LOTR Tolkien inspired Gingerbread Contest 

Gallery of Gingerbread
from our Annual Tolkien Gingerbread Contest

The contest portion is over for now,
but additional entries are still welcome,

Entries must be Tolkien themed and mostly edible.

Up to 4 Photos may be submitted and may be Resized
Winners are decided by community vote each year

Contest Entries - click to View Larger Images:
Edoras in Gingerbread & Chocolate
The Seige of Minas Tirith The Pyre of Gingerbreadathor
GingerGrond 2008
The Ginger-Doors of Moria 2008
Bag-o-Candy End 2008
Tree-ginger-beard 2008
Biscuit Orc, 2008
Bag End in Wintertime 2008
Gingerdragon 2008
Christmas in Moria 09
Gingerisildur 2009
Gingerphaunt 2009
Gingership 2009
Ginger Orthanc

Other Gingerbread Creations may be submitted to the gallery any time just for the fun of it.
See the Virtual Gingerbread: a gallery of gingery manips

 For submission info, check the Shire News board, or email