Glimpses of Bilbo, Hobbit Extraordinaire

Compiled by Linaewen

Cut and paste each link to see a nice image of our Bilbo, Hobbit Extraordinaire, from the images on the cards from the Decipher Trading Card Game.

Just a few pictures of Bilbo and some significant things in his life -- from Decipher's LOTR Trading Card Game.

Bilbo Baggins, Retired Adventurer

Bilbo Baggins, Well-spoken Gentlehobbit

Bilbo, Bearer of Things Burgled

Bilbo, Melancholy Hobbit

Bilbo's Pipe

Old Toby

The One Ring, the Ruling Ring


Mithril Coat

Bag End

Three Monstrous Trolls

Stone Trolls

Thrór's Map

There and Back Again

Red Book of Westmarch

Practically Everyone was Invited

Why Shouldn't I Keep It?

Sorry about Everything