Elvish Names

Names/Handles of some of the fans, translated
Collected by Bregalad

Boriel - Faithful Vassal Woman

I chose it because I wanted to find something to reflect my relationship with my maker.  A vassal is a bondservant - a servant by choice, and it reminded me of Sam being Frodo's servant by choice, and that I am God's servant by choice.  I added the 'iel' ending to 'feminize' it.

Calafalas - Shining Coast

‘kel’ or ‘cal’ is for shining and ‘falas’ is for coast or shore. I live in California, so it seemed like an appropriate name to me.

Dînledhwen - Quiet Elf Maiden 

I know this may be hard to believe since I "chatter" on the message boards, but I really am a quiet person in the real world. Maybe that is why my favorite character is Legolas. Both of us say very little but are always around.

Isilotsë - Moonflower

(This is Lothithil's lurker name, in Quenya.) I wanted something Elvish and original, so I composed the name myself. Seron gave me the Quenya translation, and I thank him! I think it is beautiful, which is why I only use it occasionally. It seems too fine a name for daily use.

Lithilien Quicksilver - Lady of the Ashen Moon

Quicksilver is the Common Tongue for Bragolcelebriel, which translates to "Sudden" and "silver". A full rendering of my name(s) would most correctly be "Lady of the Ashen Moon Suddenly Struck Silver", portending a transformation from grief to great joy.

Lothithil - Moonflower

This is my favourite flower that blooms only at night.  I chose  it for a character in a story I am writing, and then borrowed it back to use as my handle here.

Meneloth - Flower of the Heavens

I am a stargazer; in the heavens my heart finds both joy and rest, in the beauties of the visible heaven and in the glories of Heaven to come.  I initially wanted to use Menelas, Leaf of the Heavens, to signify a telescope that reflects a piece of heaven to the observer.  This seemed appropriate since I design space telescopes for NASA and I wish to reflect the Creator.  But I learned that -las is a masculine ending, so I went with the feminine -loth ending indicating a flower.  Perhaps this is also how the elves would name a comet.

Nisimaldar- Fragrant Trees

I'm Nisimaldar because my real name translates to fragrant forest and Nísimaldar means fragrant trees.

Onónë - Sister

Mine means "sister" -- I chose it for a lot of different reasons... My brother and his family are very important to me. Also very important to me are my brothers and sisters in Christ.

Onóno Laivindur - Twin Anointed One's Servant 

All translations are Quenya.  My first name Thomas means Twin = Onóno. I am a Reverend also and came across the word Laivine which translates as The  Anointed One or Christ (Greek for Anointed one) and the ending "dur" = servant.

Silivren Ithildin - Glittering (White) Starmoon

I chose this because I always stay up late and I work nights. I just usually go by Ithildin, but, when I went to sign up for the boards, that name was taken so I found Silivren and thought, since stars  and the moon give off glittering white light, I would use it.

Simpetarwen - Piper Elf (female)