The Ginger-Doors of Moria by Doctor Gamgee
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    The Ginger-Doors of Moria by Doctor Gamgee 08

"The Ginger-Doors of Moria," by Doctor Gamgee.  (2008)

The lettering can only be seen by the light of a Jolly Rancher Moon...

(I know it should have been white lettering, but I could only find Cough Drops in clear white and I just couldn't do it ...).
Done on a solid piece of Gingerbread, carved in reverse, and filled with Jolly Ranchers (hence the wrong colors)

I keep forgetting that the cookie will swell when baked, so I carved the spaces out very small,
they could have been a bit bigger to get all of the detail of the door from the book .
 I included the elvish writing at the bottom center, the only backwards elvish on the Door.
 I also had four of the characters by the door, but they don't show up in the photo very well
(Gandalf, Gimli, Frodo and Sam -- made out of Peeps).

Ingredients:  Gingerbread, Jolly Ranchers, Peeps