Tree-ginger-beard by onónë  & Gimli's Sister
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 Treegingerbeard, looking Right     Treegingerbeard, facing forward

"Tree-ginger-beard," by onónë  & Gimli's Sister (2008)

First Place 2008

Treegingerbeard, top  Treegingerbeard Eyes

  Meet Tree-ginger-beard

He's sculpted out of gingerbread cookie dough, with pretzel stick reinforcement where necessary.
The moss, ferns, leaves and general greenery are made of fruit leather, as is the shelf fungus.
(Technically, the fruit leather IS edible... although it tasted pretty nasty.)
His eyes are balls of dough, covered in red fruit leather, and the pupils are mini chocolate chips.
Onónë was most ably assisted by Gimli's Sister and Gimli's Other Sister on this project... which took approximately 24 hours to complete.
We were thinking outside the box a little bit... and decided to sculpt the dough instead of cooking it.
 It's still completely edible! ;-) We should know.