Accounted the Best Man in Gondor

Compiled by Linaewen
Boromir in Decipher's Cards

Please make note of the quotation from the book or the film that accompanies each image, for those quotes are as much a part of this little essay as the pictures.

This pictorial essay begins at the start of one journey, and ends at the beginning of another...

War and Valor

Boromir Hero of Osgiliath

Still Sharp

Boromir Defender of Minas Tirith

Boromir Son of Denethor

One of You Must Do This

Boromir Lord of Gondor

Noble Intentions

Such a Little Thing

Let Folly Be Our Cloak

Swordarm of the White Tower

Boromir's Cloak

Change of Plans

Boromir Bearer of Counsel

Gondor's Vengeance

Gondor Will See it Done

Broken in Defeat

Blade of Gondor

Blood of Numenor