Title: LOTR Scrapbook Book Project

Peter Jackson and the Scrapbook

Many thanks to all the numerous fans who helped with this project in so many ways,
 to Daniel Falconer and Richard Taylor of Weta,
 and to Dan Madsen of Decipher who represented the Fanclub for us.
 We can't express how grateful we all are that this became a reality!

The Scrapbook, encased in its custom wooden box, was delivered to Peter,
 who was working on the set of King Kong at the time.
 Thank you, Peter, for your wanting to be sure there were pictures for us!

PJ peruses the Scrapbook  PJ turns pages

He likes it!

Thumbs up from Peter!

Thank you, Peter Jackson, for all your hard work that brought
 Tolkien's world of Lord of the Rings to life for us.

- the fans

Questions/comments for the online scrapbook? Email Primula.