above) ---- 'How does one audition to be Sauron?

Sala: You put the costume on and shoot a rock video.

Aragorn Lover 1981: Mr. Dark Lord....If you are in your car and you pop in a CD, what would you most likely
be listening to?
Thanks for dropping in! We're really glad you've come!

Sala: Ii would listen to the neptunes,or outkast,jayz,lots of crazy stuff,dixie chicks,and dont get any idea's, I will get angry...I'm not always a nice guy, you won't like me when I'm angry.......ha ha ha ha ha

lordbg: Haha, where have I heard that one before? *hint,hint* ;)

Aragorn Lover 1981: Sounds like a good mix of music!

Elven Redwood: What books and TV shows do you enjoy, Sala?

Sala: I don't really read a lot of books, but I do watch a little bit of anything thats on tv.

Lhunhyandowen: What are some of your favorite movies?

Sala: The green mile, Shawshank, Powder,and many more....

I'm Not Peter: boxers or briefs?

Sala: briefs

: Yes! You just won me five bucks.

Wolfie: whooohoooo!! are they red? >:D

Icarus: If there were one thing you wanted the world to know about filming LOTR, what would that be?

Sala: That we are now a family and we will allways hang out when we can ...wherever,and whenever we can. Friendship forever.

EvilLashes: What was your favorite part of filming?

Sala: your only allowed one question.and shouldn't you be asleep....that's what your mother said....and don't forget the boots.

EvilLashes: I'm never gonna out live that am I?

seansbeanie: Hoping to see (and hear) you in another project soon. Your voice on the Scottish Fellowship website is captivating. Lean over to Lith and just say "Sauron the Dark Lord." She'll melt!  See you in LA for the Oscar Party!

Sala: She's heard it before.....hasn't she.

Linaewen: You played quite a few other characters besides Sauron; my son wants to know  if you were the Haradrim soldier who was shot and killed by Faramir in TTT extended footage that was just released. He thinks so, at least!

Sala: No it was an extra,and he did a really good job.

boriel: Just got home, not sure if you are still here, if so - do you find it weird that there are so many of us crazy fans all wanting to see you and hug and kiss you and have pictures taken with you? (if the answer is no, then I'll hug you in Feb if I see you LOL)

Sala: Don't worry I have a lot of love to go around.

boriel: (((( thank you )))

Leggy Pants: Hi Sala, I really don't have a question for you, I just wanted to say hello and how much I envy and admire you for working in the best movie ever made! I gotta go now, but just wanted to have one moment to say hello to the dark lord!

Bregalad: Do you keep in touch with anyone in particular from the LOTR cast or staff?

Sala: I see and hang with Dom and Elijah cause they live down the road fom me.

Primula(moderator): If you could choose one of the actors to work with again, who would you choose & why?

Sala: Viggo,cause I love the passion that he has when he is the character on set...he just lives the character day in and day out, and is really good at it. He's just cool and not into the hollywood side of things, just his side of things, and his beliefs.

Lithilien Quicksilver (moderator): No more questions please. Sala needs to have dinner sometime tonight! :-)

A parting word from Sala:

To all of you out there....thankyou soooooooooooooooooooooo much for the questions and just hanging with me and I the girl, it is always cool chillin' with the fans as you guys are the reason were here, and we have jobs, so all of you guys are just as good as me, if not better......he hehe he ..............JUST KIDDING. HA HA HAHA HA


Many thanks were offered by those present:

Thank you Sala! It's been wonderful to have you with us. :) - Rosie(moderator)
Thank you so much! I've enjoyed reading the answers, even tho I couldn't think of anything! - Elen
 Yes, thank you so much for coming by! :D- KingundertheMountain
Thank you very much for taking the time out of your busy schedule to answer our questions - Lhunhyandowen
Thank you so much Sala! *blushes profusely at your comments*- Lúthien Tinúviel
Thanks for coming Sala! We enjoyed talking with you! Have a good supper! ;-) - Peregrine
Thank you Sala!!!!!!...hope to see you soon!!!!!!!...take care!...;]-  m4sure
Thanks, Sala! Your visit has been terrifyingly entertaining!- Lothithil
Thanks for coming down, Sala! consider coming down to MN next time! ;-D -Elvenstar
Thanks for coming! Come visit again sometime!- mousechief
Thanks for taking the time to talk to us! - HobbitNaga
thanks for coming! - MauveAvenger85
Many thanks - may your evening be an enjoyable one and your future employment sweet. - Primula(moderator)
(((sala))) thank you for your time and for doing was fun - boriel
Arohanui Sala -  seansbeanie
Thanks for visiting with us!! Come back any time! - halavana
*big hugs* thank YOU for hanging out with us! - Leggy Pants
Thanks Sala! I was great to meet you!!!! - Gordonagirl
Thanks for visiting, Sala :) - lordbg
Thank you for gracing us with your presence, Your Dark Lordness. ;o) - Camellia Took
Thank you so much, Sala! you're the best to take time to talk with us! ;-D - Elvenstar
You are the coolest!!!! Thanks for stopping by! - MauveAvenger85
*StarStruck!!!!!!!!!!!!* - Lúthien Tinúviel
Thank you...see you in LA!! -  Hobbitlove
(((Sala))) *hugs* thanks for coming! - fellowshipfan