Gamling Visits the Prancing Pony 4/22/03

The following is a transcript of the events that occurred at the LOTRfanclub community's Prancing Pony Board when Bruce Hopkins generously allowed us to arrange a visit with him.  Here is Bruce Hopkin's site, for those who would like to learn more about his many talents and projects.
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Bruce Hopkins as Gamling
Bruce Hopkins "Gamling" Visits the Prancing Pony Board of the Official LOTR Fanclub

April 22nd  for the U.S., April 23rd for NZ.

The Initial welcoming thread is started about twenty minutes before we expect Bruce to join us:
  (scroll down to the next bold type to skip the hellos)

Hobbitlove : Say a quick "Hi" to Bruce in this thread. I was thinking since we havn't officially started yet, but Mr. Hopkins may in fact be lurking or he may see it later and since many of us will not actually get a chance to ask a question while he's officially "here", that I would start a greeting thread. Just post a quick note here so he can see how many fans have actually come here tonight.

This is especially for all you lurkers who will just be watching the festivities.

Let's make our special guest feel welcome.

Peregrine:  Hello, Bruce! Welcome to the Pony!
Lindorie: Gidday, Bruce. Thanks for dropping in.
Lizmybit : Welcome to the Pony...We are happy to have you!.
Tori*Took : Hello Mr. Hopkins! Please, make yourself at home!
Tori*Took: hmm....that sounded WAAAY too formal for me......let's start again, Hey Bruce! :-D
Skybly: I'll be lurking even if I'll have to sleep in the office tomorrow ;) Hi Bruce, and welcome! :)

Bruce's Web Master enjoyed joining us to watch the visit:

jmsstyxnyes : Hiya Bruce, Janet here, the Web Master, I'll be a watching the fun from the back of the Pony :) Wait, that didn't sound right LOL, but I will be watching so the others can talk to ya.
Cheers, Janet

Hobbitlove Yo, Janet, can I be the front of the pony....oooh, wait that didn't sound right either. snicker.
Rosie(moderator) : Hey Bruce.. I hope you wore your red tux! :D
Overlithe:  yesss, love the red looks great in all my pics...****smile****
ElfinWolf : Hi Bruce! Nice of you to drop by :)
Elvenstar : Hello, Bruce! Welcome!
Overlithe : Hehehe..Gidday Bruce....welcome and thanks!!
Primula(moderator) : Hi Bruce! Thanks so much for visiting with us today. :)
True-Hearted Easterling : Speak Friend and Enter! |:|-]
lordbg : Hi Bruce. Thanks for coming :)
Lithilien Quicksilver (moderator): Mae govannen, Gamling! Gidday, Bruce! So glad you are here. :-)
onónë : Welcome to the insanity -- I mean the Prancing Pony!
seansbeanie: Hey Bruce! How are the kids?
Tinidril : Welcome and Greetings from the Great Northwest (Oregon)!
LOTRchild : Hi Mr.Hopkins, welcome to the Prancing Pony!
Anarelen .Welcome Mr. Hopkins. Thank you for taking the time to visit.
Shelob: Did he ride a horse to Bree? - I love Rohan horses - hi Mr. B - or G? - whatever - welcome....
boriel ...Bruce, thanks so much for causing so much excitement around here.
Aneya: Hello Bruce!! I too had the most awesome pleasure of meeting you in LA  Thanks for being so very wonderful and talking with us in the lobby. That was a generous gesture and well appreciated. Thank you again. ^_^
Elessar-elfstone: Hi! Can't wait to hear from you!
hobbitdreams: Hello Bruce!! Welcome! Thanks for stopping by!!! :-)
Niphrandl Hi Bruce! a warm welcome from Michigan USA.
Gonzai: Hi Bruce, from all the artists who haunt these boards! :-)
Camellia Took Mae govannen, Mr. Hopkins, from the Magnolia State, Mississippi, USA :o)
Light of Earendil: Hi! It was great to meet you at the Two Towers Party!
Peregrine: Hello from Minnesota!
Frodo Baggins: Welcome, welcome! Delighted to have you hear! Even if I had to pull myself out of bed at 4:30 am.....that's the time right now over here in Denmark. But here I am so hello, Bruce, and welcome!
Icarus: Hi! {nt} (was that quick enough? ;-))

Bruce Hopkins arrived on the scene about ten minutes earlier than we expected, and snuck in a post partway down the page.  This was quickly discovered, however -

Bruce H : It a pleasure to be here, thanks for having me, although as my Dad always said my Mum had me.

