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       Fanclub Sites
  Sites Hosting Additonal Member's Fan Fiction -  with titles hosted at each site.
      Many of these tales may also be found in this Scrapbook.

  • The writings of Orangeblossom Took at
    • including:
      • A Flawed Diamond
      • A Wizard's Pupil
      • A Mother's Gift
      • The City of Dreams
      • Grey Veil
      • Love Profound
      • The Oceans that Part Us (also available here)
      • Rosemary for Remembrance
      • Reading the Blue Book
      • Pearl Beyond Price
      • Pippin Musings
      • Requiem
      • Assorted short stories and poetry
  • Imlad Edheryn, Froda Baggins' site for fanfic, poetry and images. Includes:
    • Aldamir Elf of Lórien - Froda Baggins (also available here )
    • Journey over the Sea - Froda Baggins
    • The Magnificent Speaks - Avondster (also available here )
    • Poetry - Froda Baggins and Elvellon Ringsbane
    • Assorted short stories
  • Ladyhawkhollow, home of  "Through Frodo's Eyes" and the Hobbiton Library.  Includes:
    • Frodo's Return to the Shire - Lirien (also available here)
    • Bits and Pieces, and Conversations with Faramir - Lilywillow
    • Son of Gondor - Linaewen (also available here )
    • The Lords of Gondor - Linaewen (also available here)
    • The Gardener's Tale - Varda
    • Sacrament - CRB/ Mary and Ladyhawk
  • Lord of the Rings, now linked at, stories by plasticChevy including The Steward and the King.
  • Rosie's Garden of the Shire, Rosie Cotton's site with poetry and short tales.
  Tolkien Fansites and Message Board Communities
  • The Fellowship of Middle-earth, -- the current active site for our Fanclub Community.
  • Harthad's Haven -- Harthad's collection of LOTR musings and assorted reference listings.
  • J.W.'s LOTR Fansite -- Now directs to Amazon where you may purchase Celedor's book, The Unofficial Guide to Tolkien's Middle-earth
  • -- A fan site for Karl Urban and LOTR, by melawen.
  • Northwesternesse -- Lauralinda and Iorhael's site for the fans in the Pacific NW area.
  • Middle-Earth -- A LotR fansite for all Tolkien and Peter Jackson fans, by FrodoFan
  Reference and Information
  Languages & Writing
  • -- site for information on books and other writings by J.W. Braun, aka our Celedor, plus illustrations by Ringwraith-Wife
  • Yrch -- The new home of Luthien's Fennas Edhellen, an Elven fan site for language and reference, available in English and French.
    Other Interests, Fandoms & Pages
  • The Amiable Leaf -- friendly vintage goods and linens at Etsy, by Primula
  • Bookloaf -- vintage and antiquarian books and papers at Etsy by Primula
  • ChristianActivities  -- Christian music & entertainment info including articles, calendar, news and devotionals, by Kathryne.
  • Christian Avatars -- a collection of 80x80 avatars by Primula.
  • -- The mini-page of the adventures of our Doctor Gamgee.
Yahoo group for the LOTRfanclub/ Fellowship of Middle-earth community:

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This yahoo group is only used as a backup communication point,
there is little 'regular' activity on it.  For activity, meet us at our forums!

Community messageboards,
The Fellowship of Middle-earth:

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