Title: LOTR Scrapbook Book Project
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The Fanclub Scrapbook Project

The finished Scrapbook & its box. 

Peter Jackson with The Book!
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Contributors list

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There are links to some of the pages below, but believe me, the scans do not do this fine piece of art justice.
 The scrapbook has been crafted with tender loving care by Hobbitlove and others, from art created with love and reverence by Fan Club members, with the finest scrapbooking materials.

Coordinator: Hobbitlove

Site for The Gathering of the Fellowship

All Monetary needs have been met - thank you!

 TWO uniquely designed 12x12 books have been made, one for the auction
(proceeds presented to a literacy fund:  Project Literacy World Wide )
the other was presented as a gift from the fans to Peter & Fran.
 Many thanks to Daniel Falconer, Richard Taylor & Dan Madsen for their help.

Sections of the Book Project approximately reflect the sections of this online Scrapbook site.

The contents have been drawn almost entirely from the items already archived at the online Scrapbook. As it would be impossible to include all of it, a selection has been made that will hopefully be a good representative sample and will include as many fans as is reasonably possible. An editorial panel has chosen the majority of the content by vote. Authors of chosen works have been contacted whenever possible to give permission for inclusion.

Chapters are in this order:

* Tales of the Ring 
* Top Ten Lists 
* Poetry
* Sung to the Tune of
* Musings 
* More Interesting Stuff 
* Theme Collections
* Ode to Cast and Crew

* Contributors 

(That's Nine main chapters which is a nice number.) Thanks to little elf , MithrandirCQ and others for their suggestions!

Any surplus funds were donated to the Literacy Foundation at the Gathering.

The following were assigned:

Advisors: May Gamgee, Simpetarwen

Fonts and portions of the layout: May Gamgee, Hobbitlove, Laerindae, and others.

Proofreaders : True-Hearted Easterling and Rowan.

Book Cover: Boriel has provided needlework panels of the White Tree to be included as a part of the covers.

Artists who submitted two identical prints or originals of their work for inclusion:
Colleen Doran
Starlene Urioste

Writers of chapter introductions and/or summaries  (assignments as noted):
Doctor Gamgee - Musings
Hobbitlove - Contributors
Jatamansi - Poetry
Magic Dreamer & suzie sheelf - Tales of the Ring
NorthStar - Ode to Cast and Crew
Old Toby - Theme Collections
onónë - More Interesting Stuff
Rasputin the Evil Balrog - Top Ten Lists
Tori*Took - Sung to the Tune of
Linaewen - compiler for Cast and Crew

Editor of the summaries: Rowan

Custom bookmarks to include with each book:
Bramblerose - cross-stitched bookmarks
Mrs. Frodo - beaded bookmarks

Woodworker for the box for Peter & Fran's copy:
Nuroreiel and Mr. Nuroreiel

People who contributed custom borders and other decorative layout aids:
Sierra, Primula, Tori*Took, Bluebell, Chrysolas, Laerindae

Design for illuminated bookplate/contents/chapter headings:
Contents : Tinidril.
Calligraphy : Laerindae, Tinidril
Illuminated Bookplate(s) :  Primula
Chapter Headings (include): Tinidril. Laerindae, Primula.....(others)

All Praises be to the generosity of this Fellowship!

Did I miss any? Questions/comments? Email Primula.