Gallery of Posters from the Lord of the Rings Movies
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All movie images courtesy of New Line, of course. This is not an exhaustive collection as I have chosen to leave out the ugly orc ones.    
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Fellowship Frodo- FOTR Hiding Hobbits Strider Wraiths
4 Hobbits Wraiths at Bruinen Gandalf the Grey Frodo with Sting Legolas - FOTR
Legolas Red Sun Moria FOTR Heroes Frodo Theatrical Poster Montage of Fellowship
Theatrical FOTR prologue Argonath Sam TTT Ring TTT
Eomer TTT Saruman TTT Palantir TTT Gandalf TTT ExhibitTTT
Theatrical TTT Towers - TTT Legolas -  ttt 3 Hunters Aragorn - TTT
Frodo - TTT Gollum Gandalf rotk Arwen Frodo ROTK
Sam ROTK Aragorn ROTK The One Ring Glowering Frodo Legolas in armor
Eowyn Theoden Metallic ME Map ME Map with heads
Map of ME with Mordor
Gimli Legolas with bow Aragorn at Helm's Deep Wraith silhouette Gollum:TTT
Last Alliance Last Alliance Fellowship with Saruman's Eyes Gandalf the White Merry, Pip and Treebeard
Trio - ROTK Aragorn - ROTK Sauron TTT Heroes, Metallic Gollum
Frodo with Sting - TTT Treebeard 4 Hobbits Frodo with Blue Sting Ring with red lightning
Japanese ROTK with Frodo Legolas and Gimli- ROTK Read - Gandalf
Read - Frodo
Read - Arwen
Theatrical ROTK ROTK Misty Mountains
ROTK Aragorn Postcard ROTK Mordor Postcard
Frodo in Shelob's Lair
Elves at Helm's Deep
Aragorn & co. with Anduril
Merry & Pippin at Isengard
Legolas Collage
Map of Mordor
Gandalf with Glamdring
Legolas - ROTK
Frodo and Sam
Frodo and the Ring
Legolas with sunset
Stack of portraits for Two Towers
Aragorn, glancing back
Saruman, atop Orthanc
Mosaic of Legolas
Eye of Sauron & Isengard
Map from Two Towers
Aragorn's coronation
The Hobbit
Sam Carries Frodo
3 Hunters in Fangorn
Gandalf the White montage
UK Promotional Aragorn
Legolas in Lorien
Arwen, glancing back
Aragorn with Anduril
Pippin and Merry on the Pelennor
Gandalf over the Fellowship

ROTK cast - 5-foot poster
Last update: 11/15/04