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This is not in any way intended to be a comprehensive list of LOTR links. There are other places much better able to do that. This is a general reference location for the LOTRfanclub / Fellowship of Middle-earth community, including links that tend to come up on the boards. The links on this page are to external sites and while I do not link to known objectionable sites, no claims are made as to their accuracy nor to their complete family-friendliness, so please wander with care.
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Official Sites

  • LOTR Official Home Page -- download screensavers and desktop pictures, plus interviews, by New Line.
  • The Hobbit Blog -- 'official blog site' for the Hobbit film - but sadly appears to be unmoderated and overlaps with dating sites.
  • LOTR Official Fan Club -- Decipher's (defunct) licensed site with forums, the original home of this community.
  • Old Message Boards Index -- A functioning copy of the original fanclub mb index, as a part of our community history.
Regional Groups of Fans

Comprehensive Fan Sites

General LOTR Reference

J.R.R. Tolkien
Tolkien-Inspired Artwork
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LOTR Computer Resources

Tolkien-inspired Games 

  • EasyMemory -- download LOTR cards to play Concentration and other memory games with.
  • Hang-Hobbit -- save your hobbit from the wraiths. Hosted by Barrowdowns.
  • LOTR Slider-Puzzle -- reassemble the Fellowship poster.
  • Tolkien Computer Games -- information and reviews on Tolkien-inspired games as a reference for gamers.
  • Whack-a-Nazgul -- whack as many as you can, but don't hit Gandalf!

Movie Business



Actor Fan Sites

I'm not about to attempt to list those here. Way too controversial. Here's what you do. Go to the Internet Movie Database LOTR Page, then click on the appropriate actor's name. Then check out the "External Links" section on the left. "Miscellaneous" will give you a bunch of links of fan sites.
Official Actor Sites -- those actually endorsed by the celebrity they are designed for:


Miscellaneous & Crafts

  • Beyond Bree -- a monthly newsletter for Tolkien fans published by Mensa.
  • BrickTales -- the literary Lord of the Rings, scene by scene in Legos.
  • Build a hobbit hole
  • Cousins - a simple explanation about cousins, second-cousins twice removed, etc. for understanding hobbit geneology.
  • Daisy's Hobbithole -- family-friendly, a little bit of everything Shire-like.
  • Decorate your Home LOTR style -- a treasure trove of decorating and theme ideas hosted by Council of Elrond.
  • Dreamweaver -- step-by-step instructions on braiding your hair like Legolas', with pictures. Eowyn & Arwen also on this site.
  • Hobbit Baby Booties -- instructions on how to knit some Proudfeet for your little hobbitlings, by penwiper.
  • Hobbit Home -- an enviro-friendly middle-earth designed home in Wales.
  • LuLu -- publish your own tales and poetry as a paperback or hardbound.
  • LOTR Costume -- at Alley-Cat Scratch, the ultimate do-it-yourself Middle-earth costuming site.
  • LOTR in Origami -- amazing paper folding if you have a lot of time, designs by Eric Joisel
  • Mallorn Leaf & Lembas -- instructions for making a foam 'leaf' wrapper to wrap up your tasty baking, by penwiper
  • Rohan Banners -- by Ron Shirtz, to download and print for miniature warriors.
Friends and Neighbors - our affiliates who have generously linked to us, and us to them.
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 LOTR Costume

Mechtild's at LJ 

Ladyhawk Hollow


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