Captions 6

Taken from the ongoing captioning game from the messageboards,  All images are property of New Line, etc. etc.
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Aragorn and Frodo at Amon Hen

"Aragorn, that better not be a ring you're offering me,
 cause y'know, I already have one of those..."

- Laiquendi

Aragorn: So, you're saying that your paper covers my rock?? - Frodosmiss

Frodo: Yes, like that. Next you pull real hard so your laces rip and the Superman undershirt shows. Then the Elven cape will make you fly... or I think that's what the instructions said... I had to just go by the pictures. They were in some form of Elvish and I couldn't read it.  - Primula

Aragorn: Your ring is talking to me! Aaaaahhhhhhh!
Frodo: It always does that - you want it?
Aragorn: No way! I want to sleep at night!
Frodo: I never get any sleep! Please take it!
Aragorn: Look, Orcs! Gotta go!     - Uliare Otsea

"Looking at things from your point of view, Frodo, I must admit that you're right; Randy Newman's 'Short People' should NOT be revived for the Soundtrack." - Doctor Gamgee

Frodo: "Now, Aragorn, you have to pick one: Eowyn or Arwen?"
Aragorn: "But I want both....*pout*"   - MrsLGreenleaf

Aragorn: I know meeting Sauron can be a scary thing, but you can't let him see that fear. Just walk up and give him a good head-butt.
*knocking fists together to demonstrate* - Daughter of Kings

Aragorn: Now, look at me, Frodo. I thought I told you not to shine the light of Eärendil in Sam's face! If you can't behave, I'll have to put you in the naughty chair! - Frodosmiss

ARAGORN: Oh, Frodo ... you must believe me; I swear to you! I simply lost a glove ... nothing more! In NO way is my attire intended to make you think of Michael Jackson! - gentle-giant

Frodo: Aragorn it's no use! You can't be like me by getting down on your knees and making your blue eyes wider! - Dinledhwen

Aragorn: "You will be fine Frodo, just remember if you get scared just get down on one knee hold your fists to your chest and say three times....

Aragorn: I don't know about you, Frodo, but whenever I eat Sam's sausage and tomato enchiladas, I get a burning pain right here.... - Frodosmiss

Eowyn at Edoras

I don't care if you ARE King, Uncle; I am NOT pulling your finger.
- Doctor Gamgee

**Man! I hate when this happens...Think! Did I turn the oven off before I left the Golden Hall??** - Frodosmiss

If he says my hair looks like a muffin-warmer again, I'm going to smite him! - Primula

Keep breathing, that's the key! Breathe!  - Firiel

Eowyn thinking to self: OMG! Grima's wearing that hideous outfit again! *rolls eyes* - Yaviel of Lorien

"Oooohhhh, I just hate how he goes on and on about that she-elf... Arwen makes great stew...Arwen whispers sweet elvish nothings in my ear....Arwen gave up immortality for me. Blah, Blah, Blah. He mentions her again and I may have to get all 'shield maiden' on him!" - Frodosmiss

"Honestly, Gimli is already drunk and its barely nightfall, next there will be hobbits dancing on the tables ... oh dear" - paig3honor

*I will not smile first...I will not crack up laughing first....I will not smile first....* - mousechief

Oh drat, my contacts are so dry.... now where did I put my eye drops? - Elven Maiden

*Legolas messes up his hair and goes on a rant*   Eowyn: I won't laugh.....I won't laugh.....hold it in......don't laugh..... - MrsLGreenleaf

"What do you mean, my horse got out again?"  (You have to have had a horse to appreciate that one....) - Firiel

"I don't think she knows about blonde jokes, Pip." - Firiel

"Why is so dark in here? Didn't we pay the electric bill? Someone light a candle for crying out loud!" - Samsmissy

Sam surprises Gorbag
Sam: Shagrat, I am your father!
Shagrat: NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

- Starflower

SURPRISE! I'm Sam, and that guy over there is Frodo and we're with TLC's 'What Not To Wear'!! - Frodosmiss