Primula(moderator) : An elegant entry - we hope you feel very welcomed. :)

Hobbitlove: You're pretty sneaky in like this. (((Bruce))))

seansbeanie: He's here! First man here who was ever on time!

Bruce H: Always on time my friend, except for when I'm late, then of course I'm not quite on time ...

Shelob : Ah, ha - A 'LotR quote' - I like this guy - LOL

We opened the floor for each person there to ask Bruce one question, as he was only scheduled to be with us for an hour. We were very gratified that he chose to answer every last one of the questions asked that hour - though it took him two hours to do so!

Lithilien Quicksilver (moderator): Ok folks...Bruce is here and you can start posting your questions under this one. Remember to post only one.! :-)

Elessar-elfstone: Mr. Hopkins, what is your favorite part of Rohan culture?

Bruce H: Definitely the horse, and the Led Zepplin hair-do's. Learning to ride for the role was a major buzz.

Shelob : What? you had to learn to ride? - that's awesome - 'cause it ain't easy.

Elvenstar : NO, it ain't!

ElfinWolf : I was wondering what it was like working with Harry Sinclair in the movie Linda's Body. Were you able to spend any time with him on the set of LOTR?

Bruce H : Harry and I have been around the NZ scene for a while. I also performed with him and Don McGlashin for a Mitsubishi TVC many moons ago. We were also co-trustees of a theatre called the watershed theatre. It is always fascinating working with Harry, he has a real vision. No we did not spend time time together on LOTR.

Peregrine : I'm posting one for Calafalas: Was Grima as slimy as he appeared to be?

Bruce H :   Yep, he was awsome in person and on film, what an actor!!!

Peregrine: They all were!--if you don't mind me saying so.

boriel : Hi, how long were you a commercial fisherman and do you still enjoy recreational fishing?

Bruce H: I have commercially fished all my life as my father was NZ's top crayfisherman ( Lobster ) I grew up in a small fishing village and recreational fishing was just what we did after school if there were fish schools around ( trolling lures behind a dinghy). No, I don't really fish at all now, just eat it, love it.  Cooked a nice smoked marlin dish last night in fact, but only my oldest boy likes fish, so it is unheralded labour.

boriel : Thank you. I wondered what kind of fish you were fishing for.

Aneya : How is the play in Auckland going?

Bruce H:   We don't actually start rehearsals till July, however we will be doing some text workshops. I have a great guy called Stephen Batt who wrote and directed a short I did called Warm Gun, check it out.

Hobbitlove: Is that only available in NZ or can we get it online somewhere?

Primula(moderator): Here's a link to information on it.  We'll track it down somehow.

Gilian Serindë : *whispers* "Warm Gun" is available in the US on a DVD called "Dark Stories: Tales from Beyond the Grave" It's an OSSUM little movie! Get it!!

Niphrandl : Bruce, I saw in your biography that you are part of a comedy duo... ever take that to the stage instead of just corporate meetings?

Bruce H: Yeah, we used to hire theatres and do an evening of our style of comedy, but the effort does not usually equate to making a living and we both have children. Just yesterday I was out surfing at Piha beach and was approached by a guy who said he came to all of our shows. we were very different from other styles. Not standup, couldn't tell a joke for Jesus, but we create situations and involve the audience so they get right into it and seem to have a ball.

Niphrandl: Cool! Audience participation! I love it!

lordbg: Mr. Hopkins, how do you feel playing a character in a big trilogy?

Bruce H: I am honoured, proud, was nervous, am hopeful ( it may lead to other work), but above all  working with the team that created that piece of movie magic made it all worth while (the hanging around waiting for the phone to ring saying you may have a job that is).

lordbg : I can see why since these movies are a real masterpiece.

Elvenstar : What is the worst thing that has ever happened to you on set--Helm's Deep or Edoras?

Bruce H: My sword (which was hit aside by a stunty coming through the main gate, honest!!!) hit Bernard Hill on the ear, he had to be taken to an ambulance to have a stitch put in the cut. He promptly came back to set had an aspirin and carried on, a legend. He was the one who told me he saw the Uruk hit my sword which then hit him. I still felt a bit of a heel.

Elvenstar : Ouch . . . at least that was the worst!

Hobbitlove: I'd love to see a list of all the injuries incurred on this production. LOL!

