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Fair of face,
full of grace.
Deadly with a bow,
won't sink in the snow.
Answer: " Legolas "

His stature is stout,
with his ax he will clout,
any orc he can find,
right on the behind.
Answer: " Gimli "

Loyal and true,
green eyes look at blue,
grower of vegetables,
better cook than Emeril.
Answer: " Sam "

Tall strong and wise,
a twinkle in his eyes.
A fire in his soul,
let's go smoke a bowl.
Answer: " Gandalf "

White was his color,
a traitor to others.
But he miscalculated,
while the Ents percolated.
Answer: " Saruman "

Rings in his nose,
missimg some toes.
His teeth are sooo yellow,
he's one ugly fellow.
Answer: " Orc "

Black as the night,
a terrifying sight.
But no match for a girl,
with the ears of a squirrel.
Answer: " Nazgul "

To Mordor he goes,
through fire and snows.
His ring to destroy,
'cause it ain't no toy.
Answer: " Frodo "

Fast on the keys,
not hard to please.
Just don't do no cussin',
or she'll do some fussin'.
Answer: " Rosie "
- DesertElf

Haiku riddles
Can you guess what these are before you peek at the answer?

regal silver trees
awash in noonday sunlight
glow with golden fire

Answer: " Lothlorien "

clear silver voices
rise above whispering trees
praise of Elbereth

Answer: " Rivendell "

battle worn watcher
broken over long ages
pierced upon your brow

Answer: " Amon Sul "

glossy leaved haven
once peaceful vanguard of trade
travelers beware

Answer: " Hollin "

wealth not withstanding
your hearthside beckons homeward
until the road calls

Answer: " Bag End "

great heart bowed in grief
making choices unaccustomed
hoping love prevails

Answer: " Sam at Cirith Ungol "
- Tinidril

What Carried Arwen Off?

Here is a riddle for you. (Just so you know I did not make up this riddle but I made a few changes so it would fit on ME)
The hobbits in the story are Merry and Pippin.
What packed Arwen off?:
Aragorn already knew it was either a cave troll or an orc. Luckily, a hobbit of the Shire saw it happen and told Aragorn which it was.

Later, the hobbit's cousin told the story to friends at the Shire what had happened.
"My cousin told Aragorn it was a cave troll."

The problem is that one of the cousins told the truth, the other was mistaken. We don't know which is which.
What packed Arwen off?

Bonus question: Was Pippin the first or second hobbit? So that makes Merry the...

" An orc 'packed off' Arwen. "
Bonus Answer: " Pippin was the first Hobbit or the one to see it happen and Merry was the second Hobbit "
- fellowshipfan

Not too short
But as tall as many
Has hair the color of
A well worn penny
Was injured once
Without lasting harms
Cradled Elijah
In his arms

Answer: " Sean Astin "
- Jennan O Possums

Some Trivia Questions just to test your LOTR knowledge...

1. Who was Bingo Baggins and who did he marry?
Answer: " Bilbo's uncle, who married Chica Chubb "

2. What was Sam and Rosie's daughter Elanor's last name?
Answer: " Gardner -- all their children had the last name Gardner, named for Sam's gardening prowess "

3. How many Palantíri (The Stones of Seeing) were there in Middle-earth?
Answer: " Seven "

4. Who was originally cast as Aragorn in the film?
Answer: " Stuart Townsend "

5. The head of which family in the Shire was the hereditary Thain of the Shire?
Answer: " Took "

6. Who held Vilya, the blue Ring of Air?
Answer: " Elrond "

7. Who sails the high airs with the Silmaril upon his brow, shining as the morning and evening star?
Answer: " Eärendil, The Mariner - father of Elrond and grandfather of Arwen "

8. What is the meaning of the Quenya phrase "Mornië utúlië"?
Answer: " Darkness has come. (from Enya's "May it be") "

9. Who played Rosie Cotton in the movie?
Answer: " Sarah McLeod "

10. Who was the only member of the cast and crew to actually meet JRR Tolkien?
Answer: " Christopher Lee, who also reads the books once a year. "
- compiled by Redbeard

Who am I?

Wizard prier
Troll hider
Sting provider,
Orc denier,
Gollum rhymer
Eagle glider
Spider fighter,
Food provider
Barrel rider,
Pony astrider,
Dragon hider

Answer: " Bilbo Baggins "
- pi