The Pyre of Gingerbreadathor by Primula
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The Pyre of Gingerbreadathor The Pyre - Rear view

"The Pyre of Gingerbreadathor," by Primula & Starflower (2007)

What a dramatic moment!  Brave Beregummie holds the steps while Gandalf the Frosted follows
 the frantic Pippin Cook to save Faramolasses from the insanity of Gingerbreadathor.
The marshmallow remains of the former Stewards watch with a strangely cheerful demeanor.
Alas, while Faramolasses was saved, his father was shortly quite overdone.

Pyre - up the steps Pyre - Detail of Pippin, Faramir and Denethor

This creation features:
 Lots of frosting, two batches of gingerbread, two giant peppermint sticks, four marshmallow-peep snowmen, half a bag of coconut bar cookies, a box of licorice vines, a handful of short licorice bits, several gummi-peach rings, shreds of apricot and cherry fruit roll-up, chocolate rock candy, silver chocolate coins, chewing gum squares, several pretzels (including two in foil with licorice hilts for swords) and bits of apricot-coconut logs, a cherry poptart, wafer cookies, buttermints, waffle bowls (for the domes), gumdrops, fruit balls and a single orange gumball palantir.   Original plans included two more guards fighting on the steps, but I ran out of room.