Overlithe : **cringe** not what you'd want to be remembered for I'm sure. oops, I cut off B.H.'s  ear.

Primula(moderator) : And it always feels worse when you hurt someone else instead of yourself.

Tori*Took: I heard an interview with Mirando Otto and she said she accidentally stabbed an orc in the leg and he kept saying that she didn't cause she felt really bad but then she found out later that she actually did, the orc actor just didn't want her to feel!     

Lindorie: What are your favorite and least favorite lotr memories?

Bruce H : This may sound corny, but there was no least favorite. I shot for 40-50 days all up and every second of every minute of every day was joy. Yes, being wet for 10 hours night after night at Helms Deep had a level of discomfort, but that is mind over matter stuff and easily surmounted by the buzz. Most favorite was turning up to the set at Edoras one day to see the whole mountain covered in fresh snow, that and flying in a helicopter with Bernard Hill and Miranda Otto to relocate at the end of a day from Queestown to Twizel over the Southern Alps mountain range, with the sun setting as we flew.

Ansis : Bruce, you play a radically different type of character in the L&P ads than Gamling in LOTR, which do you think is closest to your real personality? ;) Ok that sounds a bit stupid but hopefully you get what I mean! Love those ads btw, I had no idea it was you in those fab clothes and sunglasses until I checked your website yesterday.   

Bruce H :   One of the perils of being a character actor, you sometimes do not get identified as being  in good work you have done  (so feel free to go to IMDB etc etc. and let them know what you think if you like my work ) did that sound tooooo self promoty  (part of the business unfortunately).
I think they are a good mix of my real self. I can be a real yapper like Les in the ads and I can also be very quite and observational like Mrs. Gamling's son. I was very awed at working on LOTR with people like Bernard, Viggo, Ian et al, so that probably helped shape my character a bit. He stands back, waiting for the commands.

Ansis: I can imagine that being an actor down here requires a fair amount of 'self promoting' so I'll pop in to IMDB and get you some more work shall I?

Lithilien Quicksilver (moderator): Do you still dance, and can you still do that huge leap I saw in one of the pics online?

Bruce H : Two issues here, one I don't have good stretchy tights anymore ( essential to avoid embarrasement and the position for the jump would be OK but the landing is what hurts these days if done repetitively. I could give you a couple of jumps and then I'd have to have a bath with epsom salts.

Lithilien Quicksilver (moderator): LOL!

seansbeanie : Being the same age as you Bruce, our knees are also the same age. Those are what go!

Lindorie: I'm same age, too and my knees are shot. My sympathies. Riding isnt easy on them.
LOTRchild: Mr.Hopkins, I was wondering if I could get your permission to make you an honorary member of  my 'Lord of the Rings' group, the District of Dark Whispers? We would be honored to have you as a member:)

Bruce H : Sounds ominous, but like at wedding ceremonies if anyone can tell me why I should not be an ... honourary member then why not, as long as it doesn't require sacrificing goats or something.

LOTRchild: It is a Nazgul themed group.......but we have members of all middle-earth races (lots of Hobbits)

Tori*Took : So what are some of your favorite movies?

Bruce H : I have to apologise for my typing, I just caught a glimpse of that last answer did I get ... 50% of the words right, don't tell my Mum.
Hearts of Darkness ( the making of Apocalypse Now, supurb insight to the industry and the passion and madness of the people in the industry, present company excepted of course)
LOTR sheer audacity let alone the ability to achieve it ( plus great Rohan army commanders)
The Castle an Australian gem
The Godfather 1,2,3
Taxi Driver
Most Pacino work
Any work by a director by the name of Emir Kustarika ( Black Cat White Cat, Underground, Time of The Gypsies etc)
Plus heaps I cannot remember on the spot.

Primula(moderator): I'll fix the typos in the saved version - never fear.

Rosie(moderator): Bruce, are you (errr, is Gamling) being made into an action figure?

Bruce H : I am a figure in some of the sets such as The Heroes of Helms Deep and some Games Workshop sets ... I got scanned for a figure, but it does not seem to have eventuated. Let the powers that be know if you would like to see Gamling as a figure, I certainly would be over the full moon if it happened as would my whippersnappers, they love seeing anything to do with the character out of the movie

Rosie(moderator) : I need to look harder then... though a ToyBiz would be great. :)  especially if it comes with an interchangeable red tux and removeable beard.

