The Gingerdragon by Primula
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Gingerdragon, unbaked by Primula    Gingerdragon, baked by Primula

"Gingerdragon" by Primula (2008)

Based on the illustration by Tolkien (below), the indecisive Gingerdragon
awaits the day when he will finally know which way he wants to go.
Unsure what would happen when he baked, we took a picture both pre and post oven, truly heat doth make dragons gain weight!

Gingerdragon detail  Gingerdragon, angled, by Primula  

Initial plans were to outfit him with split-pea green scales, but it looked naff, so it was abandoned.
In the end he was composed of:
Gingerbread with almonds, licorice, dried apricot and coconut, and a beady pomegranate-seed eye.

Dragon Illustration by J.R.R. Tolkien
Dragon Illustration by J.R.R. Tolkien