Christmas in Moria by The1Ring
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Christmas in Moria 1    Christmas in Moria, from Above

"Christmas in Moria," by The1Ring. 

Watch out for those stairs!  The orc-beans are on the loose once again,
will the Fellowship escape the Marshmallow Balrog - or is that a cheerful Balin in his tomb?

 Will Gandalf the Gumdrop bog down in icing forever?  And what's with the Dwarven Deer-head on the wall anyway?

Do they dare cross that Bridge?            Christmas in Moria - Dulce in the Deep

Includes graham crackers, gumdrops, m&ms, candy-canes,
a marshmallow snowman and tree, pretzel sticks, nerds, a sugar reindeer head,
beans and tons of frosting with cardboad reinforcements for the structure.