Anarelen: If I may call you Bruce. Aside from reading Lord of the Rings, assuming you did. ;-) What other preparation did you do for Gamling? For example, character journals, or other Tolkien works?. Thanks,

Bruce H : It all happened so rapidly, the call up etc. that I just made sure I looked over any reference to Gamling ( not that there is that much). Also the character evolved, supposedly because they liked what I was doing on the first few days. The costume is a big help in this type of shoot, plus the sets were astounding and gave you a lot of feeling for who you were meant to be and what your purpose was etc. etc. watching how the other actors pitched their work was a good indicator also of how to balance your own work.

True-Hearted Easterling
: At this point in your life and career, what would be your dream role? (Movie or theater)

Bruce H : I love being part of devising roles, this is usually associated with what's called physical theatre where you work from a premise and improvise through very intense but wonderful rehearsals to create a show. A film drector Mike Leigh apparently works this way in film. I enjoy his work a lot.
I am really looking forward to the challenge of being the lead in MacBeth ( I don't have superstitions by the way about saying the name of the play)
That is my short term dream role, I want to nail a really good job on that one.
Film-wise I would absolutely love to be in Peter Jackson's King Kong.
seansbeanie : What role will you play in the upcoming Macbeth in Auckland and will it be a traditional production or a more avante garde version such as Sean Bean just finished in the U. K. ?

Bruce H : I am playing the lead Scotsman i.e. McB himself. It will be traditional in terms of setting but we are not going for Shakespearean accents etc. It will be played quite naturalistically, with NZ voices, not thick kiwi accents, more neutral. The Silo Theatre is a wonderfully intimate theatre so will lend itself to a sense of close up etc.

seansbeanie: Look forward to lots of photos on your site! Love to your kids.
hobbitdreams : Out of everything you've done (professionally), what is your most favorite?

Bruce H : I have been blessed to have had some wonderful one of shows such as the millenium show "This Is IT" here in Auckland, performing for Kiri Te Kanawa ( one of the worlds great opera singers ) at her home here in NZ for her 50th B'day etc etc.
LOTR is the favorite film gig, live theatre wise is 2 shows called The Lover & The Beloved and also Song Of The Civilised Thief, both devised shows like I referred to previously, by a company called Inside-Out Theatre, now Inside-Out Productions ( check their web site ), they created the last two Loius Vuitton Cup Balls ( held at the times of the Americas Cup racing, huge spectacular live events).

Shelob : Do you like riding - now that you have learned how, that is?

Bruce H: I absolutely love riding. Yet having said that I have not ridden since carving up ork and uruks. My last  two riding lessons before filming were with Karl Urban, and we galloped through a forest outside Auckland, what a huge rush. I guess surfing is my riding now, although I have a niece who owns a horse and I am determined to get her to have me back out there galloping.

Gonzai : Did you ever get to go surfing with the hobbits? ;-) And if so - teach them any moves? :-)
Bruce H : I'd be a risk of choking on water borne fur balls from their feetsies. We were all lined up to have a surf together in LA after the Awards night, but I gave them the wrong cell number for my roaming phone. I would say they would be the ones showing the moves. I only started 4 years ago having desired to do so for many many years. I'm doing ok and was riding 5 ft over head waves 4 days ago, a real buzz.

Gonzai : Water borne fur balls, there's an image! :-) Thanks!

Primula(moderator) Of your many activities, (emcee, comedy, acting, etc) which do you personally enjoy the most ?

Bruce H : At this time I really enjoy film acting, it is such a challenge and the team work going on around  you is amazing. I quite honestly enjoy it all though, radio is a real cool medium to work in also. I have done 3 year of a weekly talkback show with the comedy duo I have. Hopefully we may be doing another radio show soon.

Primula(moderator) : Radio is wonderful. I hope there will be an audio recording we can hear someday!

Light of Earendil : What was it like filming the scene with you, Hama, and the Warg Riders?

Bruce H : It was fanatstic. We were with a small guerilla unit filming on the slopes of Kelvin heights  in Queenstown. we would have to take cover every now and then as snow drifts would come over. It was freezing, but as I have said I just loved the whole gig. It was a shame to see my mate John Leigh (Hama) bite the dust. I enjoyed the challenge of having to work my horse in close quarter fighting. I actually got a rear out of him at one point (up on his hind quaters), but it was not used.

