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Taken from the ongoing captioning game from the messageboards,  All images are property of New Line, etc. etc.
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Gollum at the pool

"What's ... s-su ... sushi, Master?" 
- gentle-giant

Smeagol: "These fishes tastes funny my precious...I wonder why they call this "The Forbidden Pool"? - Tiger-lily

Where is Smeagol? Who are you? Smeagol should contact his travel agent. - Samsmissy

"Gondor babies do WHAT in this pool?!?" - Doctor Gamgee

Legolas: You there!
Gollum: us?
Legolas: yes you. I see you have had some difficulty growing your hair back.
Gollum: yes. Smeagol has tried many hair care products and nothing changes.
Legolas: well do you want hair as bouncy as mine. or do you want hair as stringy as Aragorn's?
Gollum: like yours!
Legolas: well if you want hair like mine just rub...
Gollum: hey I thought we were in a movie, not some kind of shampoo commercial!
Legolas: I'm sorry. I just like talking about my hair.
Gollum, to themselves: We can see that...   - Samsmissy

All right, we'll get our hands on the person who stole the battery we just recharged for our fish-phone! - Yaviel of Lorien

Gollum thinking to self ... 'First ... the fat one tells us all 'bout ... taters; and now ... this?'
... while addressing Frodo ...

Arwen in Rivendell

"I hope no one heard that...I KNEW I shouldn't have had those beans for supper..."
- Frodosmiss

Drat! I will have to call the seamstress. I KNEW those were not the Fat-free Lembas Legolas offered me! - Doctor Gamgee

"Does my butt look big in this? - MrsLGreenleaf

"Listen here "Blondie" the Ranger is MINE... and no OTHER!!"  - Tiger-lily

Arwen looks back at Aragorn and says:  "You know how to whistle, don't you? You just put your lips together and blow."  - Frodosmiss

"...And so just as Arwen was leaving for the Grey Havens, she glanced back and looked longingly at Legolas's perfect hair. "Alas! Not even my artful use of female persuasion could pry from Legolas what shampoo and conditioner he uses!"..." - Dinledhwen

Looking back at Aragorn ... "Are you coming, or not?" - Ashlyn

'Okay, who didn't pick up after Fifi's little 'business' was done?' - Primula

"I hope no one heard that...I KNEW I shouldn't have had those beans for supper..." - Frodosmiss

"If you want me, come and claim me!" - Yaviel of Lorien

Arwen says to Aragorn as she leaves " I told you my father wouldn't aprove of me joining the Powerpuff Girls Fanclub." - Samsmissy

Arwen hisses: "I thought I told you to stop following me, Nitwit...Fig Newton...Figwit...Oh...whatever your name is!" - Frodosmiss

Arwen ... looking at self in mirror ....
"This was my choice; putting on all that weight ... and THERE, of all places. Whether by my will or not, now, there is no ship BIG enough ... to carry all THAT hence!" - gentle-giant

"Nice try, Pippin, but I know it's really just you again - besides, didn't Aragorn tell you to stay out of his wardrobe?" - Primula

Gandalf by the Moria Gate

Frodo: Is Gandalf all right?
Pippin: Poke him...It usually works
- Yaviel of Lorien

Gandalf trying out major ventriloquist skills:  "I am the great stick hand! I can do tricks! Wanna see?" - MrsLGreenleaf

*Gandalf sees the watcher in the water and stares at it curiously & child -like*
Gandalf: Hmmm. that's odd. - Durin the Deathless

Pippin to Merry: " I think the old gas bag had a little to much ale if you know what I mean."
"I dare you to push him Pip. I bet he won't even feel it." - Samsmissy

Sooooo....shinnnnyyy....  - Yaviel of Lorien

*Gandalf to the Cave Troll*   "See the pretty stick! You want this stick? You wanna play fetch? Go get it, Boy!"  -Daughter of Kings

"You're going to have to get me a BIG ladder if you expect me to use this Q-tip in that mûmakil's ear!" - Frodosmiss

Ehh....ehhh....Can't get this darn spinach out of my teeth.... - Primula

Wizard duel

Saturday Night Fever: The Remake.
Filmed on location in Isengard.
- Lithilien Quicksilver

And so it was during the height of their fight that Gandalf and Saruman learned they each had arachnidphobia. - Dinledhwen

Mom loves me more!!!!..... - The1Ring

Saruman:  Locomotor ... Gandalf! - Ashlyn

WOOOOOOOOOOH Misty Mountain Dew!!!!!!!!!!! Eat THAT (Don't try any of this stuff at home....)   For Wizards Only  - Easy Cheese

SCORE!!!!  - Strange Elf

Sauroman: MACHO, MACHO MAN!!!
I WANNA BE A MACHO MAN!!!  - Bregotamer


U can't touch this (oh-oh oh oh-oh-oh)
Break it down (Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh oh-oh)
Stop! Hammer time! -

Seeing Gandalf's reaction, Saruman's sniff-test did indeed reveal his deodorant had failed...big time. - Primula

Brego nuzzles Aragorn

I wonder what this button does...!"

 - Gandalf the White

Umm! Somebody had molasses cookies with his lunch!  - Lindorie

Brego immitates his best Arwen voice: May the grace of the Valar save him.
Aragorn thinking: If he kisses me, I'll have him gelded. - Bregotamer

Dang these green screen shots! I SO could've bitten his nose!  - Icarus

The casting of Sleeping Beauty hits an all-time low. - Primula

Thank heavens for Viggo that Mr. Ed was on the set that day, and remembered Wilbur's 4-H course in CPR ...  - Doctor Gamgee

"I know your face." - Ashlyn

Brego: Snorts cleverly
Audience: "Did he just say, 'Hi'?" - Icarus

Move it! You're sleeping on my alfalfa! - Primula

Sweet dreams. Don't let the bed orcs bite. - Daisy Gold

Brego, what happened last night is now behind us... - KingNik

Aw c'mon...which nose is the cutest? - Lindorie

Aragorn wasn't sure he liked the spa's new Equine Face Wash treatment. - Bergil

After watching a cast member playing "Who's got your nose?" with a toddler, Brego decides that he wants to play, too. - Lindorie

Brego: Mmmmm, the brain potato harvest looks good this year! - Eärrámë

Tic-tac? - onónë

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