The Lore of the Ring Contest: The Rules

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The Lore of the Ring Contest

Everything you need to know to play and win!

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The object of the contest is to learn more than you thought you ever knew about the LOTR, the books. In doing so, you can become a Loremaster, and win a prize for that round and gain chances to become the GRAND PRIZE Winner at the end of the year. I hope to make it as ,interesting, fun and as painless as possible.

The Game
Each month a Loremaster will post a list of 15 questions on the Lore of the Rings' thread in the 'Word Games' forum of The Fellowship of Middle-earth ( The player who answers the most questions correctly wins! It’s that simple. The winning player then becomes the Loremaster for the next round.

Anybody who can read can enter. I don’t care if you are a moderator, work for New Line Cinema or are related (however distantly) to J.R.R. Tolkien, you CAN enter and win this contest. It really is for everybody who can read! It doesn’t cost anything, and you can win prizes, so why not give it a try?

How to Play
After the Loremaster posts their 15 questions for the round, players send the answers to me, the LorePossum, to be judged. You will have two full weeks to answer the questions. The current Loremaster will have sent me all the questions and answers before they appear on the forum. I have the last word in all matters concerning this contest. All questions will come from the LOTR books (The Hobbit, FOTR, TTT & ROTK). If the boards are inaccessible for you, you may e-mail or the
current Loremaster for a set for the present round only. But watch out! Questions can come from any part of the books! They may come from the text, the maps, the songs, the poems, appendixes, indexes... Anywhere!
So be careful, some former Loremasters are known to be quite tricksy!

Remember to send your questions to me, the Middle-Earth Scribe (Ashlyn). DO NOT POST the answers to the questions on the board! Not only will this take the fun out of it for other players, but you may be giving others valuable points! Please put “CONTEST ENTRY” on your subject line so I don’t throw your entry away with my spam! Also, please put your screen name (handle) in your e-mail. We’d hate to have you win and not know who you are!

I will send you a “Receipt of Entry” so you know your answers got here. If you do not receive a receipt for your answers within 48 hours, please resend them. You’ll have two weeks from the time the questions are posted until they must reach me. You will always know when your questions are due because the Loremaster will post the due date with the questions. I will then score your answers and send the winner’s name to the Loremaster who will post it, along with the answers at the end of the round. The player who gets the most questions right becomes the new Loremaster for the next round.

Rounds last one month.

All questions and answers in the “Lore of the Ring Contest” must come from the LOTR booksor the Hobbit,, and these books only. They can come from any part except the jacket, because those differ in some editions and all players must have an equal chance of winning. (Note: Inside covers will be considered jackets on paperback editions.)

2. The questions asked must be written in such a manner that the players know what the Loremaster wants.
For example:
Wrong type of question: “Who was the hobbit with brown hair?” Almost all hobbits had brown hair so any number of hobbit names would be correct.
Right type of question: “Which hobbit was chosen to take the Ring to Mordor?” Well, we all know that was Frodo so there’s no doubt what the Loremaster
would want here!

3. The questions may have more than one answer, but each part of the answer must be right in order for the answer to count. For example:
“The Fellowship was made up of how many people and what where their names?” To get this question right, you would have give the number in the Fellowship (9) and their names (Gandalf, Frodo, Sam, Merry, Pippin, Legolas, Gimli, Boromir and Aragorn).

4. All answers must be numbered . You can’t expect the Middle-earth Scribe to know what answers go to which questions, thank you.

5. If there is a tie: If this happens with more than one person answering the same number of questions correctly, we will have a tie breaker. When the Loremaster sends their 15 questions to me, they also send 5 additional questions just in case this happens. If a tie breaker is needed, the 5 questions will be sent out by me (at the same time) on the Wednesday following the date answers are due. The person who correctly answers the most tie breaking questions then becomes the new Loremaster.

6. If there is another tie during the tie breaker round: If this happens, the first person to send me their correct answers  will be the new Loremaster. This is the only time during the contest where speed matters, other than making the deadline for the first questions and two weeks aren’t too speedy!

Loremasters for the next round will have their choice as to whether or not they want to make up the next round’s questions. I realize sometimes people are
just too busy and/or the real world interferes. In that case, I will furnish the Loremaster with questions.

They will still be responsible for posting them on the Word Games board, but I’ll have the fun of making up the questions! Questions and tie breakers can be as EASY or HARD as you want to make them, as long as they’re from the books.
The Lore 'levels' schedule is as follows:

January - Normal (medium to hard)
February - Normal (medium to hard)
March - Easy
April - Normal (medium to hard)
May - Normal (medium to hard)
June - Easy
July - Normal (medium to hard)
August - Normal (medium to hard)
September - Easy
October - Normal (medium to hard)
November - Normal (medium to hard)
December* Easy (answers must be in the questions for Christmas!)

When submitting questions to me, the Loremaster must provide answers to all the questions, including chapter titles and page numbers of where the answers may be found. Note: If you submit a question with multiple answers, I will need chapters and page numbers for each part of the question. Loremasters must send their questions and answers to me at to be okayed at least 48 hours before they are posted. I will give you the dates and times your Round will be played, and other information you’ll need.

Loremasters get bonus chances for the GRAND PRIZE given away in June and December! Their handles will be posted in the LOTR Scrapbook, thanks to Primula, in REAL PIXELS!! So, it’s really worth the effort to become a Loremaster because the bonus points they get (not to mention the fame and prestige), are quite substantial!

Chances for the GRAND PRIZE
There will be 2 GRAND PRIZE drawings, one in June and the other in December.  There will be both a GRAND PRIZE and a Runner-up Prize in each drawing. All chances will be given an individual number for each of their chances (per the schedule below), and, in each drawing, the two lucky winners will be selected by using a random number generator.  One person may only win one prize per drawing. When the winner is chosen, I will notify them by e-mail. The GRAND PRIZE winner will get to choose whichever of the prizes offered they would like. The Runner-up will get to choose one from among what is left.  In either case, they may also choose to not receive a prize if that is their wish.

Chances for the GRAND PRIZE are awarded as follows:
1 chance for entering the contest
1 chance for each question answered correctly (up to 15)
1 chance for being in a tie breaker
1 chance for each tie breaker answered correctly (up to 5)
8 chances for becoming the new Loremaster!

So, in just one round of the game you can get up to 30 chances for the GRAND PRIZE! (Neat, eh?)

If you have any questions about the game or anything to do with it, please contact the Middle-Earth Scribe and I will be most happy to help you in any way I can. Just be sure to put CONTEST REQUEST on the subject line of your e-mail. It should already be there if you use the link in this section. Again, I sure don’t want to throw out anything with my spam and I do get a lot of e-mail.

Note: Because there are prizes involved, please know your real name or real world address is safe with me. I will never give out the name or address of a player unless I am directed to do so BY THEM! I’ve had a lot of experience doing this (keeping private matters private), and have never betrayed a trust. So don’t worry your little ringer heads about that!

Good luck, have fun and win these prizes! I need the room in my house!

Your Middle-Earth Scribe

PS: The Middle-Earth Scribe does accept bribes and even encourages them! However, they will do nothing whatsoever to increase your odds of winning the rounds or prizes. But since I collect LOTR stuff too, I just thought I’d throw that in! Just in case... With the slimmest hope... That just maybe... Oh, never mind, it was a hopeless idea from the start!

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