Aragorn Lover 1981: Mr. Hopkins what is you all time favorite 'music' group, band, or person? Most of us here at the PP are into music, hence the all the karaoke. Maybe one of us could do a song for you by your favorite band to honor your performance of our dearest Gamling!

Bruce H : Again I find it really hard to pick out one of anything. I love Jim Morrison and the Doors, van Morrison (is there a theme coming thru?) , Nick Cave, Smashing Pumpkins, Janes Addiction, a classical CD called Famous Adagios (check that out for some passion), Led Zepplin, Jethro Tull, early Bruce Springstein, Jurrasic 5, Eminem, US3 and heaps more I love a lot of new dance stuff as well as some hip hop, Miles Davis.
I hope I don't offend anyone but I am not into Abba, everyone else seems to be.

Aragorn Lover 1981: sounds like my kind of music! You rock!
elf-maiden : Hello again Bruce! Has being a part of LOTR changed your life?

Bruce H: For sure, I'm sitting here right now talking cyberly to you lot and that is cool. I wouldn't have that opportunity without LOTR. Going to the party in LA etc etc is all a direct result of being involved in the movies.
Travelling to Holland and the UK are happening again because of the role. So yes it is creating some wonderful opportunities to travel and meet people.
Now for the offers of movies roles.

Alright everyone, lets' get busy at the IMDB!

Rasputin the Evil Balrog: What does your family think about you being in Lord of the Rings? (Howdy from Texas!)

Bruce H: They are pretty chuffed, especially when they come across references out and about  at school etc, when kids come up to them and say they liked my perfomance etc.

Camellia Took: Mr. Hopkins, were you a reader of JRR Tolkien before you became involved in the movies? Or was getting the part of Gamling your first exposure to the Lord of the Rings?

Bruce H : I had a go at the Hobbit many moons back,but basically no. It blows me away to try to comprehend what  he achieved.

Peregrine: What is your favourite book--besides LOTR of course!

Bruce H: Anything by Spike Milligan, and I read a bit of self development stuff (try to keep sane) ... I really have not read a lot in my life as I am a very slow reader and in fact last year started to look at finding a speed reading course.

Hobbitlove: Did you audition specifically for the role of Gamling? How did you find out you'd gotten the gig?

Bruce H : No, I did not audition for Gamling. I did a generic 6 feet and over audition ( big people little people stuff ). I got a call from my agent saying that they were wanting to know my availiblity spread over a few months from March in 2000.

Rosie(moderator) With all of your vibrancy, they should have cast you as Tom Bombadil! :)

Frodes: Hi Bruce! Do you know wether or not there will be more of your character in the Two Towers Extended Addition? Hi from San Diego!

Bruce H: Howdy San Diego ( I nearly ended up there when I got lost on the freeways in LA one time ) I honestly have no idea how my role will be in the extended version or in ROTK.

Frodes: Hmm, guess we'll just have to wait then. =) By the by, those LA freeways are evil!

Tinidril: Have you ever been injured while working on a film or other acting job? So many of the other actors on the LOTR set sustained injuries: Viggo broke a tooth and a toe, Sean A. cut his foot, John R-D had severe allergic reactions to the makeup, Orlando cracked several ribs.... the list goes on! It sounds like acting can be a rather hazardous job!!
P.S. I am just kicking myself that I chose to retire as soon as I got back from the One Party instead of going down to the lobby with my roomie... I missed meeting you in person!

Bruce H : No fortunately, I have remained uninjured. the odd strain from repeating an action over and over  etc, etc, but nothing serious. I was riding alongside Orlando when he had his fall from his horse, it was very full on and fortunately he survived reasonably unscathed as it could have been real nasty, there were rocks all round him.
The stunties are the one who bear the brunt of the injuires, they are amazing to watch work at times. Maybe I'll see you at the next party!

Mr. Underhill: Mr. Hopkins, Had you read the trilogy before filming, if so, did you like it?

Bruce H : No I had not, but I got stuck into it once I knew I was on board. I have just realised, I did not  include LOTR in my list of favorite books, sorry JRR.
It seems strange having most of you call me MR Hopkins, I feel like a teacher, call me Bruce if you wish to, that's who I am.

ElanorGamgee: Yes Sir, Which of the LOTR actors were you most excited or nervous about working with/near?

