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Frodo will have to be locked up in a tower in Minas Tirith and write it all down.
Otherwise he will forget half of it, and poor Bilbo will be dreadfully disappointed.

The purpose of the LOTR Fanclub Scrapbook is to preserve original poetry, fan fiction, and other similar literary works related to Lord of the Rings which have been posted at the official LOTR fanclub messageboards.

Limericks, verses, poems of epic dimension and/or length, haiku, and silliness -- the penultimate palace of poetic pleasure.

Tales of the Ring
Full length masterpieces, from in-depth Journals of Middle Earth and serious drama to light-hearted tales and parodies. Settle down with a pipe of Southfarthing and enjoy!

Tolkien liked songs. He certainly didn't envision these... from silly little ditties to rock operas -- songs for every taste and age. Includes collected songs by our more prolific parodists.

Top Ten Lists
A treasure trove of top ten teasers from lists about LOTR obsession to lists about the boards. Includes compiled lists and other groupings, not always of ten.

Theme Collections
Items grouped on a particular theme, gathered from our Character Theme Days on the fanclub messageboards.

Musings & Essays
Deeper thoughts on Tolkien, discussions and thought-provoking commentaries, plus our collection of short essays which were submitted as part a contest.

Synopses, chronologies, analyses and lists to tickle the bean-counters and enthusiasts. Includes awards listings, music lyrics, compilations and other useful things.  Our Fanclub Map is located here.

Other interesting stuff - Recipes, riddles, interviews and more. Anything that doesn't fit anywhere else, and yes, much of it really is interesting!

What have we done? What are we doing, and how can you win a prize? Take a look!

Look and look 'til your eyeballs fall on the ground. Oscar ads, posters, book covers, avatars, more. We do not archive general galleries of screen-captures and actor photographs as these are well-served in many other locations on the net.

LOTRfanclub Definitions

NT, Goo, LOL, RW -- a list of useful definitions for those posting on the boards, birthdays, dessert & drinks menus and more, plus a guide to tags & alternate characters
Here is also where you will find our profiles, a map of where we live and more.


Links Page -- Before you ask on the boards where to find maps, humorous sites or Elvish lessons, check out these extensive links.  Reference sites, humor, art, LOTR web resources, games, more!

Fanclub Members' Sites -- Additional Fan Fiction, art galleries, reference sites and more, all managed by the fans.

Business Links -- What some of the fans do when we aren't playing in Middle-earth. Open to additions by fanclub members with online business sites.

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