Gingerphaunt by Evelyn, Starflower & Primula
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Gingerphaunt unbaked 2009    Gingerphaunt baked

"The Gingerphaunt," by Evelyn, Starflower & Primula. 
Behold, the Gingerphaunt! Strength of a mouse, snout like a house!

First Place 2009

Gingerphaunt Beneath the Tree 2009

This originally was going to be an oliphaunt vacuuming up some Rohirrim,
but once he was baked it became evident that this snout was made for snoozin'.
We gave him some gumdrop Haradrim and then added Gumdrop Legolas and Gumdrop Gimli,
who were no doubt on hand to offer helpful advice to its frustrated handlers.

Contains lots of gingerbread, spice drop gumdrops, yogurt-covered pretzels, straight pretzels, a lemon cookie and cloves.