Bruce H: Probably Ian McKellan at first. However after a few days that subsided as he is such a nice guy  Bernard and Viggo were also real cool to work around, and inspiring. Bernard played a role many years ago in a series called Boys From the Black Stuff, which is regarded by anyone who ever saw it a one of the greatest shows you could see. His was the character that ripped eveyone's heart out, as he lost his sanity, so it was wonderful to stand alongside that guy as an actor.

Frodo Baggins: Mr. Hopkins, what was it like for you to be able to get dressed up in Rohan armor and use Rohan weapons - have you ever done anything of the sort before?

Bruce H: Probably doing various episodes of Hercules and Xena were as close as I came to doing this type of weapons work. I played Tybalt in Romeo and Juliet one time on stage so did a bit of sword work for that, and I trained as a PE teacher where we did a fencing course.
Dressing up in the armour was great it was almost all the preparation you needed to feel like the character. When we did Helm Deep with the rain, the weight of the gear increased by about 2 tonnes!!!
I loved wearing the wig, not so much the beard, eating lunch was very messy.

Frodo Baggins: I can imagine that! I love armor and swords and stuff like that. The ones in LOTR are so cool Thanks a bunch from Denmark Bruce! nice meeting you.

Bruce H : I just heard this is where I should say thanks, and I do so from the bottom of my heart cheers to you all, as the Maori say here in the land of the long white cloud, arohanui ( aroha is love and nui is vast/big)

Sorry but I do have to get outta here, thanks alot for all your interest and support I hope we can meet up in person at conventions or where ever one day. I'm sure I can say on behalf of all the LOTR crew from Peter to the production runners, your support has meant this thing has flown way beyond what could have been hoped for and taken all concerned on a wonderful journey.
Many many thanks.
Ciao for now.

(Many extensive thanks from all of the Fanclub followed)


Sorry more questions. Time has run out too quickly. Thank you , Bruce for coming and. sharing with us. Please know you can come back at any time. :-) . Lithilien Quicksilver (moderator)
Thank you Bruce!--from Minnesota again! - Peregrine
What a gracious gentleman. - little elf
Wow...what a gentlemen....i'm so glad none of these actors are too big for thier fans and I'm so glad we get to see thier true character! how very kind.- Tori*Took
Thanks, Bruce from Texas. Y'all come back now, real soon ya heah! - Lindorie
Thanks Bruce...Sorry I couldn't think of a good Question but enjoyed reading all your answers - Overlithe
Thanks for coming and answering our questions. Best of luck! - Anarelen -
Thank you Bruce! You are a doll! - Light of Earendil
Thank you!! Spread the word to the other actors that we're a (relatively) safe crowd... to visit... ;) - Tinidril
Many, many thank yous for giving us your time this way. It is much appreciated! -Primula(moderator)
Thank you very much!! It was great meeting you! You're most welcome any time.- Frodo Baggins
Great to "see" you time just come for fun and we promise not to pelt you with so many questions...though we might serve you up a round of virtual drinks. - Hobbitlove
We *really* enjoyed your performance on screen Bruce, and thanks for being such a great sport. -  little elf
Thank you so very much for taking the time out of your busy schedule to converse with us. - Aneya
Thank you so much for your time. You're always welcome here! :) - Rosie (moderator)
Thanks for providing us with a fun and unusual evening here at the Pony, Bruce!  -  True-Hearted Easterling
Thank you very much for coming, Mr. Hopkins. We enjoyed having you here. :o) - Camellia Took
Thank you, Bruce! Hope I get to see you in Wellington in December at the ROTK premiere! - Rasputin the Evil Balrog
Yes! as I said above, thank you so much for being here with takes a very kind and humble actor to do that for his fans!~ Tori*Took (Illinois)
Bruce, all the best. Have fun in Holland in this weekend. Take time to enjoy the tulips - seansbeanie
Yes...Thank you very much for being our highly honored guest! Namarie -  Aragorn Lover 1981
Thanx for spending some of your time with us tonight, Bruce!!! -. Frodes
Many many thanks for actually answering ALL of the questions! Much gratitude!! - Primula(moderator
After all that typing, you'd better go soak your fingers! :)  -  Rosie(moderator)
Thanks for being so generous with the fans, Bruce! We wish you much success! elf-maiden
Well, that was very nice, we should do this more often. A pint for all on me and two for Bruce! - ElanorGamgee
Thanks Bruce for coming. Bye! :)  - lordbg
Thank you again and come again anytime. ((((Bruce)))) -  Hobbitlove