Virtual Gingerbread Gallery - photomanips and other no-calorie desserts

Beruthiel's Gingerbread Gallery

Encounter in a Rohan Patiesserie

Encounter in a Rohan Patisserie:
Looking for Merry and Pippin in Gingerbread-land    

Gandalf Fell for an Age

Gandalf Fell for an Age:
Burnt again.

Saruman or Gandalf the White

Saruman or Gandalf the White:
Gingerly they approach the wizard.

Slaving over a hot Meduseld Stove

Slaving over a Hot Meduseld Stove:
Look, Uncle - it's Gingerfax!

Breached Icing at Helm's Deep

Breached Icing at Helm's Deep:
Gingerbread Unleashed!