Lord of the Rings Fan Club magazine covers
A collection of the covers that have graced the fanclub's magazines, published by Decipher.  An assortment of Fan Club images and its press release are below.
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01 Frodo Elijah Wood
02 Gandalf Ian McKellen
03 Boromir Sean Bean
04 Gimli John Rhys-Davies
05 Arwen Liv Tyler
06 Saruman Christoper Lee
07 Eowyn Miranda Otto
08 Pippin Billy Boyd
09 Merry Dominic Monaghan
10 Gollum Andy Serkis
11 Eomer Karl Urban
12 Aragorn Viggo Mortensen
13 Peter Jackson
14 John Noble Denethor
15 Samwise Gamgee Sean Astin
16 Gamling Bruce Hopkins
17 Faramir David Wenham
18 Legolas Orlando Bloom

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Membership card for the LOTR Fan Club

The regular membership cards for paid members of the LOTR Fan Club looked like this. 
The Charter Member cards (the people you see listed in the credits) were the same except for the additional words "Charter Member."

This is an example of one of  the "squares" that exhorted us on the original boards index for Decipher (the url is now defunct):

For "old time's sake" as a part of our Community history, we also present here the familiar header we would see at Decipher's phpbb "old boards"


One rather fun thing about this was the way it was made from the ceiling of the room in Rivendell
turned upside-down. Oddly enough, Gandalf is apparently hanging from Elrond's rafters. 
The index for the original scrolling "old old" messageboards may be viewed here.

The original press release from Decipher regarding The LOTR Official Fan Club was this:

The Lord of the Rings Director Honors Fans
With Their Names in Credits of Film's DVDs

The Lord of the Rings Fan Club Launches

(NORFOLK, Va. October 17, 2001) -- Inspired by the one hundred million readers of The Lord of the Rings™, Director Peter Jackson has become the first person in movie-making history to simultaneously write, direct, and produce three films at one time. In another pioneering and Middle-earth-shattering move announced today, Jackson has decided to immortalize the most ardent Tolkien fans - charter members in The Lord of the Rings Fan Club - by placing their names in the film's credits on the DVDs.

"This is an announcement unprecedented in cinematic history and of immense importance to The Lord of the Rings fans," says Dan Madsen, vice president of Decipher's Fan Club Studio. "Peter is honoring the role of the fans in this creative journey. The fact that these films are being made with such precision and care is exciting in and of itself. But, by agreeing to place fans' names in the credits of the films, Peter is demonstrating that he truly understands what it means to be a fan of this brilliant property. This is the first time a director has acknowledged the contribution of fans to the creation of a film in this way."

Charter Memberships
The Lord of the Rings Fan Club launches today with an innovative charter membership program on lotrfanclub.com. In addition to having their names appear in the film's credits on the DVDs, charter members receive an annual subscription to the bi-monthly movie magazine; special-edition, widescreen-format collector's lithographs (featuring scenes from The Fellowship of the Ring); a 10% discount at the Fan Club's online store and catalog; preference (two weeks before the general public) in purchasing exclusive, limited-edition collectibles; a fan mail service to link fans directly to the stars of the trilogy; and more.

The cost of a one-year charter membership is $39.95US; $69.95US for two years; and $99.95US for three. Two-year charter members will appear in the credits of the DVDs for the first two films in the trilogy; three-year charter members will appear in the credits of all three films. International memberships will also be available.

Limited-Time Offer
Charter memberships will be available for a limited time only. To sign up, fans can visit lotrfanclub.com, or go to the official Lord of the Rings web site at lordoftherings.net and click on "Fan Club." Regular Fan Club memberships are expected to be offered starting in December. Tolkien enthusiasts will also be able to join the fan club by calling (number no longer in use) .

Frodo Registers as First Member
Actor Elijah Wood, who stars in the trilogy as Frodo Baggins - the legendary Ring-bearer - has signed up as the fan club's first official member. "I think what they're doing with the fan club is really wonderful. Since I started working on these films, I've been amazed by how many people have been impacted by this story and how much they care about it at a deep, emotional level. The fan club creates one big, worldwide society of Lord of the Rings fans and I am proud to be part of that. Besides, I want to be sure Peter puts my name in the credits of the film's DVD," Wood quipped.

Worldwide Community
Decipher's Fan Club Studio is the worldwide licensee of New Line Cinema for The Lord of the Rings Fan Club. Through international partnerships, local chapters are expected to be introduced next year throughout Europe, Australia, New Zealand and around the world. Details of these features, as they develop, will be released on LOTRfanclub.com. Whether from Asia, Europe, North America, South America, Africa, Australia or Antarctica members will receive similar benefits and share the same news, updates, and intimate connection with the stars as their friends from around the globe.

World Movie Premiere Sweepstakes
In celebration of the launch of The Lord of the Rings Fan Club, visitors to LOTRfanclub.com and fans everywhere will be invited to enter a sweepstakes to win a trip for two to London, England to attend the star-studded, world premiere of The Fellowship of the Ring on December 10th. Online and mail-in entries will be accepted. No purchase is necessary. Contest details are provided at LOTRfanclub.com.