Orc dude: Put your shirt back on!  - Gandalf the White

Orc: AAAAAAHHHHH, Sam!!! If you really want a piggy back ride, LOSE THE HEAVY BACKPACK!!! - bregotamer

Shagrat: Ahhhhhhh!
Sam: Ew! I think I just changed my mind about taking these dental hygenist classes... - Primula

Sam the Wedgy King strikes again!!!! - Dinledhwen

Has he NEVER heard of breath mints??? - Sylvania

Gorbag reacts as Sam tells him he has it on good authority that Santa has him on the Naughty List... - Frodosmiss

Shagrat: Tighter!
Sam: That's as far as the corset-strings'll go, sir!   - Primula

You know, that Ring has really changed you, Mr. Frodo... - Evelyn

Strider, hunkering in the grasses

Should have listened to Legolas - this darn sat-nav is bleep/bleep/bleep useless!
- Sylvania

'Darnit, I don't even know where to start weeding this garden!'  - Primula

"Hmm... I wonder how Weathertop got to look like that...?" - Gandalf the White

"I am waiting for Vezzini... " - Lithilien Quicksilver

"Unless I'm wrong... and I'm never wrong... they're headed straight into the Fire Swamp!" - onónë

*sigh* "Mama told me there'd be days like this!" - Ashlyn

So this is what the view looks like as a hobbit! - onónë

Tired of constantly bending down, Aragorn finally resigned himself to duck-walking all the way Rivendell. - Primula

'Oh quit griping! - you have any idea how many field-mice I have to skewer make dinner for you guys?" - Primula

Drat that Galadriel! All because I'm with hobbits doesn't mean I should get a hobbit-size bow!
And the arrow doesn't even match...  - Lithilien Quicksilver

In the middle of nowhere and not a tree in sight! - Doctor Gamgee

The Strider Pest Control Service was especially known for its gopher-poking skills. - Starflower


"....But he said he liked my cooking!"
- Lindorie 

"Fish!"  - MrsLGreenleaf

"What do you mean, you pulled his finger?????!!!!" - Frodosmiss

Theoden: "Gotcha nose," (shows her, her nose)
Eowyn: "How dare you, give me my nose back!"   - Paig3honor

Eowyn to self: 'Oh ... thank goodness for this helm! Were I not wearing it, he just might be able to see some small hint of fear written on my face .... ' - gentle-giant

I can't understand why my mascara keeps running. - Samsmissy

Without warning, the sentient tinfoil leaped from her casserole and wrapped itself around her head.
"You...will....add....mushrooms...." it hissed.   - Primula

You got chocolate in my peanut butter! - Frodosmiss

Eowyn just looked in the mirror at the helmet she accidentally picked. - Nin Maldor

You ate my cookie? - Starflower

You did what? I can't believe it! How could you? You knew he was my Hobbit friend!  - Faramir56

Eowyn to self: What is....? OMG, did Sauron let the Witch King get a mohawk?
And his fell beast got a.....a nose ring?    - Elven Maiden

OMG! I can't belieeeve it! Arwen wearing the same armor! But it's MY party!!!!! - Lindorie

I KNEW I should never have had that 3rd bran muffin! - Doctor Gamgee

That's the last time I use! - Traevynn

**Not all were ready for the Warg attack. Seeing Wormtongue run from the showers in nothing more than a towel is more than any shield maiden should have to bear.** - Doctor Gamgee

"....But he said he liked my cooking!" - Lindorie

No matter how hard I try, I just CAN'T get used to Gimli's new Speedos! - Frodosmiss

**And the seamstress said, "Chailmail won't ride up!" -- Filthy liar!** - Doctor Gamgee

Whoa! That's one BIIIG cowpie! - Lindorie's THIS? What do you mean, Elijah's eyes are still bigger?! - Frodosmiss

Rats. I knew that I should have stayed home today. - Faramirgirl

NARRATIVE: Eowyn - having given it some thought - continued holding her breath ... and decided this was not the time to mention the Witch King's halitosis .... - gentle-giant