Denethor in Pictures

Compiled by Linaewen

Copy and paste these links to see images relating to Denethor, Lord and Ruling Steward of Minas Tirith.
From the images on the cards from the Decipher Trading Card Game.

Denethor, Steward

Eldest Son, Hero

Second Son, A Man of Quality

The Horn Will Wind No More

Pride Stirred, Service Offered

No Tool of Other Men's Purposes

Spending Even His Sons

Visions of Despair

My Life is Broken

I Go Now to My Pyre


Also, here are links to a few art pieces. All are by Anke-Katrin Eissman, and they are depicting Denethor as a father, on several different levels (as I see it):

The preferential father:

The jealous father:

The stern and commanding father:

The dismayed father:

The grieving and